[You only licked it?]

[I just licked it.]


Haruka asked me in amazement, and I sigh a little. Even though Saine said that we’d do it, he didn’t get hard.

How fearsome, the Priests’ curse. I’ve been cursed by the well. Even though I was initially scared, I got so h*rny after seeing Saine naked, and yet we couldn’t do it. Saine’s d*ck remained adorable, since it didn’t grow big.


[Maybe I should pray to Chinbou-sama?]

[Don’t, that’s just a stick. Besides, be careful that your husband finds you there. You’ll get hit for hurting his pride.]


So Haruka has done it before. His eyes were that of the experienced.


[What should I do?]


When I asked, Haruka stared at me and gave me a loving smile.


[I’m so happy to be able to talk with you like this.]

[Me, too. I never thought I’d have this conversation with you.]

[You’re right. You’re an honest man, after all. But I believe that’s what makes you great. No matter the situation until now, you immediately admit it whenever it’s time to accept things. You’ve fallen for your husband, haven’t you?]


It was embarrassing to be told that so directly so I looked downwards to hide my reddened face. He’s right. I like Saine. Not as a friend or a family, it’s the romantic kind of like. Rather, I fell in love with him.


[I think is misunderstanding his feelings right now. After all, it’s impossible for anyone to love me seriously. But still, I’m fine with that. Saine is a cool and good man, I seriously believe that Saine should get a woman and make a baby with her. But…… how should I put it, as a memory, I want Saine……to embrace me.]


I murmured the last part quietly. But Haruka clearly hears it and nods a little.


[The men here are heterosexual in nature, after all. Although there are some who embrace male Reincarnators out of interest or for a child, no matter how long that person takes, he returns to normal after 1 year. But you know, like I said before, don’t just think about when it’s over, it’s better to enjoy the present. Especially you, since you tend to worry about the end and not enjoy the present, it’s a good trend.]

[Is that what you think?]

[Of course. You like your husband, don’t you? Get your husband to hold you soon so that you won’t regret it even when it comes to an end. I said it many times already but , if your first time is with the person you  love, you will be able to endure the future no matter how bad it will be.]


Haruka laughs and nods. I also did the same.

Yes. It’s better for one’s first time to be with the one I love. It doesn’t matter even if they’re a man or a woman.


[Are we going to leave the Men’s Club as it is?]


Allec’s husband has changed, and the Men’s Club can’t get together. His husband’s change is so sudden and I have no idea where he is right now, I can’t meet with Kent Duke either. I don’t know where the two houses are, and I’m afraid that it will disintegrate at this rate. But, I’m so glad that I could still meet with Haruka in the meantime.


I asked Haruka’s husband, who is a stall owner, and brought Haruka  from their house. With permission to do so within sight, we are now sitting in chairs in the middle of the market and chatting. Haruka’s husband is always in sight. While the middle-aged man was glaring at us dangerously, he was indignantly chopping up big chunks of meat.

Seeing his state, unrest spreads within me. Will Haruka be okay when he gets home today? His husband already has that face in public, I can already tell without thinking about it how he will act once they’re alone at home.


I think Haruka can also see his husband’s appearance in his field of vision but he was laughing as if he didn’t notice.


[We’ll meet again when things settle down. I know where Kent’s and Duke’s houses are. Of course, Alex also knows the houses of the two. If we’re lucky, sooner or later, someone is bound to find a husband who will offer his house to us.]


The gathering place for the Reincarnators Association is Granny Haru’s house. Even if Granny Haru’s house becomes unavailable, another Reincarnator’s house will soon be offered. The Reincarnators Association has a lot of members and their husbands don’t let them go out. So rather than allow them to leave the house, they’ll be more reassured having them meet in their own house instead.

But male Reincarnators don’t have that. In the first place, since buying a male Reincarnator is shameful, it’s unthinkable that he’d want to invite a number of them to his house. In that sense, Allec’s former husband was a good guy, wasn’t he?


[Haruka…… are you okay?]


Allec’s house is gone so we naturally can’t meet each other like before. We can’t always meet each other. I suddenly got worried about Haruka’s situation.


[It’s fine. I’m used to it now, and I also know how to avoid it. Aren’t you the same? Weren’t you careful not to step on your husband’s bottom line when you just got here? It’s the same thing.]


I used to live while trying to figure out Saine’s mood so I didn’t anger him back when I was afraid of him. It feels like a distant memory. I still don’t want to make Saine angry now, but I now understand that Saine rarely gets truly angry. That’s why I’m not as scare as before, I’m not living cautiously either. Of course, I know that I shouldn’t get it into my head.


[Is there anything that I can do? I want to help you.]


I wonder if I can ask Olphynn for help. I hope he can help him just like how he wished to help me.


[You mustn’t. In this world, only the husband has the right to do anything to his Reincarnator. If you did something for my sake and it offends my husband, you won’t be able to escape unharmed.]

[Don’t worry about me. It’s only natural to put yourself out there for your friends.]


When I grabbed Haruka’s hands, he panicked and released them.


[Maybe…… I’m going to get sold again. That man is about to reach his limit. Even though he shows me some kindness, it can’t go on anymore. It’s the same in my previous life. He can’t ever be with another man. There are two types of heterosexuals. Those who enter our world out of interest or  because of the right timing, as well as those who are absolutely, truly absolutely, who hate it. I think the men here belong to the latter.]

[……Do you think Saine is also the same?] 

[He could be…… but interestingly, the people here prioritizes children.]

[Oh, that, I also think so.]

[Right? It’s weird for me, who remembers my past life, but for some reason, they want to have children so badly. That’s why they pay 1 million to have the Ceremony. They hold any woman and also buy male Reincarnators.]


I also found it strange after listening to the grannies.

The husband is eager to do it with the newly obtained woman from the Ceremony. Now that I think about it, it’s also because of the red wine, but the main reason is because he wants to have a child. That’s why he treats her with great care when she gets pregnant. He tells her to sit down or sleep throughout the day, gallantly too helpful. Around this time, the grannies are moved by the affection.

Once the child is born, the husband apparently holds the baby all day if possible and takes care of him. Since the grannies have memories from their previous lives, they said that their state almost looks abnormal.  Upon giving birth, the husbands only take care of the baby and neglect the grannies. At this point, the emotional ties that have emerged sinks back down.

Women can get pregnant many times and give birth to a number of babies. Whether it’s her 3rd or her 5th child, the husband’s behavior doesn’t change at all.

When a Reincarnator is over 30 years old, in other words, after 15 years upon reincarnation, they can’t give birth anymore. When that happens, the husband will visibly change. He won’t lay even a finger on the Reincarnator. They can’t go to the Reincarnators Association anymore when they can no longer conceive so I don’t know how they feel about it, but that conduct is really, it made me think that they really are only interested in having children and are uninterested in s*x.

When I heard Dole talk back in the forest, this thought was changed to confirmation.


[Will Saine be happy if I give birth?]

[Well, of course. Since he got interested in holding you, please do your best to get him hard. Although I think that it’s best to ask Allec about the techniques to do it…… having no memories of your previous life is really inconvenient in situations like this, isn’t it?]


[Because, isn’t it better have your memory as a man? You can just remember how you pleasured yourself and do the same to your husband. Since the body here is brand new, you don’t remember ever getting hard, right?]


While blushing at the blatant words, I nodded. I don’t remember or feel anything like that. That’s why I didn’t know what to do to Saine so I could only lick it.


[Kent and Duke were able to aro*se their husbands despite having no experience with men because they did it based on their own experiences.]


The memories from my previous life, maybe I should really ask Olphynn for help. If I have those memories, can I do something for Saine?