He fixes my clothes and we walk back while holding hands. In the end, what was that about? Why was it that Saine wasn’t in the mood but I was throbbing?


[That’s because I was thinking about it.]

[But Saine, you were normal.]


His black eyes glanced down at me.


[It’s the instep of age.]


My mouth sticks out into a pout.


[Even though you’re a virgin]


He let go of our connected hands, his big hand pushing me head from above.


[Now is also your only chance to talk to me like that.]


Saying that, Saine took my hand and pressed it on his own cr*tch.


[I will stick this in once we get home. It will be useless even if you beg me to stop.]


That place, it was huge despite being normal.



[Saine, were you a little excited? Was I attracted by that?]

[I was, quite excited.]

[I see……]


We hold hands again and walk slowly. I wanted us to be alone together for a while more so I walked slowly.


[What’s wrong?]


Saine’s thumb strokes my hand while still holding hands. It’s big, warm, and slightly rough.


[I’m happy that you’re excited because of me.]


When I stopped walking and looked up at Saine, he properly looked down at me this time.


[I’m ve~ry happy.]


‘Uheh’ I laughed. Saine also distinctly laughed.


Olphynn and Dole didn’t say anything to us who took a long time to return. We eat the meal that Dole prepared and wait for the night.

I was still afraid of the dark so I touched Saine’s arm. Saine hugged me with his hand that won’t hold the sword.

I can hear different sounds at night. The continuous plopping sound of rain, the snapping of leaves, and the sound of raindrops hitting rocks. I don’t feel the presence of living things much. We can’t let our guards down since monsters can appear behind us without a sign. I can’t shake off the feeling that something is there even though I don’t hear any sound that living beings make. I strain my eyes in the dark even though I can’t see anything.

I was the only one scared of the dark. Saine and Dole look as if they can see something and are impressive, Olphynn isn’t afraid of the dark either. I’m scared of the dark despite being a man, so scared that I don’t even have to courage to act tough at that, I cling on to Saine.


[That’s it.]


Dole whispers. Taking a close look at the direction where the voice came from, something was faintly shining. Prompted by Saine, I start walking. 




I lowered my voice, but I still couldn’t hide my admiration.

Countless lights were shining. They’s white, small lights. They’re shining overhead.


[The white fruits.]

[Those are fruits?]


I tried reaching out to it timidly but I can’t reach it. Just how high up re they? Or are they just tiny? Beside me who was looking up until my neck hurts, Olphynn chanted a spell. As if lured by Olphynn’s words, a white light overhead fluttered down.

The white light was sucked into the small glass bottle that Olphynn held out. The glass bottle glowed softly and the light floating inside. But when he put the lid over, the light became smaller as if it shrunk and disappeared.

Illuminated by the light above, the fruit inside the glass bottle can be seen. It was a tiny, round fruit. The fruit was smaller than a pea grain.


[Let’s go.]


Olphynn didn’t take a lot. Since the ordeal needs only one, he takes only one of each material. Seeing that he only stored one fruit in the glass bottle, Saine urged me. However, I was mesmerized by the lights above me.


[It’s so amazing~…… They look like stars.]


I stretched my hands up high even though I can’t grab anything.  The warm rain hits my face, soaking it.


[That thing you talked about previously?]

[Yeah. Stars have the same impression as this. The stars that I know are probably shabbier than this but, generally, I think it’s the same. You see, I’ve a~lways wanted to see the stars. I really, truly wanted to see them.]


Why did I desperately want to see them? Maybe it’s because the night here has been pitch-dark ever since I came here. I can’t see them so the desire to see them is strong.

That’s what I thought, but I don’t think that’s right. I don’t really know but, could it be that I also wanted to see the stars when I was on the other side? After all, right now, I feel deeply moved emotionally. Thinking that it has been an extremely long time and I finally saw them, I feel so, so happy…… 

Saine’s thick finger wiped my cheek. This isn’t rain. I couldn’t stop my tears from falling,