Saine goes out as I was washing the tablewares. He’s probably going to the Guards Guild. The monsters will soon become less active. The guards’ working season will start.

I’ll be alone in this house once Saine goes back to work. Although Kyui is here, in the end, he can’t be a stand-in for Saine. Can I stay in this house alone? Once a guard goes on a job, the shortest can last for 3 days, the longest can be as long as 10 days. I feel like I won’t be able to bear being away from Saine even for 3 days. Being scared of the dark and being uneasy alone aren’t the only reason.


After tidying up, I briefly go back to the room. The broom that Saine made is so usable. There aren’t a lot of things in my room/storage room, and they may be called dirt but it’s mainly just dust. It takes 30 minutes to finish sweeping the whole house.

The weather is as clear as always, and since I plan to come back in the afternoon, I spread the woven mat in the garden and air the futon. I’m airing the futon the next day that Saine and I used to frolicker on. It seems that airing it won’t be enough if we start having s*x for real, but currently, only sweat is staining it.


I put Kyui in a drawstring pouch and put the long string on my neck. It won’t be obvious from the outside if I hid it inside my clothes. I changed the location of the string so the opening of the pouch won’t close. Kyui kept on sleeping when it went inside the pouch. When I lifted my shirt up to check inside the pouch, Kyui was already asleep. Feeling assured that the tiny calico cat is sleeping soundly, I head out.

The sun is glaring at me from above. If I go to the market now, it will get crowded at noon time. But that’s bearable. Haruka will come to the market with his husband. And he’s waiting for me to come. Only during the time when his husband is in a good mood, though.


We found out where Allec is. Allec’s current husband sent Haruka’s husband a letter. Just as Haruka guessed, it was the craftsman in the Southeastern Section. Although they’re currently living in a single’s house, they’re apparently going to transfer to a couple’s housing as soon as an official’s notification arrives. By then, he said that he’ll lend the house to be the Men’s Club’s meeting place. Allec’s former and current husbands are good people, aren’t they?

I hope to meet Allec soon. I want him to teach me how to raise Saine’s that. I heard that Haruka met Allec’s current husband before, but according to Haruka’s observation, he has already graduated from being a virgin. As expected of Allec. He flicked off something like a Priests’ curse with his fingers.

Can Saine also get hard with Allec’s technique? Having such thoughts, I shook my head with ‘no, no’. That’s because to get him hard, Allec will have to hold. lick, and do other things to him and I hate it. Saine is mine. At the moment, at least.


Soon, soon, such a margin is slowly fading inside me. It’s been over 2 months since we started trying to have s*x but he still doesn’t react.

That’s why I’m very scared. Scared that Saine will say that he will quit. I’m scared that Saine will give up.

The reason why I kiss him everyday and let Saine lick me every night is because I’m anxious. I want to quickly awaken Saine and be connected with him soon. It’s my and Saine’s very first time, so even if we part ways in the future, maybe I’ll still be a special Reincarnator to him.

But, as I thought, I don’t want to be apart from Saine.  I want to be properly connected with him, give birth to his child, and become a miraculous male Reincarnator. Saine might not abandon me if I’m a miraculous male Reincarnator. I might be able to always stay by his side.

I was currently clinging to my only ray of hope.


I got into the habit of walking the road to the market while thinking about this and that.

I try not to be dark as much as possible. When I think about Siane, I tend to almost fall into a dark hole sometimes. During those times, I can hear a voice saying gloomy and negative things. This voice is mine.

Looking at bright things will make you feel bright. When you think about happy things, you’ll become happy. I fool myself and laugh today as well. As long as I put on a smile, eventually, something good is bound to happen.


Maybe because he turned over inside the pouch, I can feel Kyui moving within my clothes.

Kyui’s existence is huge. I laugh just by looking at it. It’s not boring looking at it, and it’s fun simply thinking about what food I’ll feed it this time. According to Saine, it’s fine with whatever is placed inside its mouth.

It’s a bit of a shame that I can’t show Kyui to Haruka. But it’s like a secret between Saine and me and that makes me happy. Kyui was like my child.


Haruka was waiting for me when I arrived at the market.

 I’m glad. The number of times that I don’t see Haruka even when I go to the market has increased. Haruka won’t come to the market the day after his husband handled him violently so I won’t worry.

