TNZKMA Chapter 17 Part 1

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It’s wonderful to wake up in the morning sun. It’s great that I cleaned up the storage room. I breathe in a chest-full of the refreshing early morning air and stretch myself.


Putting off the folding of the futon for later, I go out to the garden bringing the wooden spatula and small plate. It’s so nice leaving the futon like that and not getting stepped on. Truly, cleaning is something that should be done.


I woke up earlier than Saine this morning. Squatting in front of the perspiring rock, I collect the salt.


It’s probably unnecessary to collect it everyday, but as I thought, I want to sun-dry it for one day and it’s not an assurance that I collect some everyday.What if rain falls? Well, there are a lot of circumstances that could happen so it’s best to collect it whenever I can.


As I innocently scrubbed the the stone’s surface, Saine woke up. He stared intently at me then washed his face. I tried saying good morning, but he replied a short ‘M’ comment. For once, he replied. Well, whatever.


I took as much as I can so it can make a small mountain on the small plate and stretch my waist. It hurts a little. While making a crackling sound, I look up towards the sky.


In here, although it’s pitch dark in the evening because there are no stars or moon, the sun is bright during the day. Usually, we can’t see the moon and stars hidden by the clouds, but the sky during the day is so clear that not even a single cloud can be seen, that’s how the weather always is.


I wonder if there are no stars and moon from the start. Somehow, that’s a bit disappointing. I feel like I liked watching the stars in the night sky.


I transfer the salt I dried yesterday from the platter to the small bottle. In its place, I spread today’s portion to the platter.


Although the freshly taken salt stinks, its smell disappeared once it’s dried. Or rather, it became fragrant. It’s a savory, or rather, a sweet smell.


I’m so glad I sun-dried it.


Saine already went out when I returned to the room.


I wonder where he goes every single day? I also feel like asking him, but I don’t want to step on a landmine. I don’t know where Saine’s bottom line is.


At times that I don’t understand, I must sound out the other party’s attitude and move with caution.


I add a pinch of salt to 1 egg, and scramble it with a fork. I place 2 worms in the stone mortar and crush them. I still can’t open my eyes. I grind my molars while crushing them.