The Southeastern Section’s market doesn’t have a lot of food stalls, but Olphynn didn’t seem to be aware of that. He was being doubtlessly pulled by me towards the Southeastern market.

It’s still a frightening crowd. Looking at me who got blocked, Olphynn laughed and hugged my shoulders.


[It’s unavoidable that someone with your stature will get scared. Don’t worry. I’ll protect you.]


His haughty words fit him for some reason.

Is Olphynn a naturally simple guy? His words may be haughty and arrogant and even if he scoffs at me, there’s no hate. I accepted his offer and tightly grabbed Olphynn’s clothes. Okay, let’s move forward.

I didn’t know where the Guards Guild is but I thought that we’d be able to find it if we ask someone. And just as I expected, I got there easily. There seems to only be one Guards Guild in the Southeastern Section.


[Why are we in the Guards Guild? Aren’t we going to eat?]

[You’re right. But I want to drop by where Saine is before that.]

[Well, that makes sense. It’s better to ask for your husband’s permission. You may be a guy but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re a Reincarnator.]


If I was a woman, it’d probably rain blood. If I was eating with another man. that is.

On that point, I’m a man so it’s fine. Whoever I eat a meal with or who I walk with, Saine probably won’t mind. (TN: I press X for doubt.)

But I don’t clear Olphynn’s doubt and open the guild’s door. It would be nice if Saine is here, but even if he isn’t, it’s probably alright if I ask someone else. Anyway, I have to stop this reckless young man.


I stop walking upon opening the door. All the men inside intensely stared at me at the same time.

S, scary……

I unintentionally shouted, Sorry to bother you~, and tried to run away but my head bumped into the chest of Olphynn who followed me inside from behind, obstructing me.


[What’s wrong?]


Completely ignoring the situation inside, Olphynn continues to push me inside.  He’s really amazing. Does he not feel this atmosphere?

It’s not really that small in here but because of the rock-like men, the intimidating air is no joke. Moreover, all their looks are sharp. Although the uncles in the food stalls also have big bodies, they can be called obese. The men here are muscular and if they stare at you quietly without smiling, you’d naturally get scared.

There’s only one window and it’s gloomy, and maybe they’ve been drinking since daytime, it stinks of alcohol. Each and every single one of them is carrying a weapon and there are many big axes similar to the one I saw in the storage room.

I, I think I’m gonna wet myself……

Without noticing that I’m almost close to tears, Olphynn opened his mouth.


[Is the man named Saine here?]


Please stop~.

I try to push Olphynn’s chest to go out but there was a thud heard overhead and my movements stop.

As I stiffly look up, a thick arm has punched the wall. Right beside Olphynn’s face.


[I’m Saine, so what……?]


A threatening low voice that I’ve never heard before creeps from behind.

A thick arm embraced me from behind and pulled me away from Olphynn. My head bumps into Saine’s hard stomach. When I looked up in that position, his pitch-black eyes were glaring at Olphynn.


[So you’re Saine.]


Woow~. Does he feel nothing towards Saine’s eyes?

Although Olphynn is tall, he’s a size thinner than Saine. Even his height was shorter than Saine’s but Olphynn wasn’t perturbed by Saine at all.

I was worried about him so I brought him here but maybe he’s unexpectedly strong? Although I have no idea what kind of people priests are, maybe they can fight with that spell or something. Just as Olphynn said, he may be truly strong even when unarmed.


[You’re his husband, right? I wanted to ask for permission before we get a meal together.]

[A meal?]

[I got his help a while ago, well, it’s to thank him.]


I was able to get him a goat’s beard and a sheep’s wool. Was he planning on thanking me for that? My plan was to split the bill but it looks like he’s going to treat me.

What the, if that was the case, I would’ve gone to the Northeastern market. I always hold myself from eating the grilled ras meat but I’ve always wanted to eat that. A whole bird costs around 30 ales though. Uwaaah, I did something regrettable.


[You’re Saine’s Reincarnator?]


When I looked up at the voice who called out, a man with bright green eyes was looking down at me.


[I’m Dole. Nice to meet ya.]


He holds his hand out and I subconsciously shake it. His big hands tightly held it. Gyoeeh. I’m so close to crying out from the pain.


[Oh, did it hurt? My bad. It’s really hard to control my strength against this guy.]


The man who called himself Dole points at me and laughs at Saine. Are they friends?


[I’ll look after him so talk to your hearts’ content.]


Dole said and pulled me out of Saine’s arms.


[Wanna eat something? Or so I say, but there’s nothing much here.]


He takes out something dried, maybe it’s something to pad the alcohol. What’s this? I roll the nut that’s wrapped in a hard shell with my fingertips.


[Saine, what are you doing?]


When I asked, Dole raised his eyebrows interestingly.


[He’s exercising his right as a husband.]


[What do you mean ‘why’, of course, if his Reincarnator is walking around with another man, won’t he get mad?]


I cackled in laughter.


[That may be the case if I was a woman, but I’m a man.]

[If you’re a Reincarnator who came through the Ceremony, it makes no difference whether you’re a man or a woman.]


Being told that with a serious face, I ended up laughing even more.


[No, that’s not true. A man is a man.]


Dole and the other guards were looking at me who was convulsing in laughter as if they wanted to say something.


[Oh, sorry. Was I too loud?]

[No…… oh well, forget it. I just feel sorry for Saine.]

[Yeah…… I know, right? He paid such a large sum of money only for me to come out, truly, I feel guilty about it.] (TN: Dense MC is dense. 🙁 )


Moreover, that Ceremony is a fraud. Uuugh, my stomach hurts.


[That’s not really what I mean though…… So, if you’re going to eat then shouldn’t you be going to the Northeastern market? There’s nothing for you to eat here.]

[You’re right. I made a mistake. I originally had something to ask Saine but it looks like it’s okay now. If so then we should’ve gone to eat instead. I didn’t do anything worth thanking for but there was something I wanted to eat if I was going to get treated to it.]

[What did you want to eat?]

[Grilled ras meat!]

[Something like that? I’ll buy it for you.]

[Huh? Really!? Are you sure? that costs 30 ales for a whole bird, you know? Is it okay?] 


One serving of food generally costs 10 ales in food stools. Even though 30 ales is already a luxury, Dole laughingly nodded.


[Woaah~, awesome! I’ve always wanted it to eat it once. That.]


I ended up jumping for joy.

I’m so~ happy. I’m so glad I came here, to the Guards Guild. Rather, I was scared at first but everybody here was nice. An older brother nearby cracked the hard nut and gave its content to me. This is delicious.