VD Chapter 1



Chapter 1: The First Night


When I noticed I have become an otome game’s villainess.

I confirm to myself while looking at the reverse harem in front of me like it’s other people’s business. Yup. It’s a sight I have seen in my previous life. My own fiance is also in the reverse harem but I don’t care about that. If my memory hadn’t returned, I would have been driven mad out of jealousy, but ‘I’ don’t feel any romantic feelings towards my fiance at all.


More importantly, I remember my previous life.

Nobles sure are troublesome.


I missed living like an ordinary person, I suddenly noticed.

If the heroine plans to make a reverse harem, does it mean there’s a possibility of that happening?



By that, it’s the “conviction event”. A conviction event is where the villainess who is madly jealousy bullies the heroine, gets found out the heroine’s entourage and then gets convicted in front of the public. As a result, her engagement with her fiance gets cancelled, she gets disowned and will be demoted into a commoner.

In other words, I can get the life I want!!!


Now that it’s decided!

From that day on, Tianne started harassing the heroine compactly, while secretly preparing in the shadows for when she becomes a commoner in the future.


A few months later, Tianne was being hated by the heroine’s entourage. Alas! It seems that the heroine is also a reincarnator who exaggerated Tianne’s bullying, and she also seems to be doing her own play. That saved Tianne’s time and effort so she only harrasses the heroine from time to time, and her preparations are going smoothly.


And it’s about a month before the conviction event. She ended up seeing an unbelievable dream.