I went to the Priests’ house the next day. Since it’s a dangerous place for monsters, Kyui is house-sitting. I told it not to leave the house so it’s probably sleeping at home or eating the marchy I prepared for its lunch. 

The thick marchy is being sold in the market as a cooking ingredient. I cut the marchy that’s being sold in rectangular cuts like a cutting board and gave it to Kyui in strips. It looked so adorable while munching on the thick marchy from the tip. Kyui went to sleep while hugging the marchy in its arms after getting tired midway. I laughed while recalling that scene.


This house is where the Daryss Family with the black crest lives. The Daryss Family’s domains are Eastern Section, Southern Section, and the Western Section. The Daryss Clan in the Eastern Section live together in this residence.

Daryss Clan has a total of 72 members, with 21 among them living in the Eastern Section. Olphynn is apparently in the pre-intermediate rank.

I thought that he’d be ranked higher than that because Olphynn, who is strict with himself, was taught everything in a self-depricating manner. In short, his rank isn’t that good.


This is my 4th visit to Olphynn. But I’m always welcomed with unpleasant expressions each time. The servants are always the ones who receive me but, every time, they make bitter faces. Well, they probably hate it that the product of the Priests’ Ceremony failure is walking around the town, furthermore, he even comes to the Priests’ residence.

I’m made to wait for Olphynn at the entry hall. I sat on the soft and fluffy sofa that made me hesitate to sit on it. Previously, when I kept standing while waiting for him, Olphynn told me to sit down and wait. So I sit and  stare at the ceiling in a daze.

This is probably called an atrium. Though I called it an entrance hall, it’s almost as big as Saine’s house. Not  the building itself, but the entire site. I think that the single house with the garden is smaller than the Daryss Family’s entrance hall. But this is, so to speak, the Daryss Family’s secondary residence. The main house is located in the central square, in the middle of this town that combines all of the north, south, east and west.


Those who live in the centermost square residence are those in the higher ranks of each clan. Priests in power live in the main residence, while those without power live in each Sections. Olphynn was born in the Eastern Section residence and has always stayed in the same place. Olphynn’s father is similarly a Priest without authority. 

Olphynn is currently undergoing training. It will last until the afternoon so I will wait until then. 

I don’t mind the wait. While waiting for Olphynn, other Daryss members pass by from time to time. They’re either leaving the house or returning. Their reactions vary, there are those who glanced at me and snorted, as well as those who hatefully glared at me. There are handsome men like Olphynn, while some of them look ordinary, too. I see that just because they’re from the same family doesn’t mean they’re all handsome.


I’m Olphynn’s guest so the servants don’t say anything. Even though they have various thoughts, they don’t say anything to me, their master’s guest. But the Daryss family members are different. There are ranks even though they’re the same family as Olphynn, there are also those who have a higher position than Olphynn. Those people frankly show their dislike for me. Well, I generally ignore them so I’m fine.

When I’m told terrible things, I empty my head. Their words don’t count as words. They’re just meaningless notations. I ignore their notations and let them all pass through my head. The ignored notations cannot hurt me.


Besides, I’ve gotten sick of hearing it. Every single man I meet from this world all say the same things. A male Reincarnator? Oh, a failure. Has he given birth? Was he sold by his husband? Generally those things. You see, I have been repeating those words in my head many times already.

I dazedly waited for Olphynn again after the naggings disappeared. The house is large, there are servants, and they’re not short on money. But I think an important thing isn’t here. Even if I were told that my status will change, I will never agree. After all, there is no love here.

Love or compassion, there’s no warmth like that here.



Olphynn arrives and the tension on my shoulders is relieved. After he apologized for making me wait, he prompted me and we got out of the house. Olphynn doesn’t like his house either. I find it truly difficult not to have a place in your own house.


[Dour herb?]

[Yeah. I used up all our stock at home.]

[Are you hurt anywhere? It’s more effective to have a Priest heal you directly. If something happened, tell me.]

[Thank you. But it’s not me. It’s my fellow male Reincarnator, his husband is quite terrible……]


When I spoke ambiguously, Olphynn’s well-shaped eyebrows furrowed.


[I know that male Reincarnators are being bought and sold. But by legally speaking, that’s an extremely serious problem. That’s because those who haven’t taken the Ceremony yet never drank the red wine and will find it difficult to hold a Reincarnator.]

[Is it the same for female Reincarnators?]

[Naturally. The main point is not drinking the red wine, so the partner being a man or a woman makes no difference.]


I’m kind of relieved upon hearing that. Saine doesn’t get hard not because I’m a man.


[What about you, do you prefer a woman after all?]


Whan I asked, Olphynn titled his head.


[I’ve been wondering this for a while now but why are you so concerned with women?]

[? Am I? I mean, isn’t it normal? Men like women, don’t they?]


Olphynn crossed his arms and furrowed his brows.


[Is that really the case…… I’m not so sure though……]


I also tilt my head.


[Why is that?]

[Even if you ask me why…… In the first place, it won’t matter if it’s a man or a woman as long as it’s a Reincarnator, right?]

[But women are more pleasing, aren’t they?]


Those who got female Reincarnators embrace her without any hesitation. They’d do it even if the women cry and refuse. Although from the Reincarnators’ perspectives, they’re simply the devil.


[That’s because female Reincarnators give birth quickly. If male Reincarnators can give birth fast, no one will be hesitant, too.]


I stopped walking after being told what was normal.

Haruka said that all men here are straight. Having s*x with another man isn’t in their heads. I also thought the same.

But I began to think that there was something wrong.