The ceiling I was looking up at was very high. Also, it’s wide. I tilted my head inside at the unfamiliar place. Where is this place? Moving just my eyes, I look at my surroundings. I don’t know the reason, but I can’t move my neck.

A white ceiling. But there’s a pattern. There was a frame-like pattern on the edge of the ceiling. A glittering chandelier also hangs at the center. What is this, I leaked out a laugh.

The walls were also white. However, a board was put up from the middle. It’s an amber color, it’s visibly glossy even from where I am. It was far from the wall.


I was sleeping right in the middle of the room. Only my right hand moves. When tried to move it slowly, I touch a cold cloth. This feels good.

Perhaps, I think, this is a bed. It’s so soft, and my body sinks just right. The pillows were also soft and fluffy. It’s a sensation I haven’t felt before. 

There was a *clack* and the door opened. The guy who entered looked at me, froze for a moment, then started running.


[Are you awake!?]


He clings to the bed and peers at me. Looking at me worriedly, Haruka’s face gradually distorted, and he burst into tears.


[You…… You fool!]

[……Out of nowhere, that?]


I’m aware of that, though. I’m not smart. I wasn’t able to study either.


[You should have just left me alone and run away!]

[No, I can’t possibly do that.]


I won’t throw away my best friend who is being beaten and run away. I don’t want to be that cowardly.


[What happened to me? Where is this place?]


I don’t know where I am but it certainly isn’t Saine’s house.


[This is the Priest-sama’s mansion.]

[Priest? Olphynn’s?]

[Who knows, maybe…… I’m not sure. It looks like I also fainted and was carried over.]

[I wonder who helped us? There didn’t seem to be anyone around your house’s vicinity.]


Well, that also goes for Saine’s neighborhood, though.


[It’s quiet around that area but everyone is home. Unlike your place, ours is a family residential so there are Reincarnators. They’re people who can’t leave the house at all, but it seemed like they moved. Well, of course, it was such a huge strife after all. My husband was shouting and I was screaming. It seems that even those women couldn’t just ignore it.]


I thought they were the grannies from the Reincarnators Association but they’re apparently different people. The Reincarnators Association has branches everywhere, and not everyone is a member of it. The grannies in Haruka’s neighborhood are people who no longer go to the Reincarnators Association after finishing raising their children.


[A group of Reincarnators ran to the central square while exclaiming. And then, I heard that they went knocking at the mansions everywhere crying out that it doesn’t matter whether they’re priests or officials, to please help them. I was told that they ignored by everyone, aside from one Priest-sama who rushed to the scene alone.]

[Most probably, that’s Olphynn.]

[But those women don’t even know any of our names. So he really went to save those who were injured without knowing who them. That Priest-sama did.]


I believe that if it’s Olphynn, he will definitely come running. Whoever it may be, even when he knew that he wouldn’t be able to help, he would first come running.


[I wonder if those girls are okay…… I just hope that their husbands didn’t scold them……]


If they didn’t follow their husbands’ instructions, even the grannies may be treated harshly. For better or for worse, the people here don’t give people special treatment. Whether they’re male or female Reincarnators, they get hit and kicked. 

Thinking that, it’s really amazing how Saine held himself back.


[I think they’re probably safe. If it was Olphynn who helped us, he must have surely noticed that issue as well. That’s why, in order to not put the grannies in harm’s way, he’d surely do something about it.]


Perhaps because he grew up surrounded by a lot of people, Olphynn is really attentive to others. He can predict what other people think, how they will act next and things like that. He reads them too much that he ends up putting himself on the back burner.


[We’re allowed inside the Priests’ mansion because of Olphynn. If not for him, they wouldn’t have let male Reincarnators in.]


That’s what the feeling I got from the Daryss family even now.


[You’re right. There was a Priest-sama who treated me and always stayed by your side. That person must be the one who rushed to our help. You didn’t wake up for 5 days, you know? But that person continued to treat you by himself.]

[Then it’s really Olphynn. He was sparkling, wasn’t he?]

[Yes…… he probably was……? I was by his side the whole time he was treating you, but I don’t really remember. His appearance, that is.] 


Haruka truly didn’t seem to remember, he was tilting his head while furrowing his brows.


[Is that so. You know, I’ve always wanted to introduce him to you. After all, I honestly thought that it’ll absolutely make you happy.]


He has the face of a prince with blond hair and blue eyes. Haruka will  definitely like him, I thought.

But Haruka didn’t seem to care, as he put his hand on my forehead.


[You’re not having a fever? Does your body feel sluggish or…… are you in pain anywhere?]

[I’m fine. I can’t kind of move, though.]

[That was a close call. Your life was saved because Priest-sama treated you directly but, your injuries, they so terrible that even the dour herb was ineffective.]


Haruka’s fingertips that touched me were trembling.


[Really…… you’re such an idiot. A big fool. You should have thrown away someone like me and ran away…… You told me, didn’t you? That it’s going well with your husband? If you spend some time at this rate and connect with each other, you might be able to conceive a child. You can become a miracle Reincarnator. And yet, you went through all this……]


Since I interfered with the relationship of Haruka and his husband, will Saine also get punished? I looked up at Haruka with eyes shaking with anxiety.


[Can I do something about Saine? Since I’m the one at fault, do you think I can receive the punishment alone?]


Haruka “pfft”ed a laugh and stroked my head.


[It’s okay, please don’t worry. You may have meddled in my and my husband’s affairs, but he also laid a hand on you, who are a Reincarnator. Cases like this is rare, but it seems that what goes around, comes around and they offsets each other. I’m not really clear about it but, maybe, you Priest friend made a move.]


I sigh in relief upon knowing that Saine is safe.


[But there was no need for you to get this injured. You just left me behind, you wouldn’t have gotten hurt.]

[No. like I said, I can’t do that. I will fight alongside my friend, just so you know.]


I raise my mobile right hand and raised my thumb with a jerk. When I grinned, Haruka also laughed while crying.


[You’re really such a……]

[Just like grandma said, right?]


Haruka looked at me with a puzzled face.


[Didn’t grandma say so? To stick together with me, to be with your friend. That I will never betray you so you have to stay with me.]


As I continued, Haruka opened his eyes wide and tears spilled down continuously.


[Sorry. I broke my promise, didn’t I? At that time, I……]


Haruka grabbed my right hand tightly.


[Oww…… gh!]

[Ah!? Sorry! Are you okay!?]


The panicking Haruka looked so amusing that I guffawed in laughter. Unable to move, I lie on my back and roll over on the bed laughing. My tears spilled out while laughing. I continued laughing as my tears fell.


[How silly, here, calm down.]


Haruka was also laughing. And Haruka, too, was dripping in tears.