TNZKMA Chapter 1

[You really don’t remember anything at all?]

Overwhelmed by Haru-chan’s attention, I gulped and nodded.

[I think he looks Japanese from his appearance, though. What do you think?]

Haru-chan asks the Chinese Urara-chan who is sitting beside her.

[I think he’s Japanese. I can’t really say whether he’s Chinese because there are many depending on the location. However, the way he eats is Japanese. He closes his mouth as he chews, there’s also the way he holds his rice bowl.]

[What’s certain is that he’s Asian.]

As if joking, Carrie said. Carrie is American.

There are girls around me, some of them are women, but everyone around me is making a ruckus and it’s lively. Men are probably unusual for them.

[Um, in the meantime, where is this?]

When I timidly asked, Haru-chan explained to me.

[This country is called the Leap. There are apparently a lot of countries in this world, but exactly how many, we don’t know. What was it again?]


Haru-chan nodded on Ray-chan’s words and continued.

[That’s right, that. We seem to have transmigrated. I was 100 years old and died happily. I was surrounded by my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and although a lot of things happened, it was a happy life. And then you see~, just when I thought I was dead I was alive, moreover, I’ve turned into a young girl. A new chance to live.]

Seeing Haru-chan as she laughs with ‘haha’, I can barely see her as a 20-year-old.

[I also should have died at the age of 72. I had a daughter who didn’t want to become a bride, and this child, even though I supposedly died while worrying whether she’ll be alright once I was gone…. when I noticed, I felt younger than my daughter.]

‘Me, too. Me, too.’ was what everyone around me said.


[How much do you remember?]

She asked while tilting her neck.

[I don’t know my name, I also don’t know how old I am. The same as where I lived and such.]

[So, you also don’t remember how you died?]

[Nope, there’s none. But, I have a strong feeling that I’m not from here, so I somehow comprehended that this is a different world.]

When I said so, everybody went ‘Yup, yup’ while nodding her head.

[It can’t be helped. Although its appearance didn’t change much, there are still some differences.]

[In my case, I was surprised at the oil.]

[Oh, I was, too. You, have you cooked before?]

Without even waiting for me to shake my head, the old woman on the inside, the one who looks like a high school girl and an OL makes a racket. (TN: Office Lady)

[Isn’t it a bug? Of course, we’ll get startled.]

[I thought my waist would give out because of the salt, too.]

[The salt! That was an amazing thing.]

[Also…. the bird meat. That wild thing, have you eaten it?]

[What’s that?]

[It’s because my husband is a peddler. He brought some back one time, I laughed at it.]

The women are laughing at things I am not familiar with. It looks like no matter where you’re born, the language will become the same once you’ve arrived here. Both the Chinese and Western people can understand each other’s words.


[Excuse me, so…. I, what should I do?]

Although I’m afraid to cut into the group of women’s conversation, what I must do from now on is something I must ask.

[You’re asking ‘how’, there’s nothing to do.]

[That’s right. Speaking of our job here, we just give birth to children.]


[You were summoned here through a ceremony, right? At that time, there should have been another man aside from the priests. He is your husband.]


[I’m a man, though….]

When I pointed at myself while speaking, the women smiled.

[It’s the same whether it’s men or women. The Reincarnators give birth for the men here. That’s the purpose for the summon, after all.]

When she declared it with a serious face, I didn’t even have the composure to say, ‘You’re joking’ and laugh.