VD Extra Chapters: 2 Part 1

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Extra Chapters: Schubertz Part 1


Studying has always been easy for Schubertz since before. He could remember everything he has seen and heard only once, and understanding was also the same as breathing. People have also said something regarding that matter, but it was nothing to him.

However, Schubertz now thought how thankful he was for it.


Tianne was sitting inside the empty classroom as she waited for the teacher to arrive. It’s to receive supplementary lessons in order to regain the days she was absent.

Tianne stood up and paid respect towards the door that opened. But, she was surprised by the person who came inside and she froze.

The person she was expecting was absent, and Schubertz was there.

Schubertz smiles towards Tianne who tilted her head and wondered ‘Why?’ as he explained that the teacher who was supposed to teach her suddenly had something to do and he became the replacement.


[So that’s how it is. I am so sorry you had to use your time for me.]


[Not at all. Rather, it’s totally rewarding for me.]


Schubertz urges Tianne to sit, and he sat on the desk next to her. Tianne was putting up her guard for a moment but after a while, seeing Schubertz act like normal, she decided to concentrate on studying.


Schubertz’s explanation is easier to understand  compared to the teacher and is direct to the main point, making Tianne impressed. Moreover, he even made notes for Tianne. Of course, she gets this treatment because she’s Tianne. Tianne was thankful to Schubertz the entire time.


[We’ve roughly finished the parts you’ve missed. This is enough for today.]


Schubertz temporarily removed the glasses he’s wearing to wipe the lenses and laughed. It was the first time TIanne saw him without his glasses and she was surprised.


So Schubertz-sama was the type of person girls go crazy over in mangas back on Earth!! As expected of an otome game’s capture target!! For him to be so beautiful once he takes off his glasses…. and he’s even prettier than me who is a girl….

It’s making me slightly depressed.


[Is something the matter?]


[Ah, no, I’m sorry. Being stared at…. it must have been uncomfortable.]


[No, I am very happy being looked at by you. Ah, that’s right. Please have some tea. Actually, this tea was made using tea leaves that we took in our territory, and we’re considering making it our specialty. By all means, I wanted Tianne’s impression on it so I brought it with me.]


[Is that so!? If you’re fine with me, then I’m willing to cooperate. Even so, it smells nice. I feel that it has denser smell compared to normal tea…. Itadakimasu.]


Tianne slowly took her time and enjoyed the tea.

Just when Tianne was thinking that the tea that has a strong fragrance will be strong, but unlike her expectation, it was easy to drink.


[It’s wonderful. It was easy to drink and was delicious. It’s just that, people who are sensitive to smell might not like it.]


Tianne frankly said what she thought.


[You’re right. I did think that this aroma smelled nice, but it might certainly be hard to say whether it can be accepted by the public. Well then, we’ll see if we can suppress its aroma a little. Thank you for your valuable opinion.]


[Nono!! …….. Ughh……..]


[….Is something wrong?]


[Oh, no, when I drank something hot to warm myself, I just got a bit hotter….]

While Tianne is feeling bad, since she’s in front of Schubertz, she fans herself beneath the desk. Feeling cold from the breeze, her body shivered.

This might be closer to when I caught a cold. Schubertz was looking at Tianne as if observing her but inside her head is blank and she didn’t notice.


[…..Is, that so.]


Tianne will later regret that she let her guard down against Schubertz at this moment.

The moment she noticed, the predator was closing in before her eyes.