Arriving at their destination, he explains why the land is vacant. For some reason, the male Reincarnator put his hands together towards the empty earth. When asked what he’s doing, he said that he’s praying.

What a strange thing to do. The only entity that this world prays to is Chinbou-sama and there’s nothing in the soil. To say nothing of the people who died 200 years ago, just what is he praying at?

When he dubiously frowned, the male Reincarnator abandoned his explanation. It seems that the place he lived in and this world have subtly different beliefs.

The male Reincarnator looks all over the place and appears to have found what he’s searching for. He runs towards the weeds and looks at the grass that’s taller than himself.


This world only has men and although there are different standards, no one is weak. Whether it’s arm strength or leg strength, there’s a substantial standard for it. There’s a general standard that anyone can do things to this extent.

That’s why Saine was spectating on the sidelines.

He knew that the male Reincarnator was trying to pull out the grass in front of him, and he figured that it may be hard to do so without a knife, but he was watching on the sidelines regardless. Once he realized that it couldn’t be pulled out by hand, he can just use the sword hung on Saine’s waist. He never thought that anyone would cut himself with such a weed.


When the male Reincarnator magnificently turned over, he(S) sighed. He(S) found it pathetic that he(M) had to go to that extent just to understand it, he unsheathed his sword and cut the weed. Then he turned around and was shocked. Both of the Reincarnator’s hands were covered in blood.

He was shocked that someone would cut his hands with grass to this extent but more than that, he was surprised at the Reincarnator’s indifference to his wounds.

If you want to make a living as a guard, getting injured is a regular occurrence. Anybody in the guild has sustained an injury­. Saine is no exception, he has already experienced getting severely injured and had his bones broken but, he felt that the Reincarnator’s reaction to his wounds was abnormal.


Anyone who gets injured will try to treat it quickly. Furrowing their eyebrows in pain is also fine. But this guy showed neither reaction. Instead of looking at his wounds in a daze, he’s entranced and fascinated by it. No matter how many times he’s told to give his hands to stop the bleeding, he brings his hands down. On the contrary, he waves his hands and tries to open his wounds.


What the hell is he?


They return home and wash their hands. There may be no need for himself to do more than he already has, but this Reincarnator may keep on trying to open his wounds if he’s left alone. His eyes when looking at the flowing blood were giving off a strange light.

The hands are washed and he(S) takes a look at his wounds. They were surprisingly small hands.

Some who enter the Guards Guild are about 15-6 years old like him. But none of them has hands as small as his. The Reincarnator’s hands were small and thin.

Countless scratches ran across the surface of those small hands. There are also some deep ones. Some of them run from the palms of his hands to his fingertips. It probably hurts a lot but still, the Reincarnator simply closed his eyes tightly and didn’t let out a sound.


When he suddenly looked at him(M) while washing his hands, that expression was already gone from the Reincarnator’s face. He’s looking at his own wounds with eyes devoid of any emotion.

Saine felt his heart being squeezed by a cold hand. He can feel a strange atmosphere from the male Reincarnator.


This guy, he’s strange.


The guard’s nose sharply discerned.


He grabs a bottle of mashed dour grass. The Reincarnator is still in the same position and is looking at his hands. It shouldn’t have been visible in this darkness, but he doesn’t move as if he’s a statue. He(S) daubed the dour grass on his(M) hands and ordered him to spread it.

The male Reincarnator stiffly raised his head upon hearing Saine. Seeing that a bit of emotion has returned in his eyes, Saine went out to buy dinner.


He bought what he needed in the market and hurried back home.

It was his first time seeing such a guy. Thin and small, such a weak body can fall from just a small bump. Even so, he had a strong resistance to injuries. He tightly shuts his eyes, endures the pain, and conceals his expression without saying a thing. What kind of life did he have? How did he live in his previous world?

A strong interest towards the male Reincarnator welled up in Saine’s heart. To the point that he decided to keep him for a bit longer.


Let’s keep him. As if to ridicule Saine who just had that thought, the male Reincarnator talks about money. ‘In order to save the needed money for the Ceremony, Let’s be thrifty,’ he said.

