I go to the market everyday while bringing Olphynn’s special dour herb. There’s no refrigerator so I have to buy groceries everyday but, of course, that’s not all. I went there to meet Haruka.

I never met with Haruka. Once, I courageously tried to ask Haruka’s husband. But, he only gave me a terrible glare. Rather than hatred, it was as if he was looking at something filthy. I instantly judged that it was hopeless and left the storefront.


Maybe I’ll ask Saine. It didn’t work because a Reincarnator like me was asking him. Maybe that old man will listen to Saine. But I had no intention of getting Saine involved in it.

A Reincarnator and husband’s relationship is special. No one can interfere no matter what happens between the two of them nor how unreasonable the situation becomes. Even if they’re a Priest or an Official.

I can’t let Saine get involved between Haruka and his husband. I have to do something about it by myself. I need to do something without his husband finding out.


I know Haruka’s house. I have secretly followed him once because I was really worried. During that time, Haruka was dragging his leg.

Haruka’s husband is a stall owner who works exclusively during the day. He goes home in the evening*. Some of the stalls are open from morning to night, but some owners live in different places. (TN: So it seems that  ‘evening is roughly defined as the few hours after sunset but before the sky turns fully dark’. I didn’t know this until now.)

Even if I’m going to see Haruka, I can’t do it right now.  It’ll be too late if I go now. His husband is going home soon and we won’t be able to leave unscathed if he finds out. That goes for me, Haruka, and also Saine.


I will go to the market first thing tomorrow morning. I’ll take care of breakfast after I return. I’ll go to the market as soon as I send Saine off and if Haruka isn’t there, I will walk to Haruka’s house. I should get there by noon then. I will check on Haruka’s well-being, and I’ll probably need it so I’ll give him the dour herb. After that, I’ll go back to the market. With this, I can buy the ingredients for dinner and meet Haruka, too.

Okay, let’s go with that.



fall asleep beside Saine. I bring my nose near his thick neck and sniff Saine’s scent. Even in the darkness, I feel assured as long as I can sense him. Because I can feel that I’m not alone.

Saine will stroke my head, shoulders, arms, or somewhere else until I fall asleep. A warm feeling spreads inside me with his gentle strokes that encourages me to sleep.

I wonder how Haruka is doing. How is he right now? Has Haruka had such a peaceful day ever since he came to this world?

Is it okay for me to spend such a sweet time with the man I love during the time when my friend is shaking from insecurity?

I asked myself.


The next morning, I moved as planned. I sent out Saine as usual, and then I slowly counted to 30. After counting to 30, I also leave the house. I take a moment to watch around outside the house. Saine is already gone. ‘Okay’, I clenched my fists and ran out of the house.

I run towards the market to check if Haruka isn’t there. Haruka’s husband sharply glared at me. Despite my shoulders jumping up from fear, I foolishly smiled at him and pass by.


I slowly walk through the market. Desperately stopping my feet from running, slowly. I did my best to walk as leisurely as possible until I got out of Haruka’s husband’s sight.

Once my head has judged that I’m already out of the husband’s line of sight, I couldn’t stop myself.  My feet start to run uncontrollably. I run as fast I can to Haruka’s house. Haruka’s house is quite far from the market. It takes about 30 minutes even if I run, so I continue to run even if I’m out of breath.


There are 3 small bottles of dour herb in my pocket. Since it takes effect immediately after application, I didn’t dilute it with water today. His husband shouldn’t be able to find out if we apply and rinse it soon after while he’s away. Since I don’t know Haruka’s condition, I prepared 3 small bottles. To be honest, I sincerely pray that these won’t be needed.

Having a phone would’ve been great. That’s what Haruka said. That’s because he can quickly find out how I’m doing.

But you know, I think so, too. We could quickly talk to each other as soon as his husband left if there was a phone. Even if Haruka can’t move, I can quickly bring over anything he needs. I wish there are phones. I hate the anxiety of not knowing how my friends are doing.


I stopped running when I got near Haruka’s house. Someone in the neighborhood might tattle Haruka to his husband. I stop running and start walking slowly. Pretending to be a Reincarnator living in this neighborhood.

I pass by the front of Haruka’s house. No one is walking on the road, but I pass by to check the area. I focused my ears in front of Haruka’s house but I couldn’t hear a sound. Haruka might be out.

I came back to the front of Haruka’s house again. I look around me and summon my courage to knock on the door. If, by some chance, Haruka’s husband returns home before me, I’m out. It’s still afternoon now and his stall, which is thriving, isn’t closed yet. Besides, I can’t imagine that big uncle running home ahead of me.


I took two deep breaths and knocked on the door. I can’t hear a single sound from inside. Could it be that Haruka has been sold? Maybe he was sold and he’s not in this house.

I knocked on the door again. I hit it a little harder this time. A thundering sound is heard from inside. It was the sound of the keystone falling on the door.