I can’t get the dour herb immediately. If it was made by other Priests then they have a lot of it stocked, but Olphynn said he’d make it himself. He said that it will be more effective that way.

Olphynn is very strict with himself, and he trains in the way that other Priests won’t. He said that he’s been doing it since he was young. Olphynn’s dad already died but apparently, he was also the same as him(O). That’s why he gave Olphynn, his only son, a lot of difficult tests.

I think that Olphynn is very strong despite being a Priestling. Saine also said the same. He’s strong, he said. And that Olphynn continues to come up and give himself intense training without cutting corners.

In Olphynn’s opinion, an ordinary Priest is probably all talk and has no real power. dour herb created by someone like that is unsatisfactory. Olphynn will make my dour herb. The ingredients will be gathered and knead power into it. Will the dour herb containing Olphynn’s strong power be effective even when diluted with water? I hope it heals Haruka’s injuries at once.


I soak in the bathtub while leaning on Saine’s chest. Saine was rubbing my hands under the water. Saine’s long and thick fingers overlap with mine. That made me feel so pleasant that I closed my eyes.


[You know, I met with Olphynn today.]

[I see.]


He replies to me properly when I talk to him. Something like this didn’t happen before.


[Olphynn said he’ll make the dour herb.]

[It’s a safe bet with that guy. He should be able to make something good.]


Saine acknowledges Olphynn’s abilities. I kind of envy that. I want Saine to acknowledge me, too. My cooking skills aren’t that great, and I can’t compare to the food stall uncles. Will he acknowledge me if I give birth? Will he treat me specially because I gave birth to his absolutely most important one? 

I suddenly remembered about this morning and I look up to Saine.


[Hey, Saine, are you also going to hold me because I’m a Reincarnator?]

[What do you mean?]

[You see, Olphynn said Reincarnators are being embraced because they give birth. He said that if males also normally give birth like the females, no one would probably hate the male Reincarnators.]


Maybe Saine didn’t understand what I meant, his cool eyebrows furrow slightly.


[In other words, he said that male Reincarnators aren’t disliked because we’re male but because we can’t give birth to children. Does Saine also think so? You’re not interested in a woman’s body? You aren’t interested in women who are infertile at all?]


Did he finally understand? He nods with a, “yeah.


[Of course. Where’s the point in embracing a Reincarnator if they can’t give birth?]

[Even if they’re a woman?]

[Same thing. I really can’t understand your obsession over female bodies.]


This world is full of men and the opportunity to see women is truly small. I see the grannies because I go to the Reincarnators’ association, but the people here mostly don’t see women. Even if some were taken by their husbands to the market, that rarely happens. Besides, even if they’re brought to the market, their husbands would rush them to shop so their stay are very short. Those husbands who dislike that go shopping personally. When that happens, the grannies are either caged inside the house or they can only go to the Reincarnators Association. 

I wonder if Saine ever saw a woman before?


[Where’s Saine’s mother now?]


Thinking about it carefully, where are Saine’s mother and father? Saine’s mother should be a Reincarnator.


[Who knows? They must be out there somewhere.]


I tilt my head at the curt reply.


[You don’t know where they are?]

[I can guess the general location but…… it doesn’t matter.]


He doesn’t seem to want to talk about it so I don’t pursue it. In the mean time, I’m glad that they’re alive.




[It might be wrong to say that everyone here is straight.]


When I said that to Haruka at the market, Haruka looked unconvinced.


[Well, I heard that they’re fine with a male Reincarnator as long as he can give birth.]

[That’s…… just your husband? It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman between people who are in love.]

[But Olphynn said the same thing. Now that I think about it…… I think Dole also said something along those lines.]


He wants kids no matter what so he’d do whoever comes out in the Ceremony, he boasted.


[Hmm. Well, Allec and I only talked to our own husbands so that might really be the case. I, in particular, have changed husbands 5 times but I’ve never had a normal conversation with them. Any of them.]

[You don’t talk?]

[No, we don’t. I check how his mood is and will greet him if he’s in a good mood. I had no opportunity to even greet the first one. The second, I couldn’t hold a conversation with. There was no room for it.]


Haruka’s past, which is said so casually, makes my heart ache.

Haruka’s such a good person, though. But being good isn’t enough. As long as we’re Reincarnators, our only role here is to give birth to children.


[But if they’re not straight, there’s still a chance. I think that there are totally straight men in every world but, at least, your husband doesn’t seem to be the case. If so, there’s also hope for you. Good luck.]


Encouraged by Haruka, I nod my head with a “yeah”. 

I don’t have a woman’s body but Saine doesn’t seem to care. The problem is, or rather, it’s the most important issue. That is, how do I make Saine hard?


[I wonder if Allec has moved yet.]

[It seems not yet. It seems his husband is looking for a place in the Eastern Section for us.]

[What do you mean?]

[If they’re just waiting for the Official’s notice, they’ll be sent to places where there are family houses like the Southern or Western Sections. Allec’s husband is a craftsman so he can also work wherever he moves in. But if that happens, we can’t meet up, right? Kent, Duke, me, and you all live in the Eastern Section, but if our gathering place is in the Western Section, we won’t be able to go.]


I see. If they’re just waiting for the notification, it’s unsure which Section they’ll be placed. If it’s a fisherman like the grandpa next-door, being in the South Section as an absolute requirement, but for other occupations, they can make a living no matter which Section they move to. Guards like Saine in particular, they can get by wherever.


[Allec’s husband is so nice.]

[He sure is. There aren’t many who are that caring. But your husband is also a good man, isn’t he? Dour herb is an expensive stuff, no one else would use it on a Reincarnator. Not even the female Reincarnator.]


Haruka cracked a smile with his chin resting on his hand. The little finger on his hand was red and swollen.