TNZKMA Chapter 3

Unedited and if you have even a bit of knowledge about using a flint stone and find some mistakes in my description of some things regarding it, I welcome any corrections. Thanks. 🙂

  I stick my back to the wall as if to protect my ass and I walk back home like a crab*. I wonder if there are chastity belts for guys, too. If it’s to protect my ass, I’d rely even on weird tools. (TN: He’s walking sideways.)


   The house was dark. I this house doesn’t have enough windows. There’s nothing that can be called an entrance room*, the living room is present right after entering. There are a small desk and two chairs. There’s no window.

(TN: The area where people take off their shoes and leave their umbrellas before reaching the living room.)

   I can’t tell whether it’s a cooking stove or a fireplace but, there’s a place in the corner of the room that’s probably a kitchen. Although it gives off a feeling that it’s been used a lot, I don’t know how to do what so I just left it alone.

   There’s a wooden door opposite the entrance. When I open there, I appear on the corridor. It’s a narrow and short corridor. Parallel to the corridor are two similar doors. One of the rooms is the bedroom and one is the storage.


  There’s a single bed in the bedroom. Compared the size of the room, there was only one large bed. How on earth was this carried in?

   The storage room is stuffed with things I don’t know. I recognize some axes, swords, spears, and bows, but I don’t recognize the rest. There are a lot of things made of iron or wood,there’s none made of plastic. Here is probably that type of world.


   At the end of the corridor, there’s an exit door. This door and the front door are both bulky. It’s a bit heavy, I always struggle every time I open it.

   You can exit from the door at the end of the corridor to the garden. As soon the you leave the door the border of the neighbor’s fence is right before your eyes and if you turn straight to the right, you will reach the garden.

   Until the garden, there’s a narrow passage between the house wall and the fence. On the other side of the wall is a lumber room.

   The garden is a space completely separated by the fence and and the house. In the garden which is about as wide as the house, there stood a cabin where the toilet and bath are in. Unless you open that heavy door and go outside, you can’t even go to the toilet.


   The bath is the type that is heated with firewood. For the water, it must be drawn from the well in the garden. Of course, manually. 

   I don’t know the method to draw the water, every time, I always spill about half of the bucket. Even though I was taught by the aunties at the Reincarnators Association the trick on how to do it, it’s hard. But this time for sure, I want to take a bath.

   There’s also a bucket in the bathroom. Perhaps, the water drawn from the well will be placed here, then proceed to bath.

   As I thought, drawing water is hard. Water will spill out from the bucket when I pull the rope up and even if I do it carefully, I have no strength to draw up the bucket full of water. (TN: HUSBAND!!! WHERE TF ARE YOU~?!)

   While I was in the middle of raising the base, I ended up letting go of the rope. The rope which was separated from my hands swiftly fell down and from the bottom of the well came the sound of a hard splash.

   Even though I drew water and carried it to the bath until my breathing increased, I managed to collect about half of it anyhow. This bathtub is quite wide. I gave up after filling half of it.

  It’s not like I can’t use it unless it’s overflowing with water, anyway, this should be enough for today.

   Beside the bathroom/toilet cabin there’s a pile of firewood. I put those in fireplace underneath the wall of the cabin. There are also cinders so if I burn the firewood here, the bath should boil. I keep putting in firewood, *pause*, and I stop.

How on earth do I light a fire?


  I hesitated where to go, but I decided to go to the aunties. With yesterday’s conversation, the bunch from the Men’s Club gives off an air that they’re not doing anything, and the aunties seem to be more knowledgeable about the wisdom of life.


[Fire? Something like that, isn’t there a flint?]

[A flint?]

[Oh, the young one probably doesn’t know. It’s a stone, but if you strike two against each other, sparks will fly. That spark will cause the fire to burn.]

[He won’t understand it with just that. I’ll do it so look properly.]

The former Japanese, Granny Haru, brought out two fist-sized stones. She held those with one in each hand and started striking them against each other. When the two stones hit each other, amazingly a fire was made.