VD Chapter 9

TN: In case you haven’t read the Characters page, Albert is the top of the Music Division, not the class.


Ninth Night


The members of the Student Council together with Lilia are in the SC* room without Tianne. Julius silently handles the documents with Schubertz assisting him. Additionally, Horun is doing the chores, and since he was told he can do what he wants after his assignment is done and he plans to once again train himself, he’s doing it without any complaint. Albert is also going to practice with his violin after this so he’s silently working on the documents the accountant was supposed to do. (TN: I will be using SC for Student Council from now on.)


Meanwhile, Lilia is sitting in the sofa with Albert sending her a heated gaze and just fooling around.

Julius raised an eyebrow upon seeing that scene and wanted to voice a complaint, but Schubertz blocked it as if he was aiming for it.

Julius looked somewhat dissatisfied at Schubertz, but he gave a smile that looked hard to go against.


Lilia was irritated with the present situation. The villainous girl, Tianne, is currently absent and it’s peaceful, but the capture targets are acting strange.

There doesn’t seem to be any change with Noark, but the other members are weird. And so, she placed her outsider self in the SC room, but they’re not pampering her.

Everyone is working seriously and when she talks to them, they look at her as if she’s in the way.

Even if she flirts with Noark, they don’t get jealous at all.

Even though everyone has been smitten by me up until a while ago!!

She suspected that the villainess Tianne must have done something but she’s not even in school as of late so she thought she must have been mistaken, but she thought that if something is up then she will selfishly put the blame on the villainess Tianne.

Otherwise, something like this is impossible!!!

She made sure to choose the best choice to increase her favorable rating to everyone, and results have been shown midway through.

Lilia stood up frustrated.


[I’m going home!]


[Eh!? Lilia?!]


Lilia shakes off Noark who’s trying to stop her and leave the room. Noark wanted to chase after her but Julius called him so he stopped.


[Noark…. How is Tianne’s condition? Lately, she’s been getting sick a lot…. if perhaps, she contracted a serious illness….]


[Your Highness? Why do you care about that woman now?]


Noark asks Julius in a bad mood.

Knowing that everybody else has stopped his hands, he got even more irritated.


[Everyone, you’ve been weird lately. Did you forget what that woman did to Lilia?! Lilia is worried. Isn’t the one you all wanted to protect Lilia!?]


Noark was speaking while looking at each of their eyes, but no reply was given. To say it correctly, they weren’t able to.


[Unbelievable….. Did that woman do something!? Did she!?]


Noark gritted his teeth and stormed out of the room.


[Noark!? Heey, is that guy alright?]


[Tia didn’t do anything, did she?!]


Horun drew near Julius and Albert. Julius was also concerned about it but there’s something he’s curious about.


[Albert, since when did you start calling my fiance by her nickname?]


Julius stares at Albert. Albert also stares back for a moment but his expression softens.


[….Sorry~. I ended up saying it~. “Tianne” is a long name after all~. I have no other intention~.]


Julius once again observed Albert, then heaved a sigh and looked away. The two of them didn’t notice that Horun was looking at them with a cold expression, and that Schubertz confirmed everyone’s situation and the corners of his mouth were raised.


Schubertz left the SC room at once and wrote a letter to Tianne regarding Noark.


Tia, one more left. Just one more, please do your best. We must finish this farce as soon as possible.

The image of Tianne and Noark came to Schubertz’s mind, he gripped his fists and turned on his heels.