I think it’s hard to light a fire in this forest where is continuously falling. When Saine and I came back. Dole and Olphynn were surrounding the fire. This fire was from the live coals that Olphynn made. I knew from the start that Priests can make a lot of stuff. But even that seems to be useless without training.


[Ah, Olphynn. Thank you. For saying that you’re going to shelter me. But just for a while longer, I want to stay with Saine.]


I notice that we ate our meal and then searched for the white fruit right after so I haven’t told him yet.

Olphynn, who is becoming a Priest, is quite brave for offering to shelter a male Reincarnator. Even if he pushes me towards his servant, he’ll receive unprovoked resentment.

Haruka’s first husband used his position as a Hero and pushed a male Reincarnator towards his subordinate. Haruka’s second husband really despised the male Reincarnator, and he couldn’t stand simply beating Haruka so he left the Hero. After that, he apparently entered the Guards Guild, walked a decent path and became a Dauntless.

Haruka’s second husband didn’t seem to be in the Eatern Section so Saine and Dole don’t know about that man. But they said that he showed promise just by leaving the Hero’s side. If you start from the Guards Guild, you’ll become a Dauntless upon working hard for ten years, then kill monsters like crazy and you can become a Hero after. But if you start as a Hero’s subordinate, you keep killing monsters like crazy with him and you will abruptly become a Hero yourself.

Even if you dare to kick off the easy path, it seems that there is still a chance.


[I understand. But, you can rely on me once you get tired of it.]

[Okay. You can also count on me if there’s something troubling you. I may not be of much help, I’ll do anything that’s within my capabilities.]


I will do anything when my friend needs my help. He relies on me as a man, and I’m going to accumulate my strength for that time.

As I thought, I’ll chop the firewood myself. I believe that will be great training. Kent also said that he chops the firewood by himself. Even when the firewood isn’t needed, he said that he swings the ax to train. That’s why the strength of his back is amazing.

I have a feeling that I’ll put on some arm muscles by fetching water for our house and the neighbor grandpa’s house. Saine stared at me when I pinched my arms.


[Wh, what is it?]

[It’s not ‘for a while longer’ but ‘always’, right?]

[What are you talking about?]

[I told you that I will never sell you. I didn’t intend that it’s for the mean time, but forever.]

[Eh? Really? You didn’t mean ‘to the Priest’*?] (TN: MC misunderstood that Saine said he’ll never sell MC ‘to the Priest’.)


Forever, wait, he means forever? But that’s impossible, right? After all, nobody has ever kept a male Reincarnator  throughout.


[Uhmm~…… I’m happy but you don’t have to push yourself, okay?]


Saine looked at me indignantly. Saine’s expressions have become richer lately.


[There’s a guy named Allec in the Men’s Club. He has the best relationship with his husband among the members in the Men’s Club, they’ve been together for 10 years but he got sold.]


In Allec’s case, I don’t think they have any connections emotionally, be it love or devotion. Probably, they’re just connected physically. But I wasn’t mature enough to be told the real score, and I lightly swept away that part. As I thought, I’m no good. 

I continued while secretly scolding myself.


[Husbands and male Reincarnators are not meant to be together. Everyone in the Men’s Club has been sold at least once, and Haruka has even had 5 husbands in his 10 years of being a Reincarnator. And then, they never meet their original husbands again after getting sold…..]


I kind of hate that. I am shocked by the fact despite saying it myself. 

I can’t help it if Saine sells me. After all, that is the only thing that I can be of absolute help to him. But I don’t want to be unable to see Saine because of that. 

Hmm~, a very excellent idea pops up as I ponder.


[Ooh! That’s right! Saine, let’s be friends!]


The hand I held out was knocked down by Saine.


[Don’t speak nonsense.]

[That huurts…… However, I may not be able to see my former husband but I can see my friend, right? Even if my next husband doesn’t allow it, the next one after that may. As long as we live in the same town, we will meet each other again eventually. After all, friendship is for life.]

[Friendship…… pfft.]


Uwaaa~, he seriously laughed at me. The ones who laugh at friendship are those who don’t friends. Does Saine have no friends? As I looked at him inquiringly, Dole burst into laughter.


[It’s because we’re not at a young age to talk about friendship or things like that. Getting betrayed by a close friend is how a sly adult is made. ]

[Traitors aren’t friends. People like those aren’t real friends.]

[Yes, yes. That youthfulness is great. Saine, we also had moments like this, didn’t we?]

[I didn’t.]


Saine snorts.


[Even Saine had a childhood, right? Don’t you still have friends from that time?]


Saine looked at Dole in disgust when I said that. Dole grinned broadly.


[Saine, you see, entered the Guards Guild when he was 10 years old. I also got in at around the same time, and we have been (undesirably) inseparable ever since. The childhood friend, acquaintance rather, would be me.]

[I see~. You do have one, Saine. What the heck, I worried for nothing. That’s great. You have to treasure your childhood friend. They’ll be with you forever.]


When I laughed in relief, Saine looked away with a subtle expression.