TNZKMA Chapter 10


Anyway, I understood that Saine’s job is a guard.
Why he disappeared these past 8 days, I don’t know if he was crying due to shock or because of work. But if it’s the job then it seems he will go out again, I’m putting my bet on it.

Allec’s husband is a lumberjack. He enters into the forest where the monsters live everyday. Although it’s called a forest, the entrance is in the neighborhood and is still safe. But it’s different in the forest, and Allec always prays in the household shrine. For his safety, I guess. I feel like I will pray for something different, though.
Should I also make a shrine at home? I will pray that that guy will be eating by monsters.
However, male reincarnators in this world can’t be free. Because we belong to the public, I will immediately be allocated to the next guy even if my husband dies.
It’s the ultimate choice, I guess. Even if Saine is unlikable, if the next one is worse, I can’t leave it to God once I think of that.
By the way, I wonder what the God here is. In Allec’s shrine, a wooden stick is enshrined.

In order to warm up the men’s friendship that has just bonded, I ate with Haruka in the market before going home. I didn’t buy a take out like I usually did before leaving. I don’t want Saine to eat it again. But, this gold is Saine’s, isn’t it? I wonder if can do some work.
When I reach the house, Saine was sitting in the dark room. At least light a lamp, hey. I unconsciously wanted to scream, but I managed to hold it in.

[I, I’m home.]

I tried whispering but there was no response.
It’s pitch dark once I close the door. I move across the room while striking the flint stones. I don’t want to be hit again. Should I have bought this guy a meal? Or could it be that I wasn’t supposed to talk to him. The silence is too oppressive.
I put fire in the fireplace and light the candle with it. I breath a sigh of relief when the room brightens. However, that guy was there when I turned around, staring intensely at me.


Unable to endure the strong pressure, I accidentally let out a strange sound. I put my hands on the kitchen shelf and stand up. There’s a shelf beside the fireplace. Its height is the same as my waist. On the shelf’s corner, there are three small pots. One has salkt, the remaining two were empty.


I sit down in front of Saine without being able to oppose his order delivered in a low tone. There’s a single desk between us two. This guy would probably be able to reach me with his arm. Instead of the table protecting me, it can be used to beat me. I pull the chair as far as I can and sit in a distance.
Even though he told me to sit, Saine doesn’t open his mouth and silence flows. I feel nauseous and my stomach hurts. I’m scared of the Hero insight. Throwing away my pride, I feel like I’ll end up prostrating myself. I am terribly sorry, I’m in the wrong. Saying so, it will probably be easy to bow my head and end it.
I’m not really sure, but I want to open the door of reincarnation and go back to my old world. No, but I’m probably already dead there, though.
But compared to sitting in front of this guy, I’d rather sleep in my grave.

Only time passes by. Sweat runs through my back. After the long silence the length of a firewood burning out, Saine exhaled as if he gave up. Through his nose.

[I will decide the duties.]
[Du, duties?]

What’s that? Does he mean who’s on top? Does it mean we’re deciding who has the male and female roles? I unintentionally imagined pushing Saine down so I shook my head to drive that scene away.

[No, it’s totally impossible! I can’t push you down!]
I was sent flying the moment I shouted.
[Who the fuck would be done by you! It’s obvious that I will be the one thrusting it in. A kid won’t be made otherwise.]

Oh, I see. I’m supposed to give birth. Uwaa, no wayy. I sit down on the chair again while rubbing the cheek where I got hit.