Haruka also stayed at the Daryss mansion. I don’t know what methods he used but it seems that Olphynn talked to Haruka’s husband. 

Haruka’s room was next to mine. These 2 rooms are Daryss mansion’s guest rooms. It’s so uncomfortably big. Haruka probably felt the same, he stayed in my room without going back to his room.


[Did Saine hit your husband?]

[It can’t be called hitting at all. Your house’s husband is great. Each of his punches are amazing. The sounds they make aren’t something that can be heard by punching a person. My man couldn’t stand up to him at all, and he got knocked down in an instant. I thought that my man was stronger than anyone else but, actually, I was like a fool. Greatness is comparative.]

[It was between a food stall owner and a Guard, it wasn’t even a contest, huh.]

[Of course not. My man couldn’t land even one hit. Or rather, he completely lost his fighting spirit after one punch from your husband.]

Haruka was cackling in laughter. I was relieved because he seemed to be over it already.


[Do you think your husband will sell you?]

[That’s right. You know, I’ve never been this happy about it. When my husbands sold me, I gave up thinking that there was nothing I could do about it but I was also shocked. But I am happy about being sold by my current husband. It feels like a heavy weight has been lifted from my body.]

[I see. Good for you.]



Although no one knows if his next husband will be better, nevertheless, right now, I’m happy that Haruka is happy.


Olphynn came to visit me many times daily. Every time Olphynn casts a spell and raises his hand to me, I can feel my body getting lighter. I can move my head normally already, and so can my left arm. I was able to get myself up this morning. I sat on the bed and ate breakfast.

Saine also came everyday. He shows up in the morning before heading to the Guard Guild. After eating lunch from somewhere, he comes at night, too. It doesn’t hurt and I can move, but my body which has been lying down all this time doesn’t move as I please. I need rehabilitation. Saine accompanies me during that time.


[Does it hurt?]

[It’s okay. Olphynn made it so that I’m not in pain. He said that it makes rehabilitation easier.]



What a weird pronunciation. They don’t say rehabilitation here, I see.


[I don’t know what its term here is. Like this, the body is moved little by little until it’s restored to its original state.]


Saine massaged my left arm and, while tilting his head, moved my fingers one by one. It seems there is no applicable word for that here.


His large hands skillfully massages my joints. This side of him makes me think that he’s really a guard. Saine understood well how the body works.

Olphynn can  hold up his hand and cast spells to eliminate pain and erase wounds, but he can’t rehabilitate. In the end, it is the Dauntless-sama who knows more than Priests-samas how the things such as muscles and joints work and how to loosen them.


The Daryss mansion’s guest room has a big fireplace. Uniformly sized firewood are burning in a neat hill-shaped pile. While listening to the crackling sound, I put my back on Saine. Saine massages my arms and fingers from behind as if he’s hugging me.

The affectionate time flows sweetly. I raise my head from time to time to look at Saine. Saine immediately kisses me. I move slowly to be face to face with Saine. My feet can’t move freely yet so Saine helped a little. Facing each other means I have nowhere to lean my back on, and sitting still is difficult. Saine held my arm and helped me when I was about to fall backwards.