VD Extra Chapter 3 Part 1

Extra Chapter: Julius Part 1



That night, Tianne attended the party that the Royal Family opened after a long time. Tianne’s participation caused the surrounding to stir. The person in question doesn’t really care. More important than that, finding that specific person is more difficult.


Towards the buzzle that’s getting louder, Tianne hid her mouth with the fan and laughed.

The person of interest came out with her hand being pulled by Tianne’s former fiancee, Julius.

So that’s aforementioned girl.

As Tianne was looking at her observingly, she suddenly met Julius’ eyes.

Feeling irritated by Julius who froze from shock for a moment, Tianne narrows her eyes and  gives him a cold look.

Pretending to be calm, Julius turned his face away from her, it looked pale. Seeing his appearance, the lady near Julius looked at her direction.

‘Ah’, after making a surprised face, she made a satisfied expression and smiled her way over.

I see. So he landed himself quite a beautiful girl.

Tianne made an aristocrat-like expression and turned her feet towards her.


[Greetings. Your Highness Julius and “Priestess of the Passage of Dreams”-sama. I am Tianne Yurks.]


Noise aroused from the surrounding at Tianne who smiled but Julius noticed her complicated expression, the “Priestess of the Passage of Dreams”’s hands tightly intertwined on his own arm and smiling as if their closeness is a natural thing.


[Good evening. I know you very well from my dream travels. Oh, I’m Lisa.]


[Is that so.]


The surrounding became noisy upon Lisa’s remarks, and for some reason the people from the Temple behind her were wearing proud faces. Tianne could tell her emotions are growing colder.


[Actually, I’ve always wanted to talk with the Priestess so I came. It’s an honor to meet you.]


[I’m not that great. More importantly, you are also outstanding. You were not defeated by that evil woman and assisted Julius and his friends. Moreover, you accepted the annulment of your engagement with Julius without any complaints. So you understood that you are not suitable for Julius. You did great.]


Tianne wanted to sigh. Of course, she’s not going to do it in this place.

What’s with this woman’s attitude that gets on my nerves?

Also, she’s talking about some confidential matters. Well, some of the contents seem to be wrong.

Tianne looked at Julius with cold eyes.

She’s telling him why he’s leaving someone like her unattended.

Julius silently sighed and proposed they move to a different location.

Tianne and Lisa agreed with his proposal and moved to a different place with the people from the temple.