Haruka’s husband’s shop was thriving and overflowing with customers, so we moved to the center chairs. It’s a great help that the uncle’s food is delicious. We can chat while ignoring those dangerous eyes.

The first thing we do when I meet Haruka is to report our current circumstances. We can’t meet everyday and we want to know if something is bothering each other or not. But mutually, we don’t touch the crucial things. Since we’re Reincarnators, there are things that we can’t discuss with others.


No matter how terribly Haruka was treated, no one can help him if the other party is his husband. No matter how much I don’t want to be apart from him, it’s up to Saine, who is my husband, and nobody can stop him.

In short, that’s how it is. A consultation without a solution will just be a complaint. That why we don’t talk nor ask about it.


I look at Haruka’s face and arms while talking about everyday things that don’t matter. He had a severe bruise on his right arm.

Haruka was laughing and talking about Allec’s current husband, while I also responded with a laugh, I secretly handed over a bottle small enough to be concealed with one hand. Haruka’s eyes wavered ever so slightly and clutched that bottle. He opened the cap under the table and smeared its content on his right arm.

I received the empty bottle under the desk while telling a funny story I heard from the grandpa next door. While Haruka and I twisted our bodies together, I put the bottle on my hand in my pocket.


This is all I can do. I ask Saine to get a dour grass and give it to Haruka when he’s in trouble. Being secretly given, Haruka can’t bring it home. That’s why he can only use it on his arms or neck where it’s easy to apply on.

Actually, the dour grass is more effective the thicker it is. But once the dour grass is thicker, the greener it becomes. It will be easy to spot if that happens so I diluted it with water. It’s not that good this way, though.


The dour grass that the Priests cast a healing spell on is all-purpose. But it’s just a normal herb if nothing is done to it. It’s not bad for the body but whether it works or not depends on the situation.

The all-purpose dour grass is quite expensive, I heard. Saine doesn’t say anything about the price and this isn’t sold in the marketplace so I have no idea. However, according to Haruka, it seems that the real all-purpose dour grass isn’t something you can just buy.


Saine is so masculine when it comes to using money. Once he judges that it’s necessary, he’ll buy it even if it’s expensive. And he doesn’t use it sparingly. Both money and the dour grass, he uses them unhesitantly if he finds the need  to do so.

But I’m a timid person, so I was shocked when I learned that it’s expensive. I wondered if it’s fine for me to take out something like that. But Saine wordlessly patted my head and gave me the bottle of dour grass. He even told me, Just buy more if there isn’t enough. The amount of silver coins I was given was 10 000 ales.


He has new injuries whenever we meet, and the dour grass that I got from Saine also ran out. Let’s go to the central square of the Eastern Section tomorrow. I have to meet Olphynn.


Olphynn has successfully become a priest and is said to be currently undergoing training. Since he’s a Priestling, he apparently needs to train so he’ll grow into a properly full-fledged Priest. He seems busy but much better than a veteran Priest, so I’ll see him if I visit.

I wonder if Haruka’s husband will let him go soon. If he plans to sell him(H) then I wish he’d do it sooner. His husband apparently wants to sell him for a high price but it’s been 10 years since Haruka reincarnated here so the price is going down. Because for 10 years, he never gave birth.

Allec, Kent, Duke, and Haruka never gave birth. None of them were a miraculous male Reincarnator. And yet I’m wishing to be one, isn’t that too much? I’m aware of that, though.


I finish shopping for dinner and go back home. Saine also arrived as soon as I got back. While was cooking, Saine was playing with Kyui on top of the table with his fingers while drinking alcohol. Kyui turned into a round bear and rolled around every time it got flipped over. I cook our dinner while finding that scene pleasant.

Dinner time is gradually getting earlier. Now, we have already finished eating by the time it’s evening. I heat the bathwater while washing the tableware amidst the crimson heat. Saine brings me to the bath after the water has heated up, and there was no need to wear clothes until morning after that. We wanted more time to embrace each other so dinner came early.


I love Saine. There’s a feeling boiling up inside me. Driven by that feeling, I hug Saine, ask for a kiss, and hang onto his pen*s. Saine holds me, with one hand on the back of my head, kissing me deeply.In the dim darkness of the approaching night, I can see that Saine’s jet-black eyes are shining. I immediately know that he wants me.

But even though we wanted to connect with each other more than anything else, we just couldn’t.