TNZKMA Chapter 13


I start cleaning the storage room. There are a lot of excessively heavy and dangerous things.

A number of axes also appeared. This, what does he use it for? From small to big, there were 5 of them. The largest blade reaches up to my waist from the floor. Of course, it’s not a thin blade but a thick one, and it’s crazy heavy.

Although it’s something trivial, the ax’s blade is bare, huh. That’s dangerous.


Making below the window my sleeping place, I made place to put the weapons room on the right side upon entering.

Laying the axes down, I gather the quiver and arrows together. It’s probably dangerous to leave the spear that’s not less than my height standing, isn’t it? It has a blade about the same length as my arm. If that falls while I’m sleeping, I’ll die.

Since the door ended up getting blocked when I rolled the spear, I placed it facing the window by the wall where the door is at. Of course, it’s along the wall. If I left it like this, the spear’s blade can approach the foot of the futon only.

When I cleaned up the rest, something where the spear’s blade can be placed appeared. Is this what’s called a scabbard? It was a perfect fit when I tried putting the blade inside. Good.


There’s no shelf in this room.

A shelf, should I make one? No matter how I think about it, there’s a waste in space. There are also five axes put together, but it will be hard to get when an emergency occurs.

But then,  if the Hero’s work is inside the forest, it might have nothing to do with inside the town.


In addition to the weapons, leather gloves, and woven mat, a saucepan and earthenware pot also appeared. There’s also a cloth bag made of firm cloth and a mantle. His traveling outfit, perhaps? There’s also a water canteen made of wood.

As I thought, being a Hero isn’t a job where you leave in the morning and return at night. Many extremely durable-looking cloths appear. They feel like sheeting.

Spreading the woven mat in the garden, I dry the futon together with the sheeting. I’m also going spread the rope in the garden and air the mantle and gloves on it. If I’m going to live together with these, I want each and every one of them to be clean.


Finishing the room’s general cleaning, I go shopping. Because I went without breakfast today, my stomach was grumbling.

While troubled, I eat my lunch at the food stall. Saine, I’m sorry. I apologize in my heart for squandering.


As I thought, instead of buying pepper, it’s cheaper to buy pepper stones. A small bag of pepper is 1 ale, a big bag of pepper stone is 1 ale.

When I asked the store keeper brother, I heard that you can make 10 small bags of pepper with a big bag of pepper stones. It’s extremely cheap!

While apologizing to Saine in my heart, I buy a stone mill for the pepper. This one costs one hundred ale. It’s expensive. But I heard that the mortar for the worm oil won’t do. Apparently there must be an indention in the bowl or the pepper won’t get chaffed.

First break the pepper stone with the stone mill and transfer it to the mortar. All that’s left is to grind it after. Although 100 ales is expensive, ten pouches of pepper is ten ales. If I buy it ten times, I can get the same amount. Even yesterday, I used a third of the pouch.

I will be able to take back the original cost, I put strength in my stomach and buy the stones.


A chicken meal costs ten ales for two portions, the vegetable today looks like a radish and costs three ales, two ales for two portions of white rice, a dinner with a total of fifteen ales.

Because the lunch I ate a while ago was ten ales for one meal, it’s cheaper to make it myself after all. Once I can smoothly do the house chores, let’s cook both in the morning and noon, too.


I go home after my task is completed.

First, let’s engage with the pepper stone. Since it’s before I use up all the current pouch, I will be able to use it the day after tomorrow, but let’s at least break the stones.

Thinking so, I put it inside the mortar and I pound it using the pestle, I pound, and pound, and  pound it…. IT’S NOT BREAKING!]

The pepper stone is extremely hard. Even though it’s expensive, I now understand why a lot of people buy the pouch of pepper.

My will almost broke because of its hardness, but I rack my brain with a ‘I won’t lose!’ mindset. Wood won’t work on stone.

I take the stone hammer from the storage.  A stone version of the hammer. I go to the garden carrying that heavy object. The wood was indented without the stone breaking. But the indented wood has a stone fit in and is durable. Just at the moment, I strike the stone hammer hard with all my might.


Pounding sounds reverberate through the garden.

Although I was thinking whether I was being a bother to the neighborhood, it’s still early in the afternoon. Most of the people here are out during the day. Is it because it’s a society of men, it seems there aren’t a lot of people who stay at home during daytime. Everyone is working outside.

Even so, as I hit the stone countless times while minding the sound, the stone finally broke. The palm-sized pepper stone broke into two. Alright~, I wield the stone hammer with all my strength. Perhaps the pepper stone becomes easy to break once tit’s broken once, it became gravel easily.


The rest will probably be simple later since I made it this far. Carrying the pepper stones that has become gravel-sized, I go back inside the house. Next is… that.

Placing the gravel pepper inside the opened small bottle, I face the wiggling bag. It’s still the second time. There’s no way I can get used to this. I did think to wait until after Saine returns, but it means nothing if it’s him who does it. I’m just postponing the problem.

I, shall confront this wall! Bravely facing the difficulty is what it means to be a man!