[By the way, who’s this?]

[Oh, I haven’t introduced him yet. His name is Olphynn and he’s apparently a priest egg*.] (TN: It can also mean “in the making” but I choose this because it looks more accurate for the line below.)

[I’m not an egg, I’m close to growing up, I’m a chick*.] (TN: This one. I can be wrong, too, though. ToT)


Olphynn said to correct the misunderstanding. Does he have a high pride? But I’m not sure since he jumped into the fountain without minding the eyes of others and then walked away while soaking wet.


[You see, Olphynn said he wants to go to the forest. But I thought it was dangerous since he tried to go alone, so I came to ask for Saine’s opinion.]


Saine stares at Olphynn without saying anything. After his pitch-black eyes stared at Olphynn in contempt, he looked away as if he lost interest.


[1 day, it is.]


After saying that, Saine drinks his alcohol.


[You think so? I think he can last up to 2 days.]


Dole similarly drinks alcohol. 

Saine probably comes here when he leaves the house after breakfast. He would stay there until dinner, but now he returns every afternoon. He drinks alcohol every dinner, and if he also drinks like this every day in the guild, that means he’s always drinking all day long.

Will he be okay? It’s starting to make me worried. But I think I’ll get scolded if I tell him that here so let’s hold it back until we get home. I have to ask Saine while he’s in a good mood if his body doesn’t feel sick.


[Will I find what I’m looking for in 2 days?]


When Olphynn asked that, the 2 guards started laughing.


[We mean that you’ll die if you have 2 days.]

[What do you mean?]

[Literally. At this time, it’s suicide if an amateur enters the forest alone.]

[If I need a weapon, I will bring a sword.]

[It makes no difference no matter what you bring. You aren’t used to wielding it, and in the first place, you are inexperienced.]


Olphynn glared at them sharply but Saine didn’t even pretend to care. I felt relieved.


[I’m glad~. As expected, it’s impossible. You weren’t bringing anything, even a sword, so I thought that it’d be dangerous. Olphynn, you shouldn’t overdo it.]

[But I need to go into the forest. And then fetch the newborn water.]

[Newborn water? What is that?]

[He said that it’s a trial.]

[Hmm~, newborn water, is it? Are you talking about spring water? But if it’s for spring water, don’t die pointlessly. The monsters there are also excited.]

[That’s what he said. What will you do? Olphynn.]

[It doesn’t matter what you say. Because I must get that water. I will seal those monsters with my spells.]


It’s strange because when the blonde blue-eyed handsome man said that, he makes me believe that he can do it and that he was not being reckless. I ended up clapping spontaneously.


[A priest’s spells are only as useful as sh*t.]

[Apart from the weak ones that get lost in the town, there’s no way it will work against genuine monsters. Well, I won’t stop you if you want to test it out, though.]

[No, we, we should stop him.]


I can’t possibly stand still and watch as my newfound friend goes there to die. I grabbed Olphynn’s hand to stop him, but Saine made me let go and I got quietly rebuked by Olphynn.


[I’m grateful for your concern, but I can’t become a priest unless I overcome the trials. I’ll be nothing if I don’t become a priest.]

[That’s not true. Humans, no matter what we do, we can survive as long as we do it seriously. Being a priest isn’t the only job that exists.]

[I didn’t choose to become a priest because it’s my choice of occupation. If I’m born in a Priest’s House, that’s where I’ll also bloom. If I don’t become a priest, I probably won’t be able to live as I am in the future.]


Olphynn’s determination easily penetrates inside me. He’s right. If you’re going to live as a man, there will be times when you have to resolve yourself.


[You’re amazing, Olphynn. You kind of looked weak but you’re actually an awesome guy! I’m so hopeless, I always choose the easy path…… Sorry, I almost hampered Olphynn’s resolution. Yeah, I understand. Okay, I’m also going with you.] 




Saine’s voice and the sound of Dole bursting into laughter overlaps.


[2 of us  are stronger instead of one, right? If we go together, there’s nothing we can’t do. Let’s blow those monsters away with our friendship!] (TN: A reminder that this is not a shounen action anime. It’s yaoi.)


When I pushed out my fist, Olphynn also did the same while smiling. Olphynn’s hands were also big, although not as much as Saine’s.


[Alright. In that case, let’s go together. Even if we get taken down by a strong monster, we won’t have any regrets if we’re together.] (TN: Saine: Am I a joke to you?)


Yeah, Saine’s fist fell on my head when I nodded in agreement.


[Stop messing around! Who’s letting you go!]

[Oww, Saine, hold back a little.]

[Oi, you. If you’re from a Priest clan, you should have money. Take out 100 000 ales.] (TN: Just “hey” but I think “oi” conveys his displeasure more.)

[What do you plan to do.]


Olphynn took out his bag and retrieved 10 pieces of 10 000 ale silver coins. (TN: How rich is he to be carrying those around as if they’re just pebbles? Sanaol)

It’s my first time seeing 10 000 ale silver coins. Woah~, I gasp. This reaction stinks like a poor person, doesn’t it? I may have embarrassed Saine but, the ones I’ve always been using are 1 ale and 10 ale coins. Even a 1000 ale bronze coin, I’ve only seen it once.

Olphynn carelessly gave out 10 10,000 ale silver coins, and Saine casually grabbed 9 of them and put them in his pocket.


[Alright, the contract has been signed with this. You just hired me.]

[As my guard?]

[This is the Guards Guild. No matter who you are or what your job is, I’ll take it.]


Saine grinned and flipped the remaining silver coin on the table with his thumb, it flew towards the grandpa who looked like he was sleeping in the corner of the room. The grandpa, without lifting his face up, caught the flying coin with one hand. Oooh~, I was amazed. Somehow, he’s like a cool grandpa.


[10% goes to the guild and the rest belongs to the guard? It’s the same everywhere, huh?]


Olphynn suddenly laughed. What a relief. He seems to have decided to go to the forest with a guard.


[Saine, give me 4 pieces.]


Dole stretched out his hand.


[I’ll go with you, too.]

[No need.]

[But it’s dangerous in the forest during this season. Moreover, it’s an area with a gushing spring, you know? It’s certainly a den of monsters. Besides, that one also looks quite excited to tag along.]


Being pointed at by Dole, I nod. Olphynn’s going, of course I’m also going. 


[Sharing danger is what friendship is all about.]


When I held my thumb up, Olphynn also did the same. Yup, we’re getting along well.


———————————————————————————————————–TN: This has been such a fun chapter that I managed to finish it within the day. I hope I managed to convey some of the funny scenes in this chapter.