Olphynn crawls up from the bottom of the earth. His blonde hair is drenched in red, and red streaks run down his white face.


[Uwaaah!? Olphynn, are you okay!?]


I hurriedly held out my hands and helped him stand on the ground. Olphynn’s hand strongly grabbed my hands.


[A, are you hurt?]


I timidly stretch out my hands. Olphynn is tall, and I can’t reach the top of his head even if I extend my hands up. Saine, who is taller than Olphynn, was looking down on Olphynn from above.


[The flying insects got you, didn’t they?]

[Yeah, they did. And magnificently at that.]


Dole climbs up with a cheerful voice. His face was dyed bright red.


[Uwaaaah! There’s blood, blood!]

[It’s not blood. It’s the flying insects’ sh*t.]


[It seems that this place used to be a base of the flying insects and, well, it just came pouring down. Saine, you made the right decision of not coming down. No, seriously, it was terrible.]


Both Dole and Olphynn looked like blood rained down their heads.


[Are you okay……?]

[Don’t worry. It’s just sh*t, and it doesn’t stink. Well, it only looks terrible.]


Dole shook his head and red droplets flew from the tips of his hair. Olphynn is also carelessly squeezing his long blond hair.


[Now then, shall we go?]


The two of the quickly started walking, and I followed them after being prompted by Saine. I think Olphynn fits being a guard more than a priest. Putting aside his sword skills, but he’s brave.



Dole leads the way. I’m already completely clueless how we’re getting towards our destination. Along the way, Dole and Olphynn wash their heads on a spring as Dole said. They dunked their faces into the water and washed their heads.


[Olphynn sure is very manly.]


When I muttered in admiration, I was looked at with a weird face.


[I’m not a Reincarnator. I’m not a woman so isn’t it obvious?] 

[I didn’t mean it like that. If I have a face like yours, I think I might become a narcissist.]


[Narcissist. You don’t use that word? I think I heard you say  ‘narci’ something. It means someone who loves himself. It’s the kind of person who thinks, ‘I’m so cool’, and is too concerned about his hair, skin, and figure. Someone who keeps looking at himself in the mirror all day long.]

[What’s the point of doing something like that?]

[I don’t understand it either, but there are people like that.]


The three locals looked at each other’s faces and tilted their heads.


[People like that don’t exist in this world, huh. I don’t really remember my previous life so I can’t say much but, it’s probably from that world. That’s why when I saw Olphynn, I thought you were someone like that. But I was wrong, you’re interesting, though.]

[I don’t get it.]

[Even though you’re all men in this world, don’t you get into a relationship with each other?]


The moment I said that, an unpleasant mood surfaced. Dole scowls.


[Why would we enjoy flirting with another man?]

-[Hmm~, that’s what I think so, too, but…… In a world where there are only men, it makes me wonder if there are people like that, too.]

[It’s pointless to do something like that. Even if the men here embrace each other, we can’t get pregnant.] 

[What? There’s no affection or love?]

[There’s nothing like that. It’s enough as long as we can make a child. We have the Ceremony for the sake of having children, after all, and so we unconditionally accept the Reincarnator who appears. No matter what kind of Reincarnator comes out, it doesn’t matter as long as they can give birth.]


How should I put it, I don’t understand.


[Their looks or personality doesn’t matter?]

[It doesn’t. We take it as fate. Isn’t that why we get hard?]

[Is that how it is?]


I don’t quite understand the view of love in this world. Though there’s no love to speak of in the first place, I think.

I don’t know how I was in my previous life, but I believe that I wasn’t like this. I think that the grannies are pretty and lovely, but I don’t feel any attraction. And since there’s no attraction, of course, there’s no desire to embrace them. Even if I force them, I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything.

I am not saying this because I’m a male Reincarnator. Even if I’m a normal man and have a body that gets hard when looking at the girl I like, I know when someone isn’t my type. 

But I wonder what my type is. What kind of person did I like?


[S*xual desire doesn’t start unless the Ceremony is taken.]


Olphynn said quietly.


[……What do you mean?]

-[Before having the Ceremony, weren’t you given a cup? It should have contained a red liquid in it.]


Olphynn looks up at Saine. Saine is the only one who took the Ceremony among us. Looking at Saine quietly nodding, Olphynn continued.


[That’s the drink that awakens our instincts. We don’t have sexual desires until we’re given it.]

[What would happen if I wasn’t?] (TN: Given the drink.)

[Nothing. Looking at someone, you won’t desire them. In other words, you won’t feel like fraternizing with them.]


By fraternizing, does he mean s*x? My face suddenly heats up.


[One drinks a red wine before the Ceremony. During the 7-day Ceremony, the body changes. When the change is at its peak, a Reincarnator appears. No matter who or what kind of person the Ceremony-taker’s Reincarnator is, they will embrace the Reincarnator according to their instinct. Holding them once is enough. After that, he can get hard without depending on any substance.]


Olphynn continued while erasing the emotion in his voice.


[That’s how the Ceremony works.]