VD Chapter 12 (Fin)

Twelfth Night


Tianne was called by the king and was summoned to the palace.

Guessing that she was called due to the recent event, Tianne’s footsteps are light.

Remembering her promise with Schubertz, she tried hard suppress a grin to to show on her face.


With this, I can be more or less free!


Currently, she’s being personally guided by Schubertz’s father ,who is the Prime Minister, to where the King currently is. Seeing Tianne in a seemingly good mood, Schubertz’s father is looking at her with ill will, but the person herself who is in high spirits doesn’t notice.


[Tianne Yurks. Your current work has been reported by Julius and the others. Without the Priestess’ power, Julius and them probably wouldn’t have been saved. I give you my thanks.]


[I am glad to be of help.]


[Umu. I shall reward you. Ask whatever.]


[….There is something I would like to ask before I receive my reward.]


[What is it?]


[I would be thankful if this time’s event is not publicized.]


[Of course. We can not make the knowledge about the Priestess known, and we can not allow Julius and company’s incompetence to be made public.]


The King sharply gazed Julius and his friend. Cold sweat runs down their backs.

The king snorted at their reaction and urged Tianne to speak.


[Thank you very much.]


Even though she knows that the content of her dream travels will be kept a secret, just having the fact that her dream traveling gets circulated, she’s unable to stay calm. Tianne felt relieved.


[About the reward, for me….. to be demoted into a commoner…. is it, perhaps, impossible]


The audience became noisy but the King only raised his hand and silence returned.


[Hmm~. That might be a little difficult. First of all, there’s no way I can make the Priestess of the Passage of Dreams into a commoner. If I did that and by some chance the Priestess’ believers find out about Lady Tianne’s power…. just what will happen? And it can’t be said that incidents like this can’t happen again. Forgive me but the Priestess of the Passage of Dreams must always be at hand.]


Tianne nodded as if she had predicted it and made another proposal.


[Don’t be, since it something that can’t be helped…. It’s just, it was a dream of mine. If it’s like that then I would like my and His Highness Julius’ engagement to be annulled and I wish for freedom to choose who I can marry.]


If possible, I’d like to get someone not from the royal family but a noble who is extremely normal and kind.

‘I gave up on being a commoner but only this I won’t give in’, Tianne thought as she looks at the king with a smile. Contrary to Tianne’s spirit, the king easily nodded his head.


[Very well. As of today, I will cancel the engagement between Tianne Yurks and Julius Crown. Of course, I also promise to let you choose who you want to marry.]




Julius couldn’t help but cry out, but he was silenced by the king with one glare.


[What a foolish son. It’s something I bestowed to begin with. Or what…. is it that you don’t have the confidence make the only woman you’ve fallen for fall in love with you?]


Julius opened his eyes wide and broadly grinned.

Tianne who saw that shuddered.


[No, let’s proceed with the cancellation…. Lady Tianne, please prepare yourself. I will not hold myself back.]


[Hii~!! … No, yess.]


Realizing that the grinning king stirred Julius up on purpose, Tianne’s cheeks twitched.


[Oh my, His Highness Julius sure is getting fired up. I can’t let myself lose. Right~, Schubertz?]


[Of course. Father. I have no plans to back down.]


Seeing the future Prime Minister look at her with the same smile(as the prince), Tianne took a step back towards the current Prime Minister.


This is, bad.


When she looks around to ask for help, Albert and Horun move together near her. Her relief was short-lived.


[Lady Tianne wanted to be a commoner, right? Becoming the wife of the next King or the next Prime Minister will be hard, won’t it? I am merely a knight and although I won’t go so far as to call myself a commoner, I think it’s close to the commoner’s life Lady Tianne desires.]


[In that case, since I’m a court musician I will be able to respond to Tianne-sama’s request.]


There are enemies here as well!!


Tianne hurriedly turned on her heels and planned to give her farewell greeting.

However, there’s a person in front of the door when she got there. It’s Noark.

Noark gave a reassuring smile to Tianne who stopped on her tracks and held out his hand.


[Tianne. Let’s go home. It’s dangerous for you to stay in this place full of uncivilized men. Come now.]


Tianne was truly relieved this time and placed her hand on his.

Noark didn’t even stop to worry about the surrounding that has turned noisy as he stared only at Tianne and bewitchingly said.


[I will protect Tianne from everything that can harm her. I am everything that she needs.]


That’s right!! That child has turned into a yandere!!

At this rate, will I get confined!?

Tianne took her hand away from Noark’s hand, lifted the hem her dress and ran away.


Something like this, I don’t desire a reverse harem like this!!!

I will show you that I will definitely live a peaceful life and get myself an ordinary husband!!!




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