[If you don’t plan to take part in the Ceremony, just inform an official. He’ll probably thank you. Now…… you should receive a commemorative knife.]

I tilted my head at Olphynn’s words.

[What’s that?]

[There are too many people waiting for the Ceremony, so those who decline on their own accord are thanked. Because of that, they’re given a souvenir. If Dole wants a knife, you can do the same.]

[I don’t need it.]

[You sure? It’s a splendidly ornamented thing, you know?]

[No, like I said, I don’t need it. Rather, I absolutely want a child. For that reason, I’m going to do her like crazy no matter what kind of woman comes out. Of course, I won’t hesitate even if it’s a male Reincarnator, just so you know.]

The always smiling Dole’s eyes are firm, I think he’s serious. But, this is something that the grannies really hate. After all, you don’t right from left upon having just reincarnated, or rather, during the time when you’re right at the height of your confusion, some squalid man that you’ve never met before is imperiously clamoring, “let’s go, we’re doing it”.

[Dole, after you’re taken the Ceremony, be nice to the girl for around 3 days first. Be a gentleman, without doing anything, not laying a finger, and at least feed her delicious food.]

[Wouldn’t the effect of the red wine disappear if I did that? Well, I can  just drink some more after the Ceremony, though.]

I see. The s*xual urge would explode due to the wine’s effect. But I, Huh?, and tilt my head sideways.

[Olphynn. Does the red wine act like a trigger? It’s not an absolute requirement to drink it, and you can do it without drinking it?]

I inadvertently looked up at Saine who was standing beside me. OUr eyes meet and I look away in panic. For some reason, I feel like I’m being laughed at.

[The red wine is a trigger. The men in town are born with suppressed desire.]

Olphynn looks at Saine and Dole, lightly looked away, and continued talking.

[In this world…… If nothing is done, riots can easily occur with the slightest strain. After leaving our town north and crossing about 7 towns, the ruins will appear. It was a town until 1200 years ago. There was once a riot there. The trigger was trivial. Indeed, the inconsequential thing about the food stall being good or bad started a scuffle, and the town disappeared.]

[What do you mean the town disappeared……?]

[The squabble turned into a fist fight, then it escalated into k*lling each other. In the height of the riot, a scramble for Reincarnators also occurred. That was spurred by the chaos.]

[In other words, our dispositions are being suppressed.]

When Saine roughly exhaled, Olphynn slowly nodded.

[It’s the well water. Priests cast a spell on it. But there was a side effect. There are some who have become too tame that they don’t do anything even after getting a Reincarnator. But then, everything isn’t as it seems……]

[For the sake of those who don’t get hard with a Reincarnator in front of them, the red wine needs to be drunk. But, there are also those who get hard even without it, right? Well, it’s probably not that simple, though.]

[My guess is that it’s the difference between drinking a lot of water from the well or less. Of course, there’s also a constitutional factor. The rest is practice. If one wants to do it without relying on the wine, it seems that a certain number of days of training is needed.]

Is it what Allec did to his husband? The husband receives a shock when a male Reincarnator comes out, and he neglects the male Reincarnator for days after the Ceremony. In other words, nothing happens. The wine’s effect also disappears during that time so he can’t do anything even if he wants to when the time comes.

Similarly, men who buy a male Reincarnator hasn’t drank the red wine so they also can’t do anything. They would then force to do it and unreasonableness arises. But, it’s not that they can’t do it. Just as Allec did, taking his time and technique to raise his husband.

[You mentioned worshiping Chinbou-sama…… could it be that the people here don’t get aroused?]

Blurting out an unsophisticated question, I oops‘ed and hurriedly covered my mouth. But it was already too late and everyone heard it.

Olphynn awkwardly coughed and explained.

[Listen. Something like that can’t be helped even without a partner, right? In that case, waste should be curbed.]

[Waste, is it……] (TN: This is said in a respectful tone.)

[Yes, it’s a waste.]

He sure can explain. As I thought, he’s never done it before. I already knew that he’s a virgin since he doesn’t have a partner and there are no pr*stitutes, and Haruka and Allec also said so. But still, usually, a healthy normal man would still do it, right?  Mast*rbation. I thought that they were secretly mast*rbating, but it seems that isn’t the case.

[I see. Because of the Priests’ curse, you don’t get hard. The limiter is released upon drinking the red wine, that’s when you get aroused for the first time. From then onwards, you’ll become a normal man.]

It would have been enough to keep my thoughts inside my head, but my stupid mouth opened by itself again. Dole and Olphynn notice my mismanagement.

[Sorry…… I just thought that it’s quite a pity…… Oh, but, I’m also the same! I’m not sure about my previous life but I’m totally new in this world. After all, I’m a male Reincarnator who is completely useless unless his husband feels like doing it.]

I light-heartedly laughed while trying to patch things up, but the awkward atmosphere didn’t dissipate.

Everybody is a virgin until they get a Reincarnator, and without drinking the red wine, they basically can’t get aroused either. In short, they’re a group of people who have never ejac*lated before, and although they’re on the same boat, there’s still something called a man’s pride. It seems that I have stabbed that sensitive and nervous part.

As I was about to be crushed by the awkward air, I reflected on myself.


With Olphynn sitting down, I put my head on the lap of the sitting Saine to fall asleep. Apparently, it makes no difference to the monsters whether there’s fire or not. But I’m afraid of the dark so the fire was left alit.  

I drowsily ponder while blankly looking at the swaying fire.

I’m happy that Saine feels aroused with me. I’m not a girl, though, so it might not work out when the time comes.

It looks like Saine’s vision still works in the  dark. Since Saine can walk towards me unhesitantly even in the dark, he can really probably see me. But I think that it would have been great if Saine couldn’t see in pitch darkness just like me. That way, he can hold me while I suppress my voice. Won’t Saine think that he’s embracing a woman if he can’t see and hear me? Then maybe a man like me can keep my current feelings.

I want to be embraced by Saine. Although we’re both men, I want Saine and me to hold each other. I love Saine. I want to always be together with him. But I know that it will be hopeless to be together with him.


Listening to Dole and Saine’s words, it’s not that the men in this world want a Reincarnator but that they want to have children. Their own sons. Since it’s the Reincarnators that give birth to them, they want to have them. They take the Ceremony and spend a lot of money.

Men buy male Reincarnators despite being straight and having no interest in a man’s body because they think that male Reincarnators can give birth to their child. That’s why they force themselves to get hard even without drinking the red wine and hold the male Reincarnator.

Male Reincarnators rarely give birth. But female Reincarnators give birth immediately. Among the grannies, there are also those who have never been pregnant in their previous life. There are also those who were unable to give birth no matter how many times they get pregnant due to miscarriage. They were constitutionally hopeless, they said. But they said that when they came here, they got pregnant easily and gave birth smoothly. The Reincarnators that came here didn’t inherit their previous life’s constitution regarding pregnancy and childbirth.

I wonder if maybe Saine is the same as everyone in this world who wants children, too. You know, I wish that I’m a miraculous male Reincarnator who can give birth quickly. But I might be a male Reincarnator who rarely gives birth. Both Haruka and Allec never got pregnant in their 10 years here. They apparently had s*x way more than they could count.

I believe that a woman is better for Saine’s sake. They can quickly get birth if it were the grannies. What Saine wants can be given quicker. I can’t do that.