Saine came every day, rubbing my arms and moving my fingers. Once I was able to stand up on my own, he kept me company during my walking practice.

Haruka also takes care of me. Haruka is the one who fed me food while I was bedridden ever since I woke up. That was a great help. The servants of the Daryss family would probably do ti if Olphynn ordered them but they’d surely do it unwillingly.


It’s fun to talk about memories with Haruka. For me, though, it was only just recently. Haruka was 52 years old when he died, and it’s been 10 years since he reincarnated here. His childhood is quite a long time ago. For examply, if we talked about when we were 10 years old, it would be a memory 52 years ago for him.

But I died when I was 15 and spent 47 years without knowing that I was dead. 47 years for me is just a blink of time, that’s why I can only thing of the memory of my 10-years-old self as 5 years ago.

Even things that Haruka doesn’t remember, I can remember vividly. But on the other hand, it’s funny how Haruka remembers things I forgot.

While being fed, we talk while reminiscing about the past. When I’m eating with Haruka, we can’t seem to finish eating.


By the time Olphynn came to the room less frequently, my body had fully recovered. I can walk normally now, and maybe even run. It looked like I could be back at Saine’s house today or tomorrow.

I should go back to Saine’s house, but what will Haruka do? Haruka’s husband should have decided to sell him, but he hasn’t found another husband yet. Haruka was a little impatient because she couldn’t stay in the Daryss family forever. Until now, he was able to stay with the Daryss family because I was there, but if I left, he would probably feel ashamed to stay. Haruka got back to his original health a long time ago and no longer needs a Priest’s healing.


[Don’t worry about me and go back to your husband’s house.]


The Daryss Family had a courtyard. The Daryss Family mansion was large, and there was a garden in the center. There is a corridor on each floor to surround the garden in the middle. Thanks to the garden, every hallway was bright with sunlight.

Even though it’s a garden surrounded by a mansion, this one is also large. Larger than the one in Saine’s house. This one, too, is probably large enough to fit a single person’s house and garden.

We sit on the chairs while talking to Haruka. It’s so warm and bright in here, it’s our favorite spot. Ever since my legs began to move, I’ve been walking to this garden for rehabilitation. Then I would take a break on this chair before returning to my room. I’m walking normally now, talking to Haruka.


[What will happen to you once I go home?]

[Once that happens…… I’ll go back home, too. It looks like it’s still undecided to whom I’m gonna be sold to.]

[Is that alright?]

[It’s fine. I don’t think that person will hit me again. Even though it’s still undecided I’m going to be sold to, I already belong to someone else. Besides, if I get injured, the selling price will go down, right?]

[I see. But why hasn’t that uncle decided yet?]

[He can’t decide. I’m in my 10th year and a male Reincarnator. After 25 years old… I think I can’t give birth anymore.]


The grannies give birth for 15 years since reincarnating. In other words, they’re in season until they’re 30 years old. Male Reincarnators can give birth whenever but if they haven’t given birth in 10 years, it’s believed that he won’t give birth for the next 20 years. 


[I didn’t become a miracle. Well, I don’t care either way though…… But, you should be able to become one. Good luck.]


Encouraged by Haruka, I nod. I suddenly felt like I’ll be able to do it with Saine. I think I’ll be able to have s*x with Saine this time  after I get home.


[Okay. I’ll do my best. I can be with Saine forever if I give birth to his child, right?]

[Of course. There should be no one who will sell a miracle male Reincarnator to someone else.]


If I give birth to Saine’s child and become a miracle male Reincarnator, will Saine listen to my wish? I will ask him if we can take Haruka in. Even if not as husband and Reincarnator, maybe there’s another way. 

Haruka was shocked when I said that, but he looked happy as he laughed.


[You’re amazing. It will truly be a miracle if that happened.]


Another laughter overlapped with our voices laughing at the miraculous plan. It was a voice that sounded like a ridicule.


[Are you guys idiots?]


When we looked at the direction where the voice came from, we saw someone familiar. He’s a person from the Daryss family.


[A man can’t possibly give birth to a kid.]


Both Haruka and I frowned when we were laughed at with a ‘heh’.


[We’re Reincarnators, you know?]

[Reincarnator or not, a man is a man.]


Haruka stood up as if to cover me.


[That’s not true. After all, I heard that a male Reincarnator gave birth when I just Reincarnated.]

[Hahah! You believe something like that!? You’re stupid as expected,  you Reincarnators.]

[……What do you mean?]

[If a male Reincarnator appears, we get rid of him. We can’t send him out to the town, after all. But, despite that, there are male Reincarnators who got out. The husbands were dumb and there wasn’t enough time to get rid of them. We spread rumors like that for those situations.]


[That a male Reincarnator somewhere gave birth.]


Unable to understand, I tilted my head.


[You don’t get it? You’re a genuine idiot, I see. ‘A male Reincarnator somewhere gave birth, then, maybe my own male Reincarnator can also give birth’, they’ll think that, right?]


The words slowly permeate me. I stood on trembling legs and faced him.


[Are you saying that it’s a lie……? Male Reincarnators, they can’t give birth……?]

[How can they possibly do that? You’re the ones that Olphynn is sheltering, right? That guy’s still a chick so the literature he can read are limited. But someone of my level can read most of them. It’s nowhere near as good as the Chief Priest reads but it’s better than Olphynn’s.]


As he approached me, he poked my throat with his finger.


[No matter how many hundred years back you’ll read, no description of a male Reincarnator giving birth will ever come up. Reincarnator or whatever, a man is still a man. You’re just one of the many men in this world. You guys are useless.]


TN: He’s such a jerk. Ugh. > n<