TNZKMA Chapter 15


[A virgin who is pent up for years is enjoyable, you know? I wrap that person’s p*n*s night after night with my hands, mouth, and my ass and let him taste heaven. That person doesn’t get hard easily, but once he is… he becomes a wild rod you can’t stop.]


Just now, rod, he just said that, didn’t he? It was not ‘wild kid’*. (TN:  暴れん坊 – rowdy, hooligan, roughneck, rambunctious/wild kid. Instead of using 坊, it used 棒 which means pole, rod, or stick.

Although they have the same pronunciation, but it was unmistakably translated like that in my head.


[I changed the sweet pink boy into the color of a man. It’s now a reddish brown, it has turned into a nice color after using it for a long time. Not only that,I even taught that ordinary rod the trick of appending the muscles smoothly* …… I will not hand that p*n*s over to some woman.] (TN: * – I am not sure about this.)

[Allec… not just his p*n*s, look at your husband’s face, too.]

[It’s fine as long as he has a face. What’s important is the p*n*s. If that doesn’t exist, isn’t it pointless to sleep with a man?]


Having a beautiful face, Allec’s words are vulgar. If all five member of the Men’s Club are gathered, the speaker becomes either me, Haruka, or Duke. Allec has the listener’s role a lot of times, this is the first time he’s ever talked so much.

It’s fun, but, the subject is difficult. Without minding me who fell prostrating on top of the table, Allec talked about the p*n*s.

Please, stop already….


[I was shocked.]


On the way home, when I muttered so, Haruka laughed beside me.


[I know right? I was also shocked the first time. But isn’t that wildness that betrays his appearance enjoyable?]

[Somehow, I think that Allec can handle it well even if he got sold.]

[I also think so. It must have been a mischievous prank for him when he threw money as well, he reflected on it a little after getting seriously scolded,and it looks like he changed his way of thinking.]

[To what?]

[To get his hand on a new p*n*s.]

[Uwaah~ stop it~]


I ended up covering my ears with both hands. Haruka chuckles.


[But I wonder if I should follow your example and learn how to at lest clean the house.]


Since I will go home after shopping at the market, I have the same course as Haruka. It takes about 30 minutes walk from Allec’s house to the market. I usually go there in a hurry, but I’m slowly walking today.


[Was your husband also doing the cleaning?]

[Cleaning and laundry, e~verything, that person does it. It’s fine even if I just sit in the house.]


Haruka looked a bit lonely.

Having nothing to do at home, it’s difficult even though it seems nice. It feels as if you don’t have a place in it.