I wake up in the sunlight. Saine is beside me. Saine is always the first one to awaken before me. He said that he wakes up and waits for me to open my eyes.

I feel sleepy again when my hair is softly stroked. I snuggled up to Saine like a cat and gave him a morning kiss.

We raise our bodies while exchanging pecking kisses. I sat on the lap of Saine who sat cross-legged on the futon. I spread my legs wide so that I sandwich Saine between my legs. It’s a bit difficult to kiss in this position. I stretch my neck and raise my head, Saine also has to bend his back to get close to me or we can’t kiss. But I like this method. After all, this makes me feel that we want each other.

We, who can’t connect with each other below, kiss countless times a day to compensate for that.

Breathing a sigh of satisfaction, we head to the garden. Although we couldn’t have s*x properly, since we licked each other all over, we also bathe in the morning. We used the left-over bathwater last night to wash our bodies. The hot water is already cold, but it’s better than the cold water from the well. As I closed my eyes, Saine poured the water by his feet.

The two of us returned to our room and changed into new clothes. Since it’s still early today, I can collect salt. From time to time, the morning kisses would get too deep and long, the salt can’t be collected. When it gets late, by the time we finish getting changed, the rock would already start perspiring. Something like that happens often so when it’s collection time, we get as much as we can.

I spread the salt on a large platter then went back in the house. Saine lit the hearth and was boiling the water. I put the tea leaves in the newly bought teapot and pour the boiling water into it. I made breakfast while Saine was drinking his tea.

I fry the thinly cut pork with the oil worm. Beside the pork, I also fry the turnips that I harvested just yesterday. I cut it into bite-sized pieces. I season it with salt and pepper then transfer the pork into a plate, I fry the turnips a bit longer. Estimating that the turnip was almost cooked, I took it out and I skewered it. I pour worm oil into the pot and put the bread that I cut in half to toast it. While the breads are toasting, I put the skewered turnips below the pot , grilling it directly over the fire.

Toasting the bread and grilling the turnips are done at the same time. I put the turnips on the pork plate and served the bread on another plate. Since 1 bread per person isn’t enough, I made 2 per person. Finding it delicious, I increased the portions.

By the time the food was cooked, Saine stood up and carried the 2 plates of side dishes and bread. I brought a slice of raw turnip the size of a thumb to the table. Kyui was stomping its feet on the table while waiting.

This morning’s Kyui is a brown bunny. It happily started eating when I handed it the turnip. Saine and I also take a seat, put our hands together and start eating at the same time. When we started eating, it’s pretty quiet. Two people and one animal are heartily eating and the breakfast is over.