TNZKMA Chapter 7

I wake up in the morning. The fluffy futon got wet with tears. For me to sleep while crying, I’m a shame to all men. I’m so glad I’m living alone.

I use water to cool my swollen eyes. The water on the well was cold and felt good. There’s the well and the bath & toilet cabin in the garden. There were also a tree that I don’t know the name and a rock.

The rock is the same height as me when I squat down. This rock somehow smells.  There are white grains of sand stuck in it and it’s wet even though there’s no rain, I’m really not sure. Since it’s beside the well, I splash the rock with water as I wash my face. But it really stinks.


There’s a tree growing in the garden. A similar tree grew next door.

The neighbor and the garden are separated by a tall fence. Everything in the trees surpassing that fence looked exactly the same. I wonder if there’s only this tree? Should I try growing some flowers in the garden?

I’m going to the Reincarnators Association today. Granny Haru’s family are farmers, they may have something like flower seeds.


[Flower seeds? Sure, I’ll tell my husband. He’ll probably let you choose some.]


Speaking of which, I wonder why granny’s family is in the town. The farmer I bought the cotton from was far from the town.


[It’s because we are farmers who grow vegetables. Farmers who grow vegetables have their houses inside the town. The fields aren’t individual but are possessed by a group. It’s different on the other side. I was also a farmer previously, but the field was in front of the house over there which was convenient. The fields were also owned individually.]

[There are about five farmers gathered here, we manage a wide plantation. That’s why there are disagreements.]

[True. There are disputes all the time. We argued so much that I just decided what to plant, we’re planting leafy greens.]

[Mine are radishes. Or rather, it looks like a radish but its official name is dakk(ダック). We grow white, blue, and red varieties of it.]

[ So, what are you arguing about? If you already decided what to plant, all that’s left to do is the usual, isn’t it?]

[Well, it’s mostly them slacking off or having just me working, something like that.]

[……… It’s the same everywhere, isn’t it~]

[Are the fields collectively owned? Are farms owned individually?]

When I asked my question, Granny Haru sketched on a paper.


[Here’s the town, right? It’s a grid. Each side is exactly the same length. Next are the farms, which surround the town. Each side of the town is three farm blocks long. The farms are also perfect squares. Farms continue outward for four rows. There are 112 farm blocks total. And five households oversee each block. There are 560 farming households. Each household has three to five members, so that means, out of the 5000 people in the town, 2000 of them—about half—are farmers.]

[And beyond the fields are the ranches.  First came the sheep, next are the goats, last are the cattle.]

[Is it something that must be clearly separated?]

[They’re so distinctly separated that it’s shocking. Because this world is a regulated society.]

[Because farmers need to look after the ranches, the house of th in-charge(of the ranch) is also located there. But the farmer’s family’s house is in the town.]

[I think it’s more convenient  near the ranch, though. Also, there was also a house on the other side of the fields.]


The ranch where I bought the cotton was pretty far from the town. It were the fields that were on the way, and I think it’s going to be hard to go there back and forth everyday.


[That’s not a house, it’s a worker’s cabin. This town wants to gather as much people as possible.]


[ Well, that’s because there are monsters.]


As if it was only natural, they end up bringing up the mosnters.



Even if I said that I don’t remember my previous life, that’s only in relation to myself, I remember other things.

Amnesia sure is a mysterious thing. I don’t forget things like  proper noun and everyday life. What I don’t know are who I am, and when or where I lived. No, in this case it’s when, where, and how I died, huh.

Even though I’ve forgotten about myself, I know that there were no such things as monsters in my world.

Monsters, huh.

What I imagined when was I told that was that horns probably grew out of its head. It has wings grown out behind its back, the one that’s black.


I don’t really get it so I was scratching my head as I walk. Today will also be a stall-bought meal. I buy a take out food. I can just return the plates tomorrow. Since every store’s plates look the same, it doesn’t matter which store I return it to, it’s a nice system. It doesn’t have to become trash, very convenient,