TNZKMA Chapter 5

TN: The women on the Reincarnators Association will now be grannies instead of aunties.


It was very dark when I returned to the house. Not outside but inside it. I wish he’d at least make a window. Both morning and afternoon, this house is so dark.

There are windows in the bedroom and storage room, and a small one in the door from the hallway to the garden. However, the bedroom isn’t mine, and there is nowhere to step in the storage room.

Since I hate the dark, I’m sleeping in the hallway. I’m using the cushion and blanket I found in the storeroom I searched without permission. If I don’t have any discomfort sleeping directly on the floor then I’m definitely Japanese, that’s what Granny Haru told me.

This day has been mentally exhausting, I slept without even taking a bath.


I wake up to the morning sun shining in from the small window in the hallway.

There’s no TV, and since there’s nothing I need to do, I sleep and wake up early. When I raise my hands up to stretch, my back made cracking sounds. I wish I have a mattress or a sleeping mat.

I only thought about which one to choose for a moment, I’m going to the Reincarnators’ Association today. If it’s about practical things, it’s the grannies.


[A futon?]

[I wonder if they even sell something like that.]

[There are only beds here, and even if there are quilts, I’ve never seen one that looks like a sleeping mat.]

[Just use the bed. It’ll be easier.]


The redheaded Kelly said so but, where on Earth can I put another bed in that house? There may only be 3 rooms but one is being used as a storage room, the other serves as living/dining/kitchen.

It’s not like I can sleep in the kitchen. There are already 2 chairs and a table, and the only vacant space is in front of the fireplace. I can’t possibly place the bed in front of it.


[There’s a bed in the bedroom, right?]

[There is, but it’s not mine.]


When I said that, a complicated air ran through the grannies. And then with a smile full of affection, Tanya said.


[I understand that you have a lot of difficulties. You are a man after all, and can’t be like us(females). But you see? Since it can’t be helped that you have come here, won’t it be easier if you accept it?]


Accept what?

I was probably asking it with dangerous eyes. The grannies didn’t say anything and averted their eyes.


[Well, you should just make one if there’s none. If it’s a futon then I will teach you how to make one. You only need to have a cloth and cotton.]

When Granny Haru said that, she searched around inside the house.

[Look, here’s a cloth. A needle and a thread, also, cotton. Since I used these for my sons’ winter coats, there’s not enough of it though.]


I sew the cloth while being taught by the grannies. It might be faster if they made it, but I’ll be troubled afterward.

The grannies clapped their hands in praise as I was clumsily sewing. There probably weren’t any decent men in the grannies’ previous life.