The turnip seeds that were planted in the garden sprouted within a day and they were ready for harvest just by watering them. Just as Granny Haru said, I’ve got 9 turnips in just 10 days.

Assuming that I will take only the seeds without pulling a single one out, I worry about the  9 turnips in front of me.


No, I never thought that they’d all sprout at the same time, and I didn’t think that they’d all grow in the same way either.

While pondering about it, I run to the Reincarnators Association. And then after receiving some teachings, I return. As expected,  their grannies. If I cook 1 of the harvested turnips today, I was told that the rest can last for a long time if I soak them in salt. In other words, it’s pickles.

Well, that’s because it may be called a turnip but it’s huge. I thought I’ll be able to harvest the orange turnip that was sold in the market. If so then I thought that I should be able to harvest something that’s only slightly bigger than my fist and I could cook 2 at a time to eat with Saine.


But what Granny Haru gave me were seeds of a turnip that’s bigger than my head. They’re very colorful turnips that are pink, orange, green, and purple.

They have various colors but anyway, they’re huge. Plus they were so heavy that I had a hard time carrying them after harvesting. I could only carry 1 at a time because of how big it is.


I cut the turnip with a knife. I roll the big jar that’s living with me to the garden and wash it properly with well water. I put the water that I boiled in the fireplace into the washed jar, using the boiling water to sterilize it. Then, I put in the cut turnips and salt.

After putting everything in, I put a giant rock on it that I thoroughly washed and disinfected with boiling water. With this, the pickles should be finished.

After making turnip pickles according to Granny Haru’s instructions, there’s a soft landing noise and I come to my senses.


I’m so st*pid!

Why am I making it in the garden!


I quipped to myself and squatted down in the garden. How on earth am I supposed to carry this huge and heavy jar inside? Moreover, the turnips and rock make it even heavier. It’s to~tally impossible. I can’t do it.

Troubling over it, I decided to wait for Lord Hero to come back. I greet Saine while rubbing my hands together, who came home during tea time again rather than during the evening meal.


I immediately took him to the garden and then asked him, ‘Please carry this.’



As expected of Saine. Unlike me who had to roll an empty jar to move it, Saine easily carried the jar which contained 9 turnips plus a giant rock.


I was able to pickle our emergency rations, as well as gather turnip seeds. Pickles don’t only go well with white rice. It seems they can also be used in cooking.

The pickled Chinese-style fried rice that Granny Lei taught me just became Saine’s favorite. I also like it. It’s hella good, this one.


While I was wondering when I’d next sow the turnip seeds, I met that brother again. He’s stretching his hand towards a goat this time. The goat’s head is bowed down and it’s scratching the ground with its foreleg. It’s totally ready for combat. The brother’s waist was leaning back.




Getting head-butt by the goat, the handsome brother falls over.


[Are you okay?]


When I offered him my hand, the brother honestly grabbed it and stood up. Maybe his hips hurt, he sticks to the wall without changing his position.

Even though he looks visually cool, he’s clumsy when doing things, huh. I guess it doesn’t matter whether they’re handsome or pretty if you aren’t that fond of the opposite sex*. (TN: I kind of just winged this one. Raw is 異性の目がないと、格好いいとか綺麗とか、どうでもよくなってくるんだろうか。)


[What were you doing?]

[I want the goat’s beard……]

[]Its beard?]


What’s something like that used for? Although it’s strange, I beckoned the stray goat and pulled out its beard.


[Here. Is one enough?]


When I gave it to him, the brother looked at me with sparkling eyes.


[Ooh! Indeed, it is a goat beard!]


I’d be shocked if it’s a sheep’s beard even though I pulled it out from a goat. The brother happily lifts it overhead. Somehow, he gives off a feeling of victory. 



[You’re amazing. I’m seeing you in a new light even though you’re a Reincarnator.]

[What do you mean by that? I’m not sure if you’re praising or insulting me.]


But I feel good so I laugh with a *nihi*. Well, that goat is alright. It’s a stray goat but it always loiters around near the house, I always call it in the morning and evening and, to put it simply, it’s a goat I’m familiar with. By the way, it has a name.


[Let me ask you while I’m at it, are you also alright with sheep? Next, I want the wool under the right ear of a sheep.]


Leave it to me, I said and lead the brother. It’s the sheep who lent me its back. This guy also wanders around near the house so I call out to it when I see it, and I also help* it with its wool. (TN: I don’t know the proper word to use. I wanted to use “comb” but apparently that’s torture to live sheep.)

