When I entered the forest before, it was the time when the monsters were active. Things seem to be calming down now. That’s why it’s the season for guard work.

I think it’s been about an hour since we entered the forest, but we haven’t come across any monsters yet. Even though I’m prepared, my heart is beating fast. I hope it ends soon. I want to be eaten in an instant.

We were holding hands unknowingly. But we don’t stop walking. The failure of my past life was that I didn’t continue walking. We went on an adventure many times, but we always made the mistake of turning around and returning home. This time, we won’t make a mistake. 


[Haruka, do you want to be a woman if you’re reborn?]

[No way. It sounds troublesome.]

[Makes sense. I also want to be a man again.]


There’s no point in being reborn as a woman if I can’t meet Saine again. If so then I prefer being a man.


[If we’re reborn again as men, let’s go on another adventure.]

[Yes. Since we met in our previous life and even met again after reincarnating, we have a special bond. Let’s be friends again next time and go on an adventure.]

[Okay! Let’s go!]


When I strengthened the grip on our holding hands, Haruka gripped back. Suddenly, a praying mantis appeared in front of us who were holding each other’s hand tightly.


It was a giant praying mantis. Way bigger than us. It has a bright green body and a raised silver scythe. Two bright red eyes were looking down at us.

What a relief. With that scythe, it would probably kill us both at once. Fear will also be for a moment. Maybe we won’t be able to feel the pain. When I smiled only with my lips, I could see Haruka’s smile of relief at the edge of my vision. As expected of my best friend. We’re thinking the same thing. I smiled again and tried slowly to close my eyes.

I saw something jump in the corner of my eyes as I was about to close my eyes. What is it? I thought, and soon everything in front of my eyes turned brown.




He’s very big, but it’s definitely Kyui. Turning into a huge bear, Kyui punched the mantis with a heavy sound. The trees neatly avoided the blown off mantis. With nothing to stop it, the praying mantis disappeared in an instant.


[Kyu, Kyui? Why are you so big?]


Kyui proudly takes a step. The giant brown bear grew smaller and smaller while jumping on top of the grass.


[Kyui, so you were strong.]


When I said that to the now palm-sized Kyui, Kyuru, it cried out and tilted its head.


[Somehow……I wonder if it’s acting cute……]

[What’s that?]

[It’s someone acting cute by playing innocent and helpless. Wasn’t there someone like that? That kind of Idol.]

[What are you talking about?]


When I laughed, Haruka frowned a little.


[How difficult. I wonder when the innocent and cute idols started. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, I’m talking about that kind of girl. She may be mean or strong but acts cute and harmless in front of people.]

[Kyui is harmless.]


I replied to him in a pout. Kyui is not a malicious child.


[No no no no, I’m not saying that it’s not harmless. It may be harmless towards you, but it’s a strong child regardless.]

[Yeah. I greatly agree with that. Kyui is so strong. You’re amazing.]


When I put it on my hand and held it up high, Kyui jumped up and down with joy.


[You know, for some reason…… Don’t you think we can live if we have Kyui?]

[I do.]

[Then, let’s adventure in the forest, then let’s also go to the mountain!]


Right behind Haruka who was about to give a cheer, a gigantic snake shining in seven colors appeared.



[Hm? …… GYAAH!!]


I hit the snake heading toward Haruka with the stick I had. When I hit it with all my strength, the snake changed its trajectory and fell down. The fallen serpent lifts its head, flicking its long tongue toward us.


[Do…… Do you think it’s venomous? That thing?]

[Similarly bright-colored kinds usually are.]

[I would like it done in an instant, though.]

[Me, too. I’d hate being swallowed by a snake whole and slowly getting digested.]

[Uwaa… let’s stop using that kind of expression.]


I don’t want it to happen in real life. In this case, the praying mantis was better. Getting done in by a snake sounds extreme. When Haruka and I took a step back, Kyui took a step forward.

As Kyui grows bigger, it transforms. It turned into a bear, a tiger, a bird, then it became a snake.


[……I wonder if it’s confused……]

[If you’re going to fight against a snake, what would you turn into?]

[Maybe a mongoose?]

[What’s that?]

[It looks like a weasel.]

[I don’t think that something like that can defeat a snake, though.]


The monster snake bent its body and jumped in as if using the recoil. Kyui hits the snake with his body, and the two giant snakes are entwined. The monster was seven-colored, Kyui was black.

In an attempt to help, I aim at the rainbow snake and swing down my stick. But after all, it’s just a stick, not a god’s sword. It didn’t even cut through darkness, let alone snakes.

The snakes thicker than my body entwine and writhe. I frantically swing my stick down because I want to help Kyui because it looks like it’s about to be killed. However, I was struck in the stomach by an unknown snake tail and was thrown backwards.




It was a great help that the grass was thick, but it’s hard to breathe because my stomach was struck. When I was coughing violently as if to spit out her stuffed breath, Haruka rushed over.


[Are you okay!?]

[I thought I was gonna die.]


What a weird thing to say despite coming here to die. I ended up quipping to myself. However, I strangely lost motivation to die the more I resolved myself,  it’s weird to say this, but my will to live ended up erupting.

I grabbed the stick I had dropped and rushed towards the snake once again. A moment later, Haruka raises a strange voice and starts running. Best friends never abandon each other. No matter how strong the enemy is, we will fight together. Our oath is still alive.


‘Uwooh’ he cries as he runs towards the snake and swings his stick down. I swung it down at the same time as Haruka but the snake didn’t budge. The snake’s body isn’t made of fat, I see. It feels more like rubbery than bouncy. Is this muscle?

I repeatedly smacked it with the stick. Haruka is also continuously hitting it with his stick. Kyui the black snake seems to be doing its best to constrict it, but the seven-colored snake looked like it wasn’t feeling anything. It crawled out to escape from the constriction and raised its head towards us.


The red forked tongue flicked in and out, and the snake’s eyes grinned.



TN: Kyui to the rescue!