VD Extra Chapters: 1 Part 1

Extra Chapter: Horun Part 1


[Then, the reward is a one-day date with Lady Tianne Yurks.]


It looks like the muscle-brain has finally turned crazy. Tianne stared at a faraway place to escape from reality. Horun is standing on top of the winner’s platform with his face full of smile.


The original cause was the tournament that was held at school. Horun who belongs to a family of knights also participated. And Horun won the championship among the many participants.

When he was about to given the cafeteria’s premium ticket and prize money as rewards, Horun unhesitantly refused and instead asked for a date with Tianne.

Tianne who was cheered by the surrounding crowd could do nothing but nod without being given any chance to refuse.


And then the day of the date has arrived. Tianne was standing in front of the school wearing commoner’s clothes just as Horun had said. She waited for Horun restlessly.

To be honest, she was looking forward to it when she was told that their date be “exploring the commoners’ streets”. This is also the very first time she’s ever worn commoner’s clothes so she’s very excited.


[My bad. I’ve made you wait.]


Horun who came running wasn’t wearing his usual school uniform but a simple shirt and pants which were probably for commoners. However, it seemed like his tall and lean figure with his tight muscles which were obvious even through his clothes further increased his attractiveness instead.


Although Tianne unconsciously fell into a daze after seeing him, at the same time, when Horun saw Tianne’s dazed appearance he was unable to stay still.


[Wha, what is it? Does it not suit me? Will I get found out, I wonder?]


Tianne is wearing a simple one-piece today, and her trademark hairstyle has been sealed and her hair is braided together behind her.


[Ah, no, I just thought how your image changed. Although your flashy and fancy appearance is good, being neat and clean is also nice. Although a bit of your ojou-san presence is somewhat leaking out, this is just fine. Yosh! Let’s go!!]


Tianne’s first time in the commoners’ street has begun with Horun, who sleekly praised her get-up, guiding her.


TIanne was excited from beginning to end. She often stops at every shop that catches her attention. Horun was also accompanying her along the way without any complaints. It’s fine for him as long as he gets to see Tianne’s happy face.


After a while, Horun suggested to Tianne that they take a break and took her to his favorite shop. From the shop that makes her feel its indenture, Tianne was tempted by the delicious smell coming from it.


This is unexpected!! Tianne was excited when she saw that it might be one of those dirty but delicious restaurants* from her so-called previous life. (TN: click here  for explanation if you’re curious.)


The store’s appearance isn’t something nobles would like to enter. However, Horun has complete confidence in the shop’s dishes so he boldly brought Tianne there, and knowing that it was meaningless fear, he felt happy.1

As I thought, Tianne is really different. Even though she usually acts like a noble, rather, she usually has the attitude that can be called that of a leader, but the base2 is like this.

I really don’t get tired watching her.


It was more delicious than what I anticipated.

Tianne wiped her mouth with a paper napkin and showed a satisfied expression.

Horun was so shocked watching Tianne eating during their meal that he wasn’t able to utter a word. Tianne noticed Horun’s line of sight and breathed out a “what is it”.


[No~. I just thought that you sure can eat. Is it alright?]


[It’s food, after all. There’s no use holding myself back. in the first place, I don’t even usually care what I eat during my meals. Anyway, this shop sure is nice. It’s cheap and delicious, and this tastiness. It won’t even be weird if their customers increase.


[Oh, so you understand it, girl!! This shop is the most delicious shop in town!! It’s just, the location is bad so it’s hard to get customers.]


After hearing the two’s conversation, the shop’s manager talked to them with excitement. Tianne talked to the manager without showing an unpleasant expression.


[Let’s see. Then, how about handing out flyers about this shop in the main street and place guide marks from the main street to here? Moreover, I think it’s better to advertise a cheap menu in the beginning and once they start coming over, I think there’s no doubt they will become your regular customers.]


[That’s a very good idea!! I’ll study it immediately!!]


[Yes, but I might not be able to eat leisurely like this once you start getting busy.]


To the lonely-looking Tianne, the manager replied with a smile.


[At that time I will guide you towards this seat with utmost priority!! Come again with this boyfriend of yours!! I’ll at least give you a dessert for free!!]


[Wah!! Is that true!? Thank you very much!!]


[Of course!! I’ll never lie to beautiful girls!!]


The two left the store after being sent off by the cheerful manager. Horun who had turned into air3 midway, was looking down with his shoulders trembling. Tianne glared at him.


[Why are you laughing?]


[No, I’m just thinking how you’re different from when we’re at school. To think you have such a talent. The old man never talked to me even though I’ve been going there for years. Everyone in the school will probably get slack-jawed from shock if the you from a while ago were seen.]


[It’s not a big deal, I just dealt with the situation on the spot.]


Tianne who ‘humph’ed  looked adorable in Horun’s eyes.


[Really….. Towards you, the more I know about you the more I become engrossed with you.]


It’s not for Tianne to hear but the words that just spontaneously came out from Horun’s mouth was heard by Tianne who felt her cheeks turn hot. When she glanced at him and saw that he’s looking at herself, she quickly averted her eyes in a panic.


What kind of eyes are you looking at me with? Such an obvious “I like you very much!!” expression….

Tianne suppressed her chest that’s beating fast.

Tianne felt shaken when she felt that ticklish sensation in her heart which she has never felt before.



1-So basically he’s worried that Tianne would find the shop disgusting and would refuse to enter but she’s excited so~

2-What’s Tianne originally is inside.

3-He was invisible until they left the shop.


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