TNZKMA Chapter 18



[Be careful.]


When I looked up without shifting my body’s direction, Saine was standing there.


[Ah, sorry.]


I apologize reflexively. But the words don’t seem to be directed at me. They are meant for the man with the huge, thick arms.​


[Oh, my bad. So the small one was there.]


As the bearded uncle with a friendly face said that, he was rubbing my head with turning movements.


[What are you doing?]

[I just thought of buying a broom…]

[A broom?]


After speaking, I was sweating thinking I messed up. I shouldn’t buy something that’s not necessary to have like a broom.


[Ah, no, that’s not it! I won’t buy something that expensive! Uh, I was thinking of making a broom and I’m on my way to look for materials.]


Saine made a dubious expression at my panicking self.


[It doesn’t really matter, just buy what you want to buy. How much is it?]

[It’s really fine. The broom was 700 ale, too. I’m really thinking of just making it.]


Saine may be indifferent towards gold. Ha always drinks 1 bottle of sake worth 1 ale and he also eats out in the morning and noon.

Speaking of which, when I came out at the ceremony, too, Saine tossed a bag of gold to me and left. In that was 1000 ale. I’m still using that gold for shopping, though. There’s a little less than 500 ale left. It’s because I only kept buying food without cooking for myself.


Saine probably doesn’t know where the broom is being sold, he grabbed my arm and starts walking. I stopped Saine in a hurry.


[It’s alright. As long as I have the long silver grass-like weed and a rope and stick, I can make it. Even if it’s somewhat gawky, it’s definitely going to be useful.]


When I said that, Saine stopped his feet.

It appears that we are in the way, standing in the middle of the hustle and bustle. Reproaching voices were raised by the surrounding people and Saine clicked his tongue and moved to the side of the road. Even though I struggled that hard, Saine sure can walk easily through this crowd of people.

I was also lead to stand beside the road. We stand on the small gap created between the stores, pausing. Thanks to Saine on the road side, a space was made around me.


[That weed, where do you plan to obtain it?]

[In the vacant lad. Isn’t there one when you leave the town? I’m going there.]

[Have you left the town before?]

[I have.]


When I said so, Saine’s face came closer.


[Don’t go out of the town. Understood? Don’t leave the town on your own without permission.]


Being glared at so closely. I gulp. Did I step on a landmine?


[No, um, I only went to the ranch to buy some cotton…]

[The ranch? You went to the rancher?]


Ah, it looks like I stepped on more. What could it be that I did wrong? I only went to the place the market uncle told me, and I only bought some normally and returned.

Could it be, it was the cotton?

That’s right, it’s the cotton! (TN: Pretty sure it’s not.)


[Sorry! You’re right, I did spend wastefully. I can still sleep even without the cotton, even though it’s not a necessary item… I am truly sorry. It was 70 ale, too. There was something wrong with me……]


I made it into a cotton futon, but should I go and return it? It probably won’t be worth 70 ale, but perhaps I could get back at least 10 ale or 5 ale?