The dour herb will be ready in three days, and I wait for it with a slight impatience.

I think that Haruka’s finger is probably broken. It’s the little finger so he might have knocked it on something, it looked like it’s been broken for quite some time, but I know that his husband did it to him. I wonder if Haruka’s husband would sell him regardless of the price. However, it won’t be good if the next one will also be horrible…... I pessimistically worry about it.

Can I ask Dole if he can shelter Haruka temporarily? No matter how much Haruka’s husband wants, I think Dole has enough money. However, we can’t pay that money.

I honestly think that it would be great if male Reincarnators can work. It’s really hard being unable to earn your own money. You can’t run away no matter how terrible your husband is. Unable to work, we’re penniless and have no place to stay. Even if I take Haruka and hide him in our house, Saine will immediately find out. Even if I can ask Saine, it’s not enough. Even if Haruka’s husband comes over and complains tremendously, he has the status to do so. If he’s the husband, he has all the rights.

It’s fine if I suffer alone after getting my way. But, Saine is my husband. He will also suffer from everything that I did. That is something that I must avoid at all cost.


Spending my time restlessly, the promised time has come. I went to Olphynn’s place. He’s in training again today but he entrusted it to the servant. He(s) gave it to me haughtily but I don’t care. Olphynn packed a huge jar for me. The one Saine had was a small bottle that can fit a hand, but the one Olphynn made was in an armful jar.

I was hesitant because I’m not sure if I paid enough but Olphynn gave it to me for free. I stood still out of shock for a moment. But the servant insisted that the transaction had been completed and shut the door immediately.

Do the Daryss family members and the servants not understand Olphynn’s power? They seem to be looking down on him a lot. Even though this dour herb that the powerful Olphynn carefully made is given for free, and in such a large quantity at that. Does no one feel that it’s such a waste.

I look at the gorgeous front door that remains closed. But it doesn’t show any signs of opening. Oh well, I start leaving. I’ll buy something for Olphynn as thanks the next time we meet.


I hurried back home, refilled the small bottle and ran to the market. Olphynn’s dour herb is as I expected, it’s a deep-colored, highly effective one. Although finding it such a waste, I dilute it with water. I’ve diluted it with 50% water but, unlike the others, it doesn’t get thin. Even after diluting it with water, it was still viscous. As I thought, Olphynn is great.

I run to the market and pretend to casually look for Haruka. But I can’t find him. I want to ask his husband but he may get mad. That’s because he’s glaring at me with mad eyes.

It can’t be helped, and so I give up and return home. Will I meet him tomorrow? Will he at least be in a state to see mee tomorrow? I wonder what Haruka’s doing right now. It’s just that, I hope that his husband was simply feeling displeased. If it’s after he treated him terribly……  I shook my head and chased out the unpleasant thoughts.


Saine has already returned when I got home. He’s looking into the jar of dour herb that Olphynn made.


[Amazing, isn’t it? That.]

[It is. It’s my first time seeing a work like this.]

[The quantity is great, and so is the color. Also, it’s doesn’t lose its viscousity at all.]


And it’s free. When I told Saine that, he was shocked just like me.


[If it’s this much…… even 100 000 ales can’t buy this.]

[As I thought. But Olphynn said that he’s still inexperienced so he won’t accept the payment.]

[That’s so like him.]


Saine chuckles.


[That’s why, the next time we meet, I will treat him to a meal.]

[To the food stalls?]

[That’s right. The food from the stalls are tastier than my cooking, right?]

[Your food are more delicious.] (TN: aww~)


My face turns red when he said it with a straight face.


[I think you’re the only who’s saying that.]

[Really? But I think the food stall is a better choice.]

[Yup. The food stalls are definitely better for grilleded or other hearty meals, and Olphynn eats a lot of food.]

[That’s not what I meant but…… Oh, well. Be sure to tell me when you’re taking him to the stalls.]


[Because I’m going with you.]


Saine points at himself and says.


[Oh, I see. I’m a Reincarnator, after all. Eating together with only the two of us without my husband was forbidden.]


When I said that, Saine violently rubbed my head. Yeah. I have also improved a little. I’m now clearly aware that I am not just a man but a Reincarnator.


We eat our meal, take a bath, and then move to the futon. Our actions are always consistent. We embrace each other naked, lick each other, and kiss everyday but I don’t get sick of it. If it’s with Saine, I want to be intimate with him all day long if possible.