VD Characters

The Villainess’ Dream Travels


List of characters 

It’s a novel I impulsively wanted to write.

Once again, it is for my own satisfaction.



Tianne Yurks (17)

Nickname is Tia

Hair color is gold, in a vertical roll

A reincarnated villainess



Lilia Rochal (16)

Hair color is pink

Reincarnated Heroine


Julius Crown (18)

Nickname is Jullie

Hair color is yellow, has a silky-smooth hair

Second Prince, first in succession to the throne


Schubertz Blossom (18)

Hair color is green, wears tri-seven glasses (七三な眼鏡)

The Second Prince’s childhood friend and the next Prime Minister


Noark Yurks (16)

Hair color is red, has silky-smooth hair

Tianne’s step-brother, future head of the Yurks House



Horun Bassam (18)

Hair color is blue, has short hair, dark-skinned

Top of the Knights Department


Albert Huey (17)

Hair color is purple, long hair

Top of the Music Department



Hürich Welpa (23)

Hair color is blue, has a smooth hair

The school physician