TNZKMA Chapter 12



The worm oil’s freshness is in its life.

Which means, they’re selling the worms but not the oil. I will be grappling with these worms every single day from now on.

No way. I can’t even imagine getting used to it.

Chasing its former appearance away from my memory, I put the oil into the pan. A nice sizzling sound resounds. The moment it heats up, aroma rises up from the pan.

Whatever it was before, this oil has a nice aroma.It’s probably completely different from the one I know. I unconsciously close my eyes absorbedly.


I put the meat in once the oil is hot enough. I put the slightly bigger chicken meat and fry it lightly. Apparently this meat easily gets burnt. Granny Urara said so. After cooking it for a short while, I place it into the plate at once.

Next is the orange turnip.I put the cut up turnip into the pan. Its leaves, too. The orange turnip becomes pink once it heats up. It’s easy to tell and very convenient.

I put the chicken back in once the turnip turned pink. I will hurry from here. I seasoned it with the salt from the small bottle and pepper I bought at the market.


I place the cooked chicken and stir-fried vegetables into a plate and add the white rice I bought at the market. I also bought sake for Saine.

As expected of a world full of men, there’s an abundance of sake. Since I have no idea which one is better, I went with the most popular one.

But Saine knits his eyebrows upon seeing the brand, so it looks like he’s not a fan of it. While hiding my inner thoughts, I look into the brand. I must buy the correct one tomorrow without fail.


The two of us surround the small dining table. I’m eating my meal with him for the first time. We eat in silence. Eat. And eat. After eating together quietly, Saine drained a cup of sake while I drained a cup of water.

Even though the oil was like that, the food was delicious. As expected of Granny Urara. One must listen to a Chinese when it comes to stir-fried food.


While heating the bath. I rely on its fire and wash the dishes. The good thing about the worm oil is that it’s easy to wash. The plates became clean just with a bit of scrubbing and water.

Sitting on the log as a chair, I look up at the pitch dark night sky. Sounds of water resound from the bathroom window.

Saine doesn’t really talk much, I must do it with him eventually, and then I might get sold after, but, I’m glad that I’m not alone. I feel assured to have someone else making noise in the house.


Once I get used to stir-frying meat and vegetables, let’s learn the next dish. Of course, I must get used to the worm oil before that.

Although I bought pepper today, let’s buy its base tomorrow. It’s also cheaper that way. And instead of buying cooked white rice, it’s cheaper to cook it myself.

After getting familiar with stir-frying, let’s learn how to cook rice. Looks like it’s going to be hard to cook it in the fireplace, so it’s better to make a furnace in the garden.

The Japanese and Chinese Grannies were insisting that having freshly cooked meals are the best. The Caucasians and Black Grannies laughed at the mention of white rice. They said bread is more delicious.

Since I’m so attached to white rice, I most probably Asian.