TNZKMA Chapter 18

[Because I can only probably get around 5 ale, I’m going to return it! Ah… That’s right, I also received some meat….]


As a service, I was given lamb meat. The market price for one serving of lamb meat is 3 ale so 5 ale. It’s no good. Even if I return the cotton, it’s just going to be a counterbalance.

Would it be possible to get 1 ale for the meat? Then he’d be able to buy a bag of insects.​


At the seriously worrying me, Saine sighed tiredly.


[I’m not talking about the gold. The townsfolk think lightly of it, but monster are not only in the forest and mountain, you know. The center of this town is the safest, and farther it is, the more dangerous it gets. Even so it’s still fine as long as there are a lot of people. It will not be strange for there to be some trouble.]

[…A, are you, worrying about… me?]


When I timidly asked, he snorted as a reply.

Ah, I was wrong after all. I guess, that’s obvious. I’m also a man. There’s no use being worried for a man.


[Sorry, I misunderstood. If I get eaten by a monster or cause trouble, Saine will be blamed by the townspeople, right? I will be careful from now on.]


I put my hands together and lowered my head.


[Then, I will quickly go and come back.]


It should be fine as long as I return while there’s still light. Saine tightly held my shoulder and stopped me as I pumped myself up and was about to jump into the crowd.


[Wait. Were you not listening to what I said?]

[Don’t monsters come out at night?]

[There are a lot at night but that’s not what I… I understand. I will also go with you.]



I ended up asking seriously. Saine slightly furrows his brows.

I panic and said as a follow up.


[Sorry! I don’t think that you’re a bother or things like that! Uh, uhm, what was it…? Ah, that’s right. Saine, don’t you have something to do?]

[No. Because the Guards Guild is in this marketplace, I’m only here to inquire if there’s an available work.]


Guards Guild, is it the same gathering as the Reincarnators Association and Men’s Club? So Saine going out everyday is for that.

Grabbing the arm of the convinced me, Saine starts to walk. But soon, he stopped his feet. That’s because I’m being crushed.




My right arm is grabbed by Saine and the rest of my body is being pushed by the crowd.

Saine, please let go. I feel like my arm is gonna get torn off.


With a tap, my shoulder is back in its original place. I rub my right shoulder.


[I thought it will get torn…]


At my dazed whisper, Saine’s fed up voice fell.


[What are you doing?]

[That’s because, you can’t normally walk like that in a crowd.]

[Look at the people’s movements.]

[I can’t do something that skillful either.]


In the first place, there are too many people. Saine sighed and hugged my shoulders.


[Don’t get lost.]


After saying one sentence, we go inside the crowd again. With ‘Uwah!’, I put myself on guard, but we’re moving forward smoothly this time. Strongly holding my shoulders, my body is nestling closely to Saine.

It was a strange feeling. The number of people didn’t decrease and it feels as if it even increased at noon.But I am able to walk easily without bumping into anybody.

When I look up at Saine, he’s looking straight ahead. Only those black eyes shift left to right. He’s watching the people’s movements. No, that’s wrong. He’s reading in advance how people are going to move next.

I was once again made to realize the reality that Saine was a guard.