TNZKMA Chapter 6

[I’m glad for you. I wonder if I should also make a futon? The bed just doesn’t agree with my body.]

[I will also make a futon at my place. After all, it’s easy to tidy up. The room’s space will become wider, and it will be easier to clean.]


The Japanese reincarnators of the Reincarnators Association are excited. Futons sure are nice. I wonder if I, who thinks the same, am a Japanese after all.

The Reincarnators Association is generally equally divided when it comes to races. From White-, Black-, and Yellow-skinned race. It’s 1:1:1. This town’s population is 5000. Since one-tenth of the population are reincarnators, it means there are 500 people.


[This isn’t the only Reincarnators Association, a lot is scattered in the town. This town’s pretty wide, you see. If I’m not wrong, there should be about 20 of it.]

[The town is a clean square. Have you known about the intersection of the go board? Apparently the structure was based on a Chinese town, and this place is close it. In every 20 blocks of that intersection, there’s a Reincarnators Association.]

[This is the 12th association. Right now, there are 27 people. Since there are also reincarnators who don’t come because they’ve grown old, it’s not everyone. Those who have just reincarnated will also rush in here, and we also help with raising the children. But they naturally become distant after 20 years have passed after reincarnating, and they no longer come.]


[The Men’s Club, too?]

[The Men’s Club is different. It’s rare for men to reincarnate so even though there are 20 females, there is only one male. I wonder if there are only five male reincarnators including you as of now?]

[It’s rare, you know?]

Even though Tanya said it with sparkling eyes, I don’t feel happy even if it’s treated as rare.

[No, it really is valuable in a certain sense. Women have age limit to bear children, meaning there’s a season. But men can continue giving birth. I’m not sure if it’s because you don’t have menstruation, but men can give birth even if you’re 20 or sixty years old.]


[Don’t cry, aren’t you a man?]

[I don’t wanna give birth. Since I’m a man.]

[‘It is easier to bear(a child) than to worry about it’, don’t you know such expression?]

[I don’t even want to know.]

Or rather, I feel like it has a different meaning.


I received a shock at the Reincarnators Association, so I ran to the Men’s Club.