34 Saine


He talked about his house.


Naturally, the Reincarnator doesn’t know the things that are normal for Saine. He talks about how the town was made, and he tells him(M) that he has no plan to move with the flow. It’s not crowded even with the two of them living together and he didn’t feel that moving is necessary.


If he was a woman, he would probably excitedly report it and even move but he’s a man so it’s meaningless. Even if he doesn’t know how many years his next Ceremony will be, this guy won’t be staying in his house for a long time either.


He didn’t say it to that extent but the Reincarnator read between the lines of the sensitive things that he(S) left unsaid. He(M) may be dense overall but, he could read another’s negative emotion and inexpressiveness. This side of his was also similar to a slave’s.

[Actually, I thought I could stay with you a bit longer……]


His head hangs down like a wilted flower.


What? Didn’t you want to stay away from me?


He was economizing for Saine to take another Ceremony and is saving some money. Despite that, he(M) doesn’t want to be apart from him?


However, nobody keeps two reincarnators. That’s not allowed. Saine can get another Ceremony only after selling him(M). Of course, he can also keep him until his next Ceremony. His cooking is delicious and he thinks it’s alright.


[If a guy from this world hits me with all his strength, I think I’ll end up like Haruka. That’s why I want to butter you up as much as possible to avoid making you angry.]


He has never seen that Reincarnator called Haruka. It was the first time he mentioned a Reincarnator’s name. Rather, they never had a conversation this long before.


So there’s a male Reincarnator named Haruka? Can I find his husband and ask him how buying and selling work?



As he calmly thought at the tip of his head, meanwhile listening to his(M) talking.

No matter how small his body is, they are both males. Just hit back if you’re hit. He(M) says that he will cook so he(S) doesn’t hit him and put him(S) in a good mood. Such a servile mentality almost made him snort.


[I don’t think you understand it, Saine. You’re big and have the same physique as everyone else, after all. Hey, try making a fist and hold it out.]


He didn’t understand what he was being told to do but he clenched his fist and held it out. The Reincarnator also clenched his hand and sticks it to Saine’s fist.


It’s very obvious when doing it like this. The sizes of the two fists are greatly different.


[Look, isn’t it big? My punch may hit like a pebble, but Saine’s feels like a rock violently flying in. Even the ax, aren’t you able to swing it around with one hand? I can barely even swing the smallest one.]


Saine also understood what he was trying to say. He’s telling Saine not to do the things he usually does with his fellow guards to him.


It’s common to hit the table or shout when getting excited during an argument. But even the other party would also respond with the same intensity. He gets hit back when he punches. It’s a frequent event and not even that rare.


But something like that can’t be done to this Reincarnator. Most probably, if Saine hits him with his usual full strength, he may end up dying.


A man that’s bigger than him……. Saine wracks his brain over it but is unable to picture it out. What it will be like to have someone bigger than Saine, hitting him. He tried imagining it but he felt no fear.


He couldn’t even comprehend how scared the Reincarnator was but he noticed his(M) eyes weren’t laughing when he said that he was scared. His face was laughing when lightly said that, but his eyes were serious.


[Well, though I have such calculations, I do want to stay by your side a bit more even without it. It’s kind of comfortable.]


The Reincarnator suddenly laughs.


He was never told cold-heartedly to go away but neither has he ever been told that he was comfortable to be with. He doesn’t even think whoever’s there among his guild colleagues. They casually sit on an empty chair and talk nonsense with the nearby guys. Even when there’s no one around, they only think about working.


How does it feel to be comfortable?


He sometimes doesn’t understand what the Reincarnator is saying. But when he goes home, he can tell that he(M) feels relieved. Saine also, for some reason, would feel relief when he got home and saw his(M) face. It feels pleasant to smell the food he cooks and hear the sounds he makes.


[But being a guard seems grudge-inducing.]


Hm> Saine looks down at the Reincarnator.


[To whom?]

[Like monsters……. But, do mountains only have monsters? There are always bad people no matter which world, aren’t there? Isn’t your job to protect your clients from thieves and the likes?]


Without understanding this world, he managed to stab at the reality. When hearing about being working as a guard, they think that it’s only about walking with the employer across the mountains or forests. Taking it so lightly, there are a lot of idiots who jump into it.


Monsters aren’t the only ones in the mountains and forests. There are more bandits than monsters. A gang of bandits will attack even when there’s only one protecting guard, very vicious.


Bandits who attack in groups can’t be caught alive. It’s standard to escape while protecting the client, but killing bandits to open a path to escape happens often. Upon doing so, guards are stirring grudges.


A monster won’t hold a grudge whether you kill or injure its family, but people do. In that sense, humans are more troublesome than monsters.


[Monsters and people are the same. Bad people are bad and good people are good.]


The folks in the town will probably laugh when they’re told that there are good guys among monsters. But the Reincarnator nodded without laughing.


And then he worried about Saine’s body. Were you also hurt by people? He asked.


While snorting at the Reincarnator’s worries, something warm is spreading deep within Saine’s heart.


Saine thinks it’s nothing when he gets hurt but he(M) said he doesn’t Saine to get hurt. And he also accepted that good monsters also exist like it’s only normal.


I’ll keep him for just a bit longer. The food he makes are delicious and, well, he’s not such an eyesore.


But saying it that honestly is annoying, so he said that he’ll(S) keep him. I’ll keep you for a bit longer, he said.


Saine also doesn’t know how long is for a while but the Reincarnator’s eyes opened widely, and then his face shone in delight.


His(S) chest jumps at the honest reaction.


Guards are bold, and they don’t get perturbed by a lot of things. They easily show the indignation in their heart but they are bound to hide their happiness.


The Reincarnator is honestly happy. He(S) felt embarrassed at such a response for some reason and Saine started walking faster. The Reincarnator runs after him so he(S) doesn’t get left behind and catches Saine’s arm.


A desire to protect that hand’s smallness sprouts in his heart. He thinks that even if he’s going to sell him(M) to someone, he will carefully investigate the other party.


With the excuse of not getting lost, he holds his shoulders. He wonders if a woman’s shoulders will also feel this slender. While holding the Reincarnator’s shoulder, he imagined if he(M) was a woman.


With Saine in that state, the Reincarnator’s voice reaches his ears.


[I like you, Saine.]


With those words, his awkward face felt hot. It was the first time anyone told him that they like him.


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