TNZKMA Chapter 17 Part 2



There are lots of stalls in the north-east section. Of course there are also greengrocers and meat stores, but the foundations are stalls. Similar-looking young men and uncles are selling similar-looking dishes. In other words, similar restaurants are lined up continuously.


I heard that there are a lot of miscellaneous goods in the south-east section. Such as pots and rice bowls, things like that. It would be nice if they have brooms, but it’s probably better to make it depending on the price. I wonder if I make it, a broom.


A small space to leave the town and going to the fields is a vacant land. I don’t know why but a vacant land that looks like a buffer appears. Because weeds grow thickly in this plot of land, I may just be able to get my hands on the broom’s materials.


It was a 1 hour walk from the house towards the south-east market. As long as my biological clock is not mistaken, however. When you only have one egg for breakfast, you’re going to get tired. I look at the shops while my stomach grumbles.


Just as the grannies were saying, there are a lot of miscellaneous goods. Stone mortars and wooden pestles, plates, and spoons, there are also things like axes, swords, bows and spears.


There was also a casting pot that looked heavy. I want it. If I had this, I can boil rice. Perhaps, even the stove. The pot is worth 1000 ale. It’s too expensive that I give up.


I can’t quite find a broom. Do the people here don’t clean?


I also want a scoop if possible, but there are only sizes used by professionals. If I’m going to cultivate the garden then such size may be enough, but it’s expensive. It’s the same 1000 ale as the pot.


I wonder if I can use the ax at home as a substitute.


Wandering aimlessly, I finally found a broom. But, it’s 700 ale. It’s expensive, the broom. Isn’t it just the same as the pot?


I asked if there’s a cheaper one but the young man only silently scowled at me.


I continuously worry in front of the 700 ale broom.


It’s too expensive. As eating out once that costs 10 ale, that’s 70 servings. Uhmmm. As I thought, let’s just make it.


Don’t you just have to collect a bundle of silver grass-look-a-like and tie them together with a rope? It’s also fine for the handle to be a wooden stick. If it’s rope then I have one at home. As for the stick, let’s try asking Allec. Allec’s husband is a lumberjack.


Saying my farewell to the 700 ale broom, I head to the outskirts of the town.


Unlike the north-east section’s market, this market doesn’t smell like food. There are probably only a few food stalls. But there are lots of people. Is it because there are many curio shops, people crowd despite the time.