VD Extra Chapter 4 Part 1

Extra Chapter: Albert Part 1


As I thought, Albert is difficult….


Tianne came to the street incognito. Her aim is the sweets that’s said to be popular amongst the common people. Once in a while, Tianne would slip out like this and go on a sweets tour.

By the way, she changes her hair and eye color with disguise magic. After that, she stops curling her hair and all that’s left is to wear commoner clothes  and she will look like this young lady*. (TN: The current appearance.)


There was only a popular sweets shop and she had to wait for nearly an hour but Tianne manage to obtain the item she’s interested in so she’s pleased with herself. She found a bench far away from the main road and immediately started eating.


[Wow~. That looks delicious~.]


A slender hand stretched out from her side and took the confectionary from her then placed it in his mouth. Looking at the series of events, Tianne didn’t come back to herself until it has been eaten.


[Wai, HEY!! That’s mine!! Give it back!!]


[Ahaha!! What an amazing face~!!]


Although his collar was being grabbed and he was being threatened, the chuckling Albert didn’t mind at all.

She was angry for a while but she was unable to seize Albert who was laughing so much so she gave up and went back to sit.


[Speaking of which, we haven’t talked since that day, have we?]


On that day, other than receiving a report after the reverse harem incident was over, even if he was able to meet with Tianne but they’re unable to talk properly. It was lonely for Tianne but it was also a relief.


[Oh~, you’re right~.]


[Besides, something is strange. You aren’t even willing to look at me in the eyes…. Or rather, huh, it’s amazing how you’re able to recognize me even though I’m using disguise magic. Moreover, if you know how I am normally, you should first think that it’s impossible of me to be doing this kind of thing here.]


[Aah. That is, your scent.]


Perhaps because he was told about his eyes, Albert looked at Tianne with a sidelong glance.


[My scent?]


Tianne tilted her head on Albert’s answer.


[That’s right~. You smell the same. Also, the tone of your voice sounds the same. If it’s just the voice then there might be similar people but when it comes to your smell, it’s quite unlikely~. Even if you put the same perfume, the scent will change when mixed with body odor. Especially for people like Tia who doesn’t put on a lot of perfume.]


[I see… So, you might have glossed your way over me by talking more than you usually do, but I still haven’t heard why you’ve been avoiding me.]


Albert strained his face and looked away. When Tianne kept quiet and waited for his response, Albert resigned and started talking.


[I’m scared.]


[Scared? Oh, I remember you’re uncomfortable with women.]


[No, that might be the case but that’s not it, how do I say it…. Wai-, don’t distance yourself.]


Tianne’s hand was grabbed and she was stopped when she tried to put some distance between them. Even though Albert was the one who reached out his hand to her by himself, he froze while looking at it. Finally, he took a deep breath when the stiffness disappeared.


[Hm~. Instead of thinking things fruitlessly, it would have been faster if I did this~.]


He grasped Tianne’s hand tightly. He drew closer to the clueless Tianne.


[I’ll be honest~. I thought that reality and dream are completely different~. He was thinking that he was able to touch Tianne because it was in a dream, and that he won’t be able to touch her in reality~. I was afraid that Tianne would hold unpleasant feelings towards me. But see? I touched you.]


He raised the hand he’s holding and smiled with relief.

Tianne was surprised by that smile. His usually languid and indifferent expression brightened up the same way it does whenever he comes in contact music.

Her face heats up when she thinks she made him have that expression.


[Hey~. Let me further ascertain it.]


Albert pulled the hand he’s holding and forced Tianne to stand up. Albert started moving while pulling Tianne’s hand before she could understand his words, it took the confused Tianne all her might to follow after him.