TNZKMA Chapter 16


I’m going to the Reincarnators Association the next day in order to learn my next dish. I also want to go to the Men’s Club, but I won’t be able to cook over there, will I? Everyone either eats his husband’s cooking or from the food stalls.


[Did you buy pepper stones?]

[Yeah. Because it’s cheaper that way.]

[Well, it’s indeed cheap but… it’s hard, right? It won’t break unless your husband does it, and mine doesn’t like it. I always buy the finished pepper.]

[Although it’s hard, I’m a man. I can break it myself. If I think of it as a good training, it’s not that hard.]


I can even cut firewood, I wonder if I will gain some muscles with my everyday life.


[You are surprisingly positive. The reincarnator who quickly got used after being called here still needed one month, you know. All the women were crying until they fall asleep. The men would say ‘impossible’ and once run away.]

[Right, right. I also cried for one month. My husband is also a bearded old man, breathes roughly, saying ‘I’ll do it, I’ll do it’…]

[It’s because there are no handsome men(ikemen) in this world. There are generally only men with good physiques. Moreover, everybody grows old while waiting for their turn in the ceremony.]

[That’s how it is… I think that if he’s at least in his teens then he would not be disliked by the girl. That’s why in order to for my son to be able to get the ceremony as early as possible, I’m thinking of saving gold.]

[Me, too. But there are always a sequential order to this. And it’s not like I can let him become a hero in order for his turn to come quickly.]

[It’s totally impossible. Since my son is weak, he’ll die before he becomes a hero. I was even predated by my son in the war on my past life, as if I will also let my son die even here.]


As I was talking to the grannies, the real issue at hand just isn’t moving forward. But since I’m scared of interrupting them, I keep quiet and brush it aside. If you try to prevent someone from doing something, the retaliation will be dangerous.

Throughout the morning, it’s full of talks regarding their sons’ ceremony.


The ceremony is important more than anything else in this world. They won’t be able to get a wife if they don’t get the ceremony. There’s a line in the ceremony, and they will be recorded on the list of names the moment they’re born. They will get the ceremony in order from the top(of the list), but there aren’t many priests to perform the ceremony.

In this town’s scope, there about 50 priests. To perform the ceremony, it need 10 to 15 priests. In other words, there can only be 5 ceremonies performed simultaneously even at maximum.


The ceremony will be carried out for 7 days continuously. If one year of this world has 365 days then to think it simply, the ceremony is performed 260 times in a year. In this town with a population of 5000 people, it will take at least 19 years for everyone to get the ceremony.

But the ceremony isn’t simple. It’s seven days without drinking or eating. The priests will be sordidly tired after one is finished so there won’t immediately be a next. I wonder how long they will take a break. If they interject 10 days of rest, then the number of times a ceremony can be carried out will be 105 times a year.

If it’s 5000 people, it’s going to take a little over 47 years to finish. (TN: Y’all, my head hurts. Just compute it if you want to know if it’s accurate. I’m just following the numbers. I can’t do math.)


[…… So the ceremony is such a toiling thing.]


When I quietly murmured, the grannies nodded in unison.


[It is. That’s why I want my son to be able to get it even if it’s a just day earlier.]


They get on the list the moment they’re born. In order to be pushed to front, they can only either pile up gold itself or have status.

The best is the Champion. I who have only lived in this town don’t really know, but the existence of monsters in this world is quite big. Those who beat countless of those are revered as Champions, and they must leave their blood behind*. (TN: Bloodline)

That’s why Champions are written on top of the list.


When I thought that Heroes are after the Champions, it seems I was wrong.


Regarding the ceremony, the grannies are more knowledgeable than the Men’s Club. Well, the number of people is different after all.


To get the ceremony, it will be according to the order of the list. However, there’s a special entry of about 5 frames a year. To get in there, one can just stack up 10 times the amount of the ceremony which normally costs 1 million ales.

Or, obtain a privilege. First is the Champion and next will be the treasure craftsman.