VD Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Third Night


After confirming that the fever has subsided, Tianne raised her spirit and headed to school.

Giving greetings to other students she passes, she heads to her classroom.


She opens the classroom door. Greetings and questions regarding her health were spun by the classmates who are already present.

Also, for some reason all of the heroine’s followers from different grades and departments are gathered together, but she ignores them.

Anyway, the heroine probably brought her followers to greet Tianne.

Of course, among them is Julius.

She steadies her breath without anyone noticing and prepares for that moment.


[Tianne-sama. You seem to have taken a break yesterday. How are you feeling?]


Look, here it is!




[Yes. I thought I’m already feeling well so I tried coming but…. I’m feeling sick now.]


She spoke ironically on Villainess Mode, wore a cranky expression, and covered her mouth with a fan. Yup. It’s done as well as always.


[Step Sister, Lilia is just worried about your health, what is with that attitude?]


A man with red hair stepped out as if to protect Lilia. He’s the step-brother who entered the dorm with her and whose contact with has lessened. Noark Eurix.

The boy has turned into a man before she knew it. The red eyes sharply penetrates through Tianne. She’s happy about Noark’s growth on the inside, but she covered it up with a snort.


[Isn’t it impudent for a commoner to talk to a nobility? It can’t be that Noark has forgotten such a basic manner. With this, I feel worried about the Eurix family’s future.]


[….This is the academy. Commoners and nobles should be on equal standing.]


The green-haired bespectacled boy took a stand as a follow up for Noark. He’s the famous next Prime Minister , Schubertz Blossom.


[The student’s standing within the academy is certainly equal, but minimum mannerism must be exercised. It’s true that the school is a place for learning, but I thought it is also a place to make personal connections and shoulder political power, like a mini public surveillance so to speak….Am I perhaps mistaken?]


Lilia’s followers have a shocked expression after hearing Tianne’s words. Lilia doesn’t seem to understand and is tilting her head, though.


….. Suddenly, I feel like I’ve said something unnecessary, is this safe?


In order for Tianne to be demoted from being a noble, she must make her impression on Lilia’s followers bad….. This flow is bad.

This should be the time for Julius to come up and tell Tianne off.


He probably thought the same. The top of the Knight Division with his short and green hair trademark, Horun Bassam, and the top of the class with his long and purple hair, Albert Huey, has come out together with Julius.


This is the first time I met eyes with Julius today. Both of us are stiff.

Even the grinning Horun is looking at Julius’ expression doubtfully.


[Oy, Julius. Don’t you have something to tell this guy?]


[! Ah, yeah. Tianne…]




Julius looks at Tianne from head to foot and furrowed his eyebrows looking displeased.


[Tianne. Before you talk to Lilia that way, what about you?]


[What about me?]


The members of the followers seemed satisfied upon hearing Julius’ tone of voice.

Tianne felt a sense of relief because of it and prepared herself for the fight.


[To think that you wouldn’t know what’s wrong with you without being told, you’re pitiful.]


‘Haa.’ He sighed.

Tianne further worsens the mood and urges him to continue.


[Since it can’t be helped, I will tell you. First of all….. What’s with that get up!?]


He suddenly pointed at Tianne’s uniform.


[What do you mean, it’s just a normal school uniform. It’s what was offered and I didn’t add anything to it. I don’t remember it going against the rules.]


She didn’t understand and tilted her head. Everyone else was also puzzled by it, but Julius ignored them and continued.


[Because of it?! Your chest is being emphasized!! The length is also too short!! You’re planning to entice others people other than me, aren’t you!? Aren’t you lacking awareness as my fiance?! Change into a new uniform!!!]


[Wai, Jullie, what are you saying….]


Tianne was overcome by the situation and ended up calling his nickname. She planned to gloss over it, but Julius heard her and looked at her with surprise.


[I, I will take my leave!!!]


Julius hurriedly turned on his heels and walked away.

Those left behind were taken aback, but Tianne immediately came to her senses and returned to her seat as if nothing happened.

Lilia chased after Julius in a fluster, and the rest of the followers ran after her.


‘So, somehow, I only have bad feelings about this.’


Tianne wore her normal expression as usual, but she’s holding her head in her mind.