He knew that without being told. No matter how good a Hero’s pay is, that job is seasonal.  If it’s a thriving shopkeeper, their annual income is probably better than Saine.

But he’s getting annoyed that money keeps getting mentioned repeatedly. It feels like he’s saying that Saine isn’t earning enough, and it’s as if he’s being told that he spends money wastefully. More than that, ‘Do you want to leave my side!?’, he wanted to yell at him(M).


He saw a lot of rotten people while working as a guard.

Miserly merchants, vulgar bandits. Not everyone treats a Reincarnator courteously. Even a female Reincarnator is treated roughly. It’s just doing as much as possible and once a child has been birthed, they live while being pushed around.

There’s a wide difference in the way of life between Reincarnators depending on the husband.

A Reincarnator’s life and death are in the husband’s hands. Even among his colleagues, not all of them care for their women. There are even people who can’t help but frown just like Saine. What would happen if people like that get a man instead of a woman? The result is unimaginable.


Suddenly, a cruel idea came to his mind.

If you hate staying with me that much, should I sell you to a more terrible man? Someone like you won’t be able to live for three days.


He hit the table in his anger and shouted.

‘Don’t tell me what to do!’ he said.


The Reincarnator was so horrified that he ran to the corner of the room. When Saine stood in front of him, he stood ready stiffly.

As if it’s alright to get hit, he’s toughening his body, tightly closing his eyes, and gritting his teeth.

But despite all that, he doesn’t try to defend with his arms. He pushed his hands on the wall, stopping them from subconsciously coming up.


His figure reminded him of a slave.

Saine has seen people who have committed a crime and fell to become slaves. There are affluent merchants who have a number of such slaves. They’re made to carry heavy things and are fed to monsters during the time of an attack.

Slaves are treated terribly worse than Reincarnators. Without treating them as humans, they get hit by a stick until their owner is satisfied.

A slave knows how to get hit. If they run away from the hands that are trying to hit them, they’ll get hit even more. In order to satisfy the hitter, they’ll let themselves be hit as much as they want to. If they do it well, it will be over in one round.


The Reincarnator in front of him was doing the same thing a slave would. He was toughening his body, hutting his eyes closed, gritting his teeth, and was preparing to get hit. Even if he was by Saine with all his strength, he was in a defensive stance wherein he could at least protect his eyes.


Just because the Reincarnator looks 15-6 years old, it doesn’t mean inside him is the same as well. Despite being aware of it, he(S) was somehow deceived by his appearance.

What kind of life did he walk on? Did he live as a slave? Was he getting hit by someone, Peeking at someone’s expression, but still clinging on to life despite everything? Did his life end in such a manner that he cannot choose  Saine?

He felt servile. He thought that he was a worthless man that’s just like an insect. Just how much does one have to be protective of him(M) to deserve to be his(M) husband?


He throws the man who isn’t worth hitting and returns to his room.

He’s thinking about who to sell him(M) and how to sell him. I won’t ask for luxury anymore. He’s(M) not worth that much. Even 10 ales would probably be too high for him. (TN: This sunova— )


In the ears of Saine who is pessimistically thinking, an indistinct sound can be heard from a distance. As the sound lured him to the garden, the Reincarnator was peeking at the furnace opening of the bath.

He stands right behind him to see what he’s doing. Perhaps this guy is dull, he doesn’t notice Saine at all. Without noticing the presence behind him, he’s intently looking at the furnace. His face is lit up by the fire and his face is covered in red. It’s as if his face is dyed with blood that he(S) instinctively called out to him.


When asked what he’s doing without eating his meal, he(M) said he’s heating the bath. I can see that without being told. But why are you preparing the bath now?’ he asks.

Whether he notices Saine’s furrowed brows or not, the Reincarnator peeks at the furnace, and then he fell forward as if he’s being sucked in. He(S) thought it was impossible, but he grabbed his(M) shoulder and stopped him.

No one wants himself to get hurt. To say nothing of jumping into the fire directly. That’s what he thought but still stopped him. Because he knew that it was possible for this man to do it.


They return to the room and he makes him eat. He responds to Saine’s words and obediently eats his food. He(S) felt pity looking at his quietly eating appearance.


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