VD Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Seventh Night


Tianne is groaning with a fever while thinking about her concerns.

There’s too much to worry about. The thing Schubertz wanted to test. The dreams’ meaning. About the Priestess of the Passage of Dreams.


‘There was no such setting in the otome game I know. I might not be able to use my knowledge about it anymore.’

Also, if, no, there’s a high possibility that Julius and the others have memories about the dream. Taking that into consideration, it looks like a lot of things will turn troublesome from now on.


Her head hurts…. Come to think of it, she will always have a fever every time the dream is over.


At the same time, at school, Schubertz narrowed his eyes behind his glasses as he watches the scene in front of him.

His Highness Julius’ did his Student Council duties diligently after he started acting strange.


[Julius. How about taking a break soon and have tea with me?]


Towards Lilia’s shaking pink hair and tilted head, Julius raised an eyebrow and shook his head.


[No, a lot of work has been piled up so I will refrain myself. Lilia and the others should have it first.]


After saying that much, Julius dropped his gaze to the material at hand. Lilia looked at him discontentedly and stood up. She stood behind Julius and tried to hug him and peeked at the material in his hand.


[That, isn’t it Tianne-sama’s portion? You can just let her do it.]



Lately, Lilia has been having excessive skinship as if she’s flustered about Julius and the others’ actions. Surprised after seeing Lilia, he said a reasonable excuse and got her off him. It might be misunderstood it as Lilia simply being bashful, but I can tell.

If put into words, it will be “What was that feeling!?”. His Highness Julius who used to have no knowledge regarding a woman’s body and touched Tianne’s soft and plump breasts, he probably noticed that part of Lilia’s is fake. I got irritated seeing Prince Julius in anguish of his memories of Tianu, and I purposely put down the coffee hard on the table as if to spill.

His Highness Julius’ face looks gloomy but I don’t know. (TN: He’s basically pretending he doesn’t notice it.)


Even though Horun isn’t even in this place, Lilia seemed to have invited him.

“I have nothing but these muscles of mine, after all. I gotta get stronger faster. I won’t hand over the role protecting that person.” He said and refused. Additionally, for some reason, Lilia’s cheeks were dyed red after hearing those words. After the words “that person” was heard by Lilia, even though it wasn’t probably said towards her, just why did she look so happy?


The other members, they seem to be the same as always. However, I got quite curious when Albert said that he saw an unpleasant dream.

When I observed Lilia, I could see the parts I wasn’t able to see. I wonder why I thought that I liked such a Lady Lilia? As I thought, it seems like my suspicions were correct.

Now then, I need to go to Tianne’s, no, Tia’s, place.

I will ask for her health, and also for her cooperation.

I said  with suppressed feelings that I have an urgent business to attend and exited. Although I saw Lilia looking at me with a sad expression, I ended up pretending not to see it.

His Highness was also donning a suspicious look, but I think it’s best to keep it a secret until this matter has been settled. I’ll be troubled if obstacles appears.’


It was enough for Tianne to be surprised by the person’s visit, but after hearing what he said, she turned stiff.

She’s sitting on the sofa with her feverish body, but she wished to fall sideways just the way she is.


[You wish for m, me to enter Noark’s and Albert’s dreams to do that kind of thing?]


[Yes. It might just be my judgment, but it’s also for the country. I will tell everyone later so as to not put you in a disadvantage.]


[Bu, but….. Why should I do such a thing?]


[Lilia can’t be left alone. I don’t know if Lilia is doing it unconsciously, but she’s using a strange technique. It’s shameful to admit, but I can attest to it myself. Lilia’s blood probably has a demon’s blood mixed in it. I plan to investigate regarding this after it’s over. First of all, the first priority is to free the people who are attracted to Lilia. For that reason, I hope Tianne will help me. Of course, I will give you an equal reward later.]




She heard the full story, but she’s still unsatisfied.

Even though she could have accepted it unconditionally if it was an imperial order, but the man in front of her, despite knowing it,  was leaving it to her judgment.

Tianne nodded without being able to read Schubertz’s intention and held herself back from clicking her tongue.

When Schubertz confirmed Tianne’s intention, he unusually sighed and grabbed Tianne’s hands as he stared intently into her eyes.

Tianne’s body flinched a little.


[Tia. If I can do it then I won’t even think of wanting to put a strain on you and make you do it.  Even if it was in a dream, to have other men touch your body is…. *kohon*. After this case is over, let’s ask His Majesty to annul your marriage with His Highness….. Haven’t you been wishing for it?]


[So you noticed.]


Although she’s also concerned about Schubertz’s words, she’s even more shocked that he noticed her aim to annul the engagement.


[Yes. If you’re successful this time, even His Majesty won’t be able to say ‘no’ to you. No, I will make him accept it.] (TN: The annulment)


The Schubertz who was grinning while pushing his glasses up looked very reliable. Tianne once again affirmed her determination.


Tianne was trembling in delight while seeing Schubertz go back.


‘With this, I’m getting closer to my dream of living as a commoner!


‘I must polish my plans for the future’, she thought, she even forgot that she’s having a fever as she energetically skipped away.


‘Doing that deed once or twice within a dream is just like getting licked by a dog. My future is at stake from here on, after all!!!’


Even so. Wasn’t the Priestess of the passage of dreams supposed to not be made public? Because even if it’s within a dream, she still had to be held by a lot of people. If she was unskillful*, wouldn’t it have been unsure if the other party was still a man!?

‘Uwaah, when I think about it, I guess I have it better.

My father also probably doesn’t want to tell me about it. I guess I shouldn’t let him know either. If Father, who dotes on me, knows about it he might faint.’

Tianne was having a complex feeling with having to have two more of that dream, mixed with the hope for the future.


TN: * – meaning if the Priestess messed up on her destination, she could have ended up in a girl’s dream instead.