[Is there anything else?]


I missed Saine’s voice because of the sizzling sounds from stir-frying.

Lately, the times he talks to me has increased, but from time to time just like now, he would only talk quietly. Saine’s voice is low and the way he speaks is short and as if there is only important stuff. I’d be able to hear him midway if he speaks a bit louder, but if he just mumbles, rather, if he just drops the words, I won’t be able to notice it until he finished.

So if I don’t notice it and not respond, he’d suddenly stand behind me. Just like this.

He stood close behind me, and his voice fell from above my head. 



[Is there anything else you want to make?]



It was so sudden that I ended up swinging the wooden spoon around out of shock. But, as expected of a guard. Saine only took half a step back to avoid my attack.


[Wha, what’s wrong? You gave me a scare.]

[I’m asking about something else you want to make.]

[What I want to make? Hmm, I wonder…… ohh, I think I want to make udon. Also, there’s ramen. But apparently, ramen needs something like brine water……]

[I’m not talking about what you want to cook, I meant something like the broom.]


The broom? What does he mean?

Saine, can you speak longer sentences? I’m slow so I don’t really understand what you mean. When I tilt my head in wonder, Saine furrowed his eyebrows and made a brooding expression.


[Like something you want, or if there’s anything troubling you……]


He spoke rapidly and, oh, I remember.


[It’s turnips. You see, I want to plant turnips.]


[Yes yes. I received some turnip seeds from the Reincarnators Association’s Granny Haru but I haven’t planted them in the garden yet. Or rather, is it okay to plant them in the garden?]

[Do whatever you want.]

[I’m glad. With that said, Saine’s garden is quite solid, you see. That’s why I’d like to plow it to make the soil softer. But there’s no hoe…… I tried to use the ax as a substitute, but I couldn’t dig up the soil with just my muscle strength.]

[I wondered why the garden was scratched, so it was you.] 


Saine speechlessly sighed.



[Our neighbors are farmers, right? Do you think they’ll lend us their hoe? After all, buying a hoe just to tilt the garden is such a waste, isn’t it? And it’s quite expensive.]

[Did you go to the Southeastern market by yourself again?]

[I did. It may be crowded there, but it’s fun. I’m waiting for the pot to be on sale.]


The pot that was 700 ales became 650 ales when I went there to take a look recently. If I wait just a bit longer, it might become even cheaper. There aren’t a lot of people who cook at home, and the pot is too small to use at food stalls. If it’s expensive and doesn’t sell, they’re bound to lower the price. I’m waiting until they cut the price to 500 ales.


[If you only want to buy a pot, buy it.]


Saine sure is very manly. Like in the way he spends money, and the way he thinks. But I’m a coward so I can’t use 700 ales on a single pot because I’m scared. Not just limited to pots, anything that exceeds 500 ales is no good. Just thinking about buying things like that makes my heart pound.


[I heard this from Granny Haru, it seems farmers leave their farming tools in a shed on the field. So even if I asked our neighbors, I can’t have them bring it over from the field. That’s also rude…… that’s why the seeds are still inside the pouch.]


Such precious turnip seeds. It has always bothered me that I haven’t planted it in the garden yet. Just as I was worried about making the broom, those turnip seeds have been on my mind recently.

Turnips that can be harvested just by watering them, I heard that they can be harvested in 10 days* and seeds can be obtained once the flowers have bloomed. If things go well, I can save some money even if it’s just for the turnips, but the seeds have always been kept inside the pouch. (TN: Turnips info here.)

Saine quietly looked down at me who sighed about not giving the turnips its turn to shine.



When I went to Allec’s house, which is the gathering spot for the Men’s Club, to tell him that the broom has been made and to thank him for the stick, the door was unusually locked.

Rather than unusual, this is the first time. Although his husband doesn’t go to work at all times, Allec couldn’t go anywhere and is always home. As the pair only eat at the food stalls, Allec wouldn’t even be able to go to the market without his husband. He said that he was also a homebody in his past life, so Allec is used to the lifestyle of staying at home.

And that Allec is out. What happened?

What should I do, should I wait? I sit by the front door.

This is a family-friendly residential area, but like Saine’s place, there aren’t a lot of people walking on the streets. This world’s residents are really hard-working, aren’t they? I don’t know if the Reincarnators are being confined in their houses or if they’re in the Reincarnators Association, there aren’t many signs of people. Since children also go to work from a young age, I don’t hear their voices either.

Looking at the quiet house, I feel kind of lonely, or rather, I felt scared. I think I’m a scaredy-cat. I’m scared of the dark, and I’m also afraid of being alone. Was I like this in my previous life? Or did I become like this after coming here? I’m not really sure but the quiet town made me want to cry.


[Ooh, I’m glad.]


I raised my face when I heard a voice and Haruka was running towards me from the other corner. I stand up in relief.


[I had no idea when you were coming so I would come here every now and then to check. But I’m so glad to see you safely.]


Haruka puts a hand on his chest and catches his breath.


[What’s up with Allec?]

[He got sold.] (TN: F***!)



