VD Chapter 11

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Eleventh Night


Lilia was happily walking in the hallway. Julius who has been cold to her recently called her to the SC room. He said everyone is gathered there for her.


Everyone must have been acting cold for this day. They were unmistakably thinking about various things to celebrate my birthday. But should I pretend I don’t know? It’s a surprise they went to great lengths to prepare after all. Now then, I wonder what everyone has prepared for me?


Lilia knocked on the SC room as usual and for a response. Not long after, she heard Julius’ voice.

Lilia opened the door naturally in prudence.


Julius smiled as he took her hand and led her to the sofa, Schubertz served her her favorite tea. Horun sits beside Lilia and talks to her while Noark and Albert smiles to her by her side.


Lilia couldn’t bear her happiness towards this sensation which has been absent for a while.

As I thought, I’m the heroine after all. It should be like this.


While Lilia was immersed in her own self-satisfaction, Schubertz checked the time and exchanged looks with Julius.

Julius interrupted Lilia from her talk, held her and and talked to her.

[Lilia, please answer me honestly.]


[Un? What is it~?] (TN: It’s “yeah” but I left it as is to sound cutesy, like this girl’s feeling.)


[Your…. What are you after?]


Lilia didn’t understand Julius’ words. Perplexed, she looked around her as if asking for help but no one responded to her, as everyone looks at her with observing eyes.


[What? What is it!? Everyone, you’re being weird!!!]


[Lilia, you can use “charm” can’t you? What did you plan to do after we got placed under your control?]


[Charm you say, I don’t know what that is!! I don’t know anything about that!! Because I’m this world’s heroine, I’m just acting like one!! It’s only natural that everyone falls for me!! I haven’t done anything wrong!!] (TN: Uwah! I kinda wanna slap her head with a slipper. Just kinda.)


[….On top of being unaware of it, you also have a delusional habit, this is going to be troublesome.]


Julius lets go of her hand and sighed. Horun tilts his head and confirms to Schubertz.


[You properly put the medicine in (the tea), didn’t you?]


[Yes. I used the most effective one so I’m certain she’s unaware of it.]


[Haa~. All the more reason we can’t leave this alone to take care of itself.] (TN: He’s talking about the situation.)


[The damage may have been bigger if we left it alone.]


Albert furrowed his brows and directed a cold look at Lilia. She flinched and looked at the silent Noark for help while trembling. When their eyes met, her face turned ghastly pale. It wasn’t an expression that usually sends Lilia his love, but an expressionless one as if he’s looking at garbage.


[You didn’t do anything? …. Didn’t you throw countless accusations against Tianne just to get us? You tried to get rid of Tianne, didn’t you?]


Hearing the words said in a low tone, Lilia’s body started shaking.


[Take Lilia away. We will also go to the castle in a separate carriage to tell the king.]


When the soldiers who were standing by heard Julius’ order, they captured her. Lilia was screaming wildly but nobody listened to her.

After Lilia got taken away, everybody stood up a moment after Julius.

When everyone’s sight crossed each other, sparks flew.


Everyone recognized everybody in this room to be his rival. After the evidence for this time’s case have been gathered, when he heard from Schubertz about the dream traveling and at the same time learning that Tianne got involved with somebody else other than himself, they were angry and jealous.*

Amidst the glares, in the end, everyone left the SC room without saying a word.


TN: * It refers to everyone inside the room(other that Schubertz himself).



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