VD Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Fifth Night


The next morning after she got the fever, she confirmed that it’s gone and headed to school. For some reason, the school uniform that used to perfectly fit Tianne’s body seemed to have gotten longer…. She was told it was one of the gifts that Julius had given, but she pretended not to hear it.



While giving out greetings, her heart is beating faster than yesterday. She couldn’t believe she dreamt of something like that, making her depressed.



On Julius’ case, she understands he’s her fiance even before her memories returned so some of her delusion might have returned. However, she can’t understand why she had Horun as her partner.

She’s never held such feelings towards Horun, rather, she should have hated him before her memories returned.



Even while receiving important reports at the school, she accidentally remembered it and wanted to lower her head in embarrassment.

During that time, she spaced out and ,*fu*, heaved a sigh.

The surrounding suddenly flew into a panic when Tianne suddenly collapsed, the teacher calmed down the students, picked Tianne up, and carried her to the infirmary.



Tianne was shocked. It’s because her vision suddenly turned black, and she’s on the same dark space after her awareness returned.

Why, now, all of sudden.

It’s strange…. As I thought, these recent dreams are suspicious.

Although it was vague, she was convinced.

In the meantime, she opens the purple door in front of her.



[Wait a minute. How on earth am I seeing you inside my dream as well even though I skipped class?]



Instantly after she opened the door, the owner of the purple hair, Albert, immediately told her. He doesn’t seem to want to hide his displeasure and openly showed it on his face. Among the followers, he is the most open and expressive against Tianne.



[Well I am so sorry for that. I don’t want to see your face either.]



Tianne snapped back without even trying to repair her expression like she usually did.

Actually, she’s acting like this to make sure that the scenario with Julius and Horun won’t repeat itself even by mistake.

It seemed to have worked since Albert raised an eyebrow and glared at her.


[Humph. Oh well, I will wake up soon so I guess it’s fine.]



Albert snorted and turned on his heels.

At that moment, the surrounding distorted and her consciousness was once again interrupted.



When she opened her eyes, she saw a ceiling surrounded by curtains. She learned that she’s in the infirmary by the unique smell. Tianne muttered with the of her hand on her forehead.



[What on earth is it? These dreams. Anyway, was I able to dodge the worst case scenario….!?]



The curtain was suddenly opened. Tianne who has regained her consciousness tensely raised her body and looked up.

There stood the school physician.



[Tianne-san, how are you feeling?]



He has a light blue, silky hair and a gentle expression. This man who is gentle towards anyone has also moved Tianne.



[Oh, it seems I’m doing okay now.]



[I see. Tianne-san’s health seems to be falling lately so please don’t do things excessively. I will also get worried.]



[I’m sorry. Thanks you very much.]



[No, also I’m just wondering…. Has Tianne-san been seeing weird dreams lately?]



[Eh, ah, that’s….]



Even though the doctor worriedly asked, she was stumped on what to say. Seeing Tianne in that situation, the school physician awkwardly smiled.



[I don’t mind if you don’t want to say it. It’s just that, I was worried…. If it’s the dream Tianne-san, who descended from the Priestess of the of passage of dreams, saw, that there might be something.]



[Priestess of the passage of dreams?]



Her eyes flickered upon hearing those unfamiliar words. The school physician blinked his eyes as if surprised, then nodded his head.



[The matter about the Priestess of the passage of dreams is a national secret after all. Perhaps some of your relatives have kept it a secret. The head of the family probably knows.]



In the past, when demons and monsters existed. There was a time when the human race was facing a crisis of desperate situation

There were some high-ranked magicians caught and controlled by the demons, ensuing an internal conflict. The person who saved everybody at that was the Priestess of the passages of dreams.

She went inside the controlled people’s dreams and released their control. Moreover, the freed people developed something the same as an immunity and it had been difficult for the demons to attack them again.

The magicians who realized this tried to get their hands on the Priestess.

However, those who were saved by the Priestess noticed and thoughtlessly killed them. The situation was so terrifying that it was questionable who were the demons and who were humans.



[Nothing was made public about the Priestess of the passages of dreams because it’s the wish of the person herself. However, those who had been saved afterwards blindly believed the Priestess, and had quietly told their descendants about her. And I am one of those who heard it from my grandfather…. That’s why, a little, no, honestly speaking, I’m really interested in the dreams Tianne-san is seeing.]



[….That, is…. It’s not that special of a dream.]



Tianne remained confused as her eyes wandered about.

The school physician lowered his eyebrows while smiling and bowed his head.



[I’m so sorry. I must have troubled you. Please don’t worry about it…. However, if something worries you, whenever, whatever, please tell me.]



[*Sensei. Thank you very much.] (TN: They also call doctors as Sensei aside from teachers.)



Tianne also lowered her head and left the infirmary.

After Tianne’s presence has gotten far, the school physician, Hürich Welpa spoke in a low voice.



[Eavesdropping isn’t an impressive thing to do.]



[So you noticed. You’re as shrewd as always, Sensei. Still, I heard a rather valuable story. Thank you very much for that.]



With his green hair swaying, he pushed his glasses with his middle finger and extended his thanks to Hürich with narrowed eyes.

Hürich also narrowed his eyes but he didn’t give a reply.