[Hey, let’s ask Olphynn for some, wi-, red wine……]


Saine flicks my forehead with his finger. I was smacked and rolled out of the futon. A guard’s finger punch hurts. I looked up at Saine while holding my forehead.


[I don’t think it’s cheating. During the Ceremony, you drank it, didn’t you?]

[I’m not going to rely on something like that.]


Is it his pride as a man? But Saine not getting hard is the Priests’ plot, right? It’s not even Saine’s fault.


[Didn’t Olphynn say that once you remembered the sensation, you’ll be set for life? That’s why, let’s go and experience it for the first time.]


Sitting up, I put my hands on Saine’s knees and ask him. But Saine simply snorted and averted his gaze.


[I…… want to be one with you.]


I know that Saine is extremely concerned about his er*ctile dysfunction. Even the fact that touching it doesn’t work. But, I’m also anxious. Wondering if Saine will give up on me. Will we have no choice but to give up having s*x with each other?


[I do feel something. When you suck me, something is rushing to go up. Only, there’s a thick wall ahead of it.]

[A wall?]

[Yes, a wall. I know that things will be fine as long as I can pierce through that.]

[You think it’s possible?]

[Someday, I will.]


Indeed. I totally forgot the most important part. But Saine grabbed my arm when I tried to stand up.


[Where are trying to go?]

[I’m going to make worm oil.]


When I said that, I was pulled to the futon and was rolled over.


[As if I can wait until then. Stay here.]


Saine quickly stood up and went out of the room.


Since freshness is the most important thing in worm oil, we don’t store it in advance. But I can also make it without any hesitation now so I think I can have it ready in 5 minutes. Does he hate waiting for even that 5 minutes? I remain seated on the futon while waiting for Saine.

 Saine soon came back. He’s carrying the jar of dour herb that Olphynn made.


[Huh? We’re going to use that?]


He places the jar on the floor and opens the lid. Saine plunged his hand inside and grabbed a generous amount of dour herb on his fingers.

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