My heart greatly jumped a beat.


[His husband’s turn for the Ceremony got decided, you see, so he got sold. The husband’s currently undergoing the Ceremony so this house is currently empty.]

[When? …… I mean, we just met yesterday.]

[Ceremonies are sudden. Notice will generally come at night and they’ll be having it the next day. Especially for farmers and charworkers who have a lot of people waiting in line, they must take it quickly or they’ll be put in the back.]

[Was Allec’s husband also contacted last night?]

[That’s right. Since Allec and I are neighbors, my man heard about it. And so the notice arrived late last night and it seems they left this morning. On the way to the Ceremony, Allec got sold.]

[Sold…… To who……?]

[I don’t know to whom. I haven’t met Allec ever since he was sold. Since Allec has always been living in this house all this time while I was being sold, I’d come here to visit him if my husband gave me permission. And then we would talk about both of my current circumstances, but it’s the other way around this time so……]


After Haruka lowered his head in thought, he brightened up.


[But it’s alright. Allec knows where I live, and just in case, if I got sold before we meet again, he knows my current husband. He’ll ask his husband, and he’ll probably be able to ask my man where I am…… It’s okay, we’ll surely meet again.]


Haruka grabbed my arms as if to cheer me up.

Male Reincarnators get sold. Even though I’m aware of it, I was shocked to wake up to reality. Saine will also sell me one day. Although I understand in the corner of my head, my heart isn’t prepared at all.

Haruka peeks at my downcasted face. And then he mischievously laughed.


[If Allec’s husband listened to his request, Allec’s new husband is someone from the Southeastern Section’s market. ]

[…… What do you mean?]

[It’s either the man from the market’s swordsmiths or from the hardware store. He said both of them are his type. Their bodies are great and muscular, they’re quiet and their faces are a little fastidious. He said that those Little Cherries are adorable and that he wants to make them moan.] (TN: If he really got what he wanted, I’d be glad my sadness was wasted. ^_^)


I unconsciously imagined it and my face heats up.


[He’s a male Reincarnator, it can’t be helped that he gets sold. Please treasure, befriend and love your current husband. Enjoy the present. You can just think of the past after you wake up. If you enjoy the present, your husband will also love you back. Don’t think keep thinking about the past and look at it ironically, okay?]

[By ‘loving’, you mean……]

[Make him love you. You’re doing well with your current husband, aren’t you? Even if it’s just coexisting with your fellow human. That period is very important, you know? That’s why it’s better if you have that husband hold you if possible. It’s also for the sake of experiencing your first time smoothly, I hope that you get embraced by a man like him.* Once you’ve experienced it once, even if a horrible one comes after, you will be able to get through it.] (TN: Maybe in Haruka’s opinion, Saine is on the decent side so it’s better for MC’s first experience to be with him, believing that Saine will not treat him roughly.)


Haruka held my hands tightly and told me seriously.



A new hangout place for the Men’s club hasn’t been found yet. It seems that Kent’s and Duke’s houses won’t do and Haruka’s house is out of the question. Saine’s house is also for singles so I once again realize that it was quite difficult for us to gather, comfort, and help each other.

Even if we’re men, we’re Reincarnators. Male Reincarnators are unlucky and hated, and their husbands are made fun of. Despite that, it’s because we’re Reincarnators that there are troublesome restrictions. It really makes me somewhat worried.

I want to meet with everyone, but even if that doesn’t work out, I still want to meet with Haruka. I hate being alone. I want to talk and laugh about trivial stuff,

I don’t want to by myself.


Saine was already home before me when I got back from shopping for dinner. I follow the sound towards the garden and get shocked. That hard garden has been completely plowed.


[Wha, what’s going on!?]


The reclaimed ground was dark and has a nice smell of dirt. An extremely nice soil. That’s how it smells.


[I borrowed a hoe from an acquaintance.]


Saine cooly said with a used hoe in one hand. As if it’s not a big deal. But his chest was turned a little and he looked a bit proud.

I squat down and touch the soil. When I grabbed it, it was moist and contains water. The soil isn’t dry. That hard soil won’t turn into this after simply digging its hard surface. Dig it up multiple times and plow until the air is introduced into it. That must be done or this residential garden won’t be able to raise anything. Granny Haru, who was a wife of a former farmer as well a wife of a current farmer, said so. (TN: I’m assuming her husband in her previous life was a farmer as well.)

When I look up at Saine while still holding the soil, I notice that his clothes are dirty. Since when has he been doing this? I went out at around 10 o’clock, and it’s around 3 o’clock now. How many hours was Saine plowing the soil? Did he even leave the town and went to a farmer’s workshop, then come back with a hoe and start plowing the garden?


Something warm spreads in my heart, which had a hole in it after losing the Men’s Club’s gathering spot.


[Thank you, Saine. I can now plant the turnip seeds with this.]


When I smiled and said that, Saine also smiled a little. Looking at that smile makes my heart jump. My heart started pounding without subsiding.


TN: That Allec part really caught by surprise ngl. I hope he got the Cherry that he wanted.