VD Extra Chapter 6 Part 1

Extra Chapter: ? Part 1


Well, the last story has began. Actually, because I wanted to write this part, I decided to write the extra chapters.

Please follow the second part of this chapter, too.


She quickly slipped inside the opened door, then swiftly closed it. She suppressed he breath and felt the presence across the door. It looks like they’re gone. Read only at lnovelreader.com


When Tianne heaved a sigh of relief, she turned towards the other person inside the room.


[Sensei, I’m sorry as always.]


[No problem. It is my duty to protect the students, after all.]


Hürich Welpa, the owner of the room, took off his glasses and smiled, which Tianne returned a relieved smile of her own.


[At any rate, their attachment to you sure is amazing.]



[Yes. I think that it’s perhaps an influence of crossing dreams. But thanks to this room, I’m saved. With just my power, I’m unable to oppose their detection magic with concealing magic.]


‘Even though it’s frustrating’, Tianne added. Hürich spilled a wry smile.


[Their magic power is more than double the average value so you think they’re too amazing, but I think Tianne-san’s magic is high.]


[However, isn’t Sensei capable of going against them?]



[That’s because, I have tentatively worked for the country as a spy even like this. Concealment magic is the field I specialize in. If it’s offensive magic then I’ll definitely get pummelled.]


[It’s because Sensi is humble. Still, Sensei, is it okay to tell me that you are this country’s spy that easily?]


[It’s not…. That’s why, this matter is our secret only.]


When Hürich placed his index finger on his lips and said ‘Shh’ with a smile, Tianne’s cheeks turned red.


Tianne was once again running away from Julius today. Just when she thought she has escaped Julius, Albert appeared, she came across Horun when she ran from Albert, and when she escaped from Horun, she met Schubertz. Finally, when she entered a room while she was running, Noark was waiting inside.


[I know every action that Tianne makes. Just how many years do you think I’ve been watching you?]


Tianne’s back reached the wall as Noark approaches her while chuckling, she plans to open the door behind her. But, no matter how much strength she applies, it’s not budging. Blood drained from her face.

Noark approaches while smiling amusingly at Tianne’s appearance.

Noark’s hand touches Tianne’s cheek and traced her lips with his fingers.


Tianne trembled in fear, she was unable to hold her tears as it overflowed. Noark fondly licked it.

Tianne tightly shut her eyes. What came to her mind was the existence that gave her peace of mind.




Just when she thought that there was a small explosion, Noark who was in front of her was sent flying and was stuck on the wall. Tianne panicked and looked around her but there was no one. Looking at Noark, he seemed to have fainted so for the meantime, she was relieved. At that time, a shadow swaying slowly appeared at the edge of her sight as Tianne looked on shocked.

The one who appeared was the one who appeared on her mind a while ago, Hürich. The kind air Hürich usually emits is gone creating a freezing atmosphere that she thought he was a different person.


[Are you alright?]


He worriedly approached Tianne as he asked, confirming that she’s not injured. After he finished checking, he laughed feeling relieved. The moment that also Tianne relaxed at the mitigated atmosphere, her legs wobbled and she ended up holding Hürich.


[I, I’m sorry!!]


[It’s alright. Just like this, please let me ascertain it as well. That you are really safe.]


He hugged Tianne who tried to get away with strength unimaginable from his appearance.Tianne wasn’t really as relieved inside her heart, but there was no way she could have resisted.

She honestly felt happy. And, she was a bit expectant.


[Tianne might not want to know this but…. The truth is that inside the dream, I know what those guys did to you.]


Tianne found her body, which was heating up, cooled down because of Hürich’s sudden confession. She tried to get away but of course, Hürich continued talking without letting go.


[Regarding within the dream, I couldn’t help telling myself that I can’t do anything about it. However, in reality, in this world where I exist, it’s unforgivable for them to touch you. Aren’t I failure as a teacher? I planned to at least wait until you’ve graduated. However, there’s no way I can hold myself back after seeing you in this state! I like you. I don’t know whether their feelings for you are influenced by the dream crossing, and I also don’t care. But my feelings for you are genuine. Please don’t doubt and believe me. Please look at the man that is me.]


Hürich slightly distances his body, grabbed Tiannes hand and kissed her fingers.

Tianne, after crossing dreams, she was unable to put credibility towards their relentless courtings. But this man in front of her was different. He accepts the person that she excluding despite her crossing dreams. And, most of all, Tianne herself held affectionate feelings for Hürich.


A single tear drops from Tianne’s eye. Tianne knew it was unlike the one from before which was out of fear.


[Me, too. I also like Hürich-sensei.]


Hürich showed a surprised expression, then his face was tinted with a smile.