Since Saine’s house is near the outskirts, I often see stray goats and sheep here and there. They all eat the grass in the open space outside and return to the town before dark. Even the animals probably know that it’s safer near humans.

I look for Little Meeh* the sheep and took some wool under its right ear. I’ll feel sorry if I pull it out so I cut it with the small knife that the brother brought. Thanks for not moving. Little Meeh is so nice. (TN: Like the meeh~ sound it makes.)


[Alright! With this, I’ve gathered two.]

[Brother, what are you going to do with that?]

[Brother…… are you referring to me?]

[That’s right.]

[I’m Olphynn Daryss. You can call me Olphynn.]

[Then Olphynn, what are you doing?]


Olphynn slightly turns his chest away. And then, he made a face as if to say, listen and be amazed.


[I’m gathering materials for the test.]

[A test for what?]


His blue eyes look down at me sympathetically.


[You’re so slow. I just called myself Olphynn Daryss. Get it? Daryss.]



I think I heard something like that, but I have no clue. When I furrowed my brows, Olphynn patted my shoulder consolingly.


[What a pitiful child you are. It can’t be helped. There are children anywhere who aren’t that smart. Okay, I’ll explain it to you. When you talk about Daryss, it means this crest.]

[Oh! Black crest! It’s a priest clan.]


That’s right. No wonder it sounded familiar. What, so he’s a Priest? I completely forgot about it even though I just heard about it recently. I guess being made fun of is unavoidable. Ehe, when I laughed, Olphynn also laughed. A handsome fellow always looks good whether he’s laughing or angry, huh.


[So that’s why, Olphynn, you’re a priest so you’re doing a lot of things.]

[I’m not a priest. I’m in the middle of a test to become a priest.]

[And, it’s those goat’s beard and sheep wool?]

[That’s right. I also have to gather other stuff. I must gather all the materials, cast the spell, and create the thing that I aim for as a priest.]

[Hmm~, it’s like cooking.]


[That’s right. I gather the ingredients and cook without messing up the process. Isn’t it the same?]

[Well…… I guess.]


Olphynn agreed, albeit unwillingly.


[So were you in the fountain yesterday, too?]

[That’s right. I’m looking for newborn water.]

[A newborn water…… And that’s, in the fountain?]

[I was scooping the base of the fountain.]

[I think there’s something wrong here…… Aren’t fountains man-made? I have no idea how but isn’t water getting pulled from somewhere? How is that different from the water in wells?]


When I asked that simple question, Olphynn’s eyes widened in awe.


[Now that you mention it, you’re right…… Since it’s always spouting out in front of me, I thought that a newborn water meant the fountain…… that’s right. A place where humans can’t interfere, does that mean water that’s naturally born? If so then, it’s either the mountain or the forest…..]

[You must be talking about spring water.]


When I smiled, Olphynn also smiled while nodding.


[Okay. I’ll go to the forest then. There’s probably a spring there, and I can also gather other materials.]


See you later, Olphynn lightly raised his hand at me and tried to walk down the street. But I stopped him in a hurry.


[Wai, wait a minute…… could it be that you plan to go to the forest right now?]

[Of course.]

[But, don’t you need to prepare and stuff?]


Olphynn isn’t carrying anything. Who knows how far the forest is and although it’s currently only just before noon, will he be able to return within a day?


[It’s okay. I can procure food in the forest. Even if it takes a few days, I’ll come back after finding the water.] (TN: This plan is so dangerous on so many levels…)


I tightly held the arm of Olphynn who tried to move forward after saying that.

This man is kind of reckless, isn’t he?


[Isn’t the forest dangerous? I’ve never been there either but, is it okay to go there unarmed?]


Saine always carries a sword even in town. I’ve never seen him while working as a guard but seeing the tools in the storage room, I don’t think he ever goes out unarmed.


[I’ll be fine. I may look like this but those who can become priests can take out a monster or two with spells.]


The loudly laughing handsome man gave me a greatly unsettling feeling, so I pulled Olphynn’s arm that I was grasping.


[Yeah. I believe Olphynn is amazing. But, why don’t we go eat?]

[A meal…… you’re right. I should fortify myself with a meal first.]


Olphynn has approved so I took him. In the meantime, I have to ask an expert’s opinion. (TN: I can already smell the sourness in the next chapter. hehehe)


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