TNZKMA Chapter 9


Although I really hate it, the only place I can go home to is there. There are no streetlights. Moonlight and starlight is also nonexistent. It didn’t even cross my mind to spend my time in the total darkness of the night outside, so I  left Allec’s house with heavy footsteps. Haruka walks beside me.

Judging from Allec’s house, my and Haruka’s house are in opposite directions. Despite that, Haruka always sends me halfway. It might seem like it’s so I don’t get lost, but actually, I understand that he’s being careful as it might be hard to say it in front of everyone. Haruka’s concern is casual and kind.


[This may sound like useless meddling but…]


Hearing me sigh countless times, Haruka tactfully began to talk.


[There’s a saying that the first husband, compared to the husbands that follow after, is less objectionable. We may be the ceremony’s failures, but it’s said that the reason for the failure of the ceremony is on the receiving side.]


Haruka’s height is not that high. I was about 15-6 years old in appearance when I just reincarnated, Haruka who is on his 10th year looks like he’s about 25 years old. But our height difference is around half a head. My line of sight is only slightly lower than his, I meet eyes with Haruka.


[It’s said that the first husband has a responsibility for making a male reincarnator appear. That’s why, they must take care of us, even if just a little bit. They’re dismayed at first, and might even get upset… but, once they’ve calmed down, they will definitely calm down so. That’s why… That’s why, you see…]


Even though I didn’t understand what Haruka was trying to say, I stopped walking upon seeing his serious eyes.


[That’s why, as much as you can, it’s better to be careful not to provoke your husband. The first husband is alright as long as he doesn’t get mad. From the second husband onwards, whether you anger them or not, he will do you when he wants to, and you will be hit whenever. It’s said that whatever you do is useless.]


When he said ‘to be done’, does he mean that I’ll be done? As I thought, will I be done by Saine?


I can feel my blood dropping. I can feel cold blood going down from the crown of my head towards the tips of my toes.

Haruka tightly grasped my trembling hands.


[It’s alright. It… it may not be alright but, you’re going to be okay.]

[What does that mean?]

[I will teach you how to have sex. Even if your husband gets horny, you must prevent him from suddenly thrusting it in. Whether it’s oil or soap, you must lubricate your hole with anything slippery.]

[Uwaah… I don’t want to hear it.]

[Please listen. Because it’s for the sake of protecting your body. Depending on your husband’s mood, you must avoid him suddenly putting it in at all cost. You must loosen yourself as much as you can, or else you will definitely get injured.]


Haruka grabbed my arms and looked at me with serious eyes.

I understand looking at those eyes that Haruka is really worrying about me. He was neither making fun nor was he joking, he was seriously thinking for my sake.


[You might get injured no matter what, but as long as long as you made prior preparations, it won’t be that serious because there are physicians…. Honestly, it would be great if there are phones in this world, though…]


[Because, even if you get injured and is unable to move, I will be able to rush over once you call me through the phone. I don’t like not knowing whether you went to the Reincarnators Association or at home unable to move at times that we don’t meet.]


Haruka’s right hand shook restlessly as if he was nervous. I somewhat felt happy while looking at that gesture. Although it’s a weird feeling, I feel so happy that he’s this serious thinking about me and I feel ticklish.

When he finally noticed it, the shaking of his hand has stopped. Even though I am scared, but, the fear was pushed away as I was talking to Haruka.

Although Granny and the others also worried about me and looked after me, but I am not their priority. Their most important companion are their children, and then their husband. At the end of the day, Granny and co who have reincarnated for many years quite love their husbands.

The Men’s Club is, how do I say it, well, just do your best by yourself, or something like that. We’re both men after all, I don’t really mind such simplicity, but I was happy that Haruka earnestly worried about me.


[How did you do it on your first time, Haruka?]

[Me? I had experience in my previous life so I had no problem.]

[Even if you did, your body was still new.]

[Hmm, that might be so but… Your body is indeed new, isn’t it. However, this body remembers it. About my previous life.]

[What does it mean?]

[Since my body just moved arbitrarily instead of thinking of like how to accept a man, that’s why I think that this body hasn’t become completely new, but that its time has re-winded. While carrying the memory before I died.]

[Then, are the others in the Men’s Club also like that?]

[Let’s see. Because Allec had experience in his previous life, he was fine. Alternatively, he made his completely clueless husband come with his technique from his previous life. But because Kent and Duke were straight men, it seemed they had a hard time.]

[…. They must have had, indeed.]

[The Men’s Club is created by me and Allec. Even if I said that we created it, it’s only made as a gathering spot, though. Kent and Duke reincarnated after that, but they just wouldn’t listen even when we tried to explain to them how to have sex with their husbands, and then, the two of them had a horrible first time experience.]


[Because the husbands were inexperienced in embracing men and the reincarnators themselves were also the same, it’s understandable that the result is naturally like that. There were no love within the two of them, and they were forcibly… However, they were both strong. Now, even if their husbands feel like doing it, they will first fight.]


[That’s right. A real fist fight. It’s a formal greeting with their asshole on the line. They’ll be able to protect their butts if they’re able to win 2 out of three.] (TN: This should be sad, why am I laughing?)


Aren’t they strong, he laughed, I also laughed with him. Even though the content is like that, it’s a great help that Haruka’s way of talking is funny. My feelings is slightly improving.


[Anyway, I hope you don’t do the missionary position.]

[Missionary position…?]

[The missionary position. It’s like this.]


Haruka who said that, spread his index and middle finger widely in a V and turns it towards his palm.


[Your husband will come between these fingers…]

[I, I got ittt! I got it so please don’t finish the rest….]


Why do I have to listen to an erotic lecture in the middle of the road?

I panicked and stopped Haruka.


[This is an important matter, okay? Because you’re a novice, you can’t use this position, got it? You’ve probably never slept with a man even in your past life, either.]

[How do you know?]


[I can tell. You are a decent man. You haven’t lost your way like me.]


Since Haruka started walking, I followed suit. I’m scared of getting closer to the house, but having someone to talk beside me diverts my attention.


[What the heck is that? You have not lost your way.]

[I have. Because I am an expert in men even on the other side.]

[? Doesn’t that mean you like men? Why are you saying that you’ve lost your way just because of that?]


When I tilt my head sideways, Haruka was a little surprised.


[The meaning of losing one’s way is to do something one shouldn’t do, right?  Like being a thief or a murderer, isn’t it being like that? Whoever comes to love whom, it doesn’t make them bad, does it?]


I do think that it’s bad if you still pursue them even though you’ve been refused after confessing, but if you’re mutually in love then there’s no problem. Whether it’s a fellow man or fellow woman, it’s fine as long as the other party accepts it.

When I said so to Haruka who was strangely speaking as if he’s a criminal for liking another man, he briefly made a face as if he’s going to cry and then he laughed.


[I think that part of you is good.]

[I also think Haruka is nice. After all, you’re a good guy.]


When I grinned, Haruka also smiled with the